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  1. This is a 1x1 between myself and @TragicTrees. Please do not post here if you are not one of the two.


    This roleplay is based off of The Hunger Games series, somewhat though mine and Tragic's own ideas mixed in, as well.

    Previous winners of the Hunger Games have been called back to the Capitol for their another showdown but before the games commence, they all must live together and form bonds, enemies and whatever else is to the Capitol's pleasure. Every single one of them will have a roommate but not from their respective district, no, their roommates will be from different districts.

    With the Hunger Games slowly approaching, can these victors survive whatever the Capitol puts before them? Only time will tell this tale...
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    It was happening all over again but why. She often wondered why the people of the Capitol had chosen her to come back and be apart of this contest once again. Was she that appealing? Was there something they really liked about her? Whatever it was, she was definitely going to find out whenever she got to their destination. As the train roared his engine on the tracks, she looked towards the other person on board with her and it was clear he was from the first district, just like her but he was older. She smiled over at him as he looked at her and a gasp escaped from her as she cocked her head back out the window now.

    "Ready for this again, little lady?" The male spoke and she lowered her head before looking towards him with a soft nod of her head. "Yeah. You?" Before the male answered, he stood up and walked over towards her, sitting down upon the couch after she scooted over a little. "Well, what can I say? Hope I don't die?" The male chuckled and Lydia chuckled nervously as she looked back out of the window, seeing the Capitol within the distance.

    "Well, I hope we both don't die." Lydia said softly as she rested her delicate hand upon his arm. As the train came to a stop and the doors hissed open, her eyes looked as their chaperone entered the room in a very colorful outfit and makeup. She was extremely happy to see them and represent them, it seemed. "Ah. Hello there, Lydia and Demetri. Welcome back to the Capitol." She cooed with a smile afterwards before continuing her talk. "If you two follow me, I'll get you guys set up." Lydia and Demetri looked at each other then nodded their heads and got up from their seated position and followed the lady off of the train.

    "Oh, where are my manners? I'm your guys chaperone, Miss Elena. Elena will do just fine though." She stated with the wave of her hand then directed them further through double doors of a nearby building then up a few flight of stairs. "Okay, we have it arranged as to where Districts one through six will be top floor and the rest are at the bottom. For obvious reasons, of course." She chuckled then directed them to their rooms. Demetri's was first. Lydia stepped in the room with him but Elena pulled her out with a laugh. "Oh, no, dear. Your room is right here."

    Lydia raised a brow in confusion then ignored, rather held back the urge to ask why wasn't she rooming with Demetri. But maybe because she was a female and he was a male. She walked in her room and saw two beds so of course, she was going to have a female roommate, well, hopefully. Elena left her room and closed the door behind her but opened it back up with a chuckle. "Oh. I almost forgot, a lunch will be served momentarily so get dressed for that. Okay?" Without even allowing Lydia answering her, Elena left and closing the door. Lydia sat down on the edge of her bed, clasping her hands over her face with a slight sigh.​

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    The moment he stepped foot on the train, he was happy. The moment he stepped off, realization set in and that smile quickly left his face as he looked towards Ruth. "Here we are. Again." His voice muttered towards her as she nodded her head, stepping beside him as they both looked at the people walking by and various buildings that surrounded them now. Geoff came up behind them and wrapped his arms upon their shoulders. "Don't you guys miss this place?" Tonio and Ruth looked at each other then back at the scenery before them, speaking simultaneously. "No." They both looked at each other, chuckling then Geoff shook his head, pushing them both forward.

    "Now, you guys are going to be staying at the Capitol Apartments. You both will have a roommate and no, it will not be each other." Geoff stated as he continued speaking, not giving them the chance to speak. "Since you're after District six, you guys will be staying on the lower level." Geoff said as Tonio and Ruth shook their heads. As Geoff showed Ruth to her room, he grabbed Tonio by the arm and pulled him close, whispering. "You have to win this for District 7." Geoff whispered as Tonio raised a brow in confusion then showed him his room.

    "Now, as I told Ruth moments ago, lunch will be served momentarily and you must be dressed to impress because there you will meet your advisor." Geoff said then left the room, leaving Tonio there in confusion again and also wondering who his roommate was going to be. While in his room, he just started unpacking and seeing what he was going to wear to the dinner.

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    To say that being back in action sucked was a major understatement. When Oswin left, she assumed that was for good. That was it. She was done, good-bye death parade! However, here she was again. What compelled them to bring her back, she had no clue. She was going to give an earful to whoever planned this idiotic event out, though. She didn't care much for the authority here. She had stared death in the face once, and she had still come out alive, so she felt like she could take it. Besides, she had a feeling that something bad was around the corner anyway. Somewhere, in the back of her head, she knew this wasn't just for fun. Sure, it was for entertainment, that was obvious. People ate stuff like this up. But living in this place before the battle? It wasn't like everyone was given a spa treatment before they were thrown into battle. That wasn't how it worked. So, to say the least, she was suspicious.

    She tapped her fingers on the sill of the window, staring out the window at the passing area. It was a beautiful place, that she could admit. It really was too bad that it had a blood-stained past and present. If it weren't for that, maybe she could even enjoy seeing this, and not think of the horrors she'd seen, or, much worse, the horrors she had caused. The murder, the tricks, the deceit. Everything she had done in that game was morally wrong. Some might argue that it wasn't her fault. That it was the Capitols fault, that they forced her to do it. She would be inclined to agree that yes, some of it was the Capitols fault, but she would also have to say that not all of it was. She chose to bash a mans head in. She could've easily just hid, or maybe even gone quietly, accepting death. However, she made a choice. A morally wrong choice, a choice that led to the death of multiple people. And here she was now.

    "Jacob;" She began, thick accent showing and eyes flickering over to her green-eyed companion "Do you think they'll allow me to beat in the face of whoever thought this was a good idea? Because regardless, I am tempted to." She flashed a thin, fake smile, before turning back to the window "It is enough to go to the games once, but apparently it is not enough for them. Really, I thought we were done with this nonsense." She rolled her eyes when Jacob slapped her arm lightly.

    "Settle down, Oz." He chided, eyes glancing around the area in a slightly worried way "Don't insult anyone. You'll just make it worse. You know how it is, we do what we're told and hope for the best." Unlike Oswin, he grinned brightly, seeming to not be angered by the situation much "Who knows what'll happen, right? I mean, it's the games. We've gone through something like this once, we can do it again."

    Oswin felt the train stop, and she stood, hands stuck in the pockets of her pants. She moved past Jacob, bumping shoulders with him momentarily "Sure, sure; I am convinced that all is good in the world. THANK you for your wonderful speech." Sarcasm clearly laced her words, which brought out a sigh from her companion.

    She stepped off the train, making a point to look as pissed as possibly. After all, she was. She wanted them all to know that. After a moment of standing there, she hooked her arm with Jacobs, glancing up at him "Now, while I do love having you around, and we've been through a lot, remember to not run your mouth or I will tear out your tongue, hm? I do not like you interrupting me or telling me my 'violent tendencies towards the authorities' need to cease." she said, and, after receiving a nod from Jacob, un-linked her arm from his and patted his shoulder "Good, good! We will be fine, then!"

    Jacob seemed ready to reply, but was interrupted by a tall man walking over, running a hand through his rather messy hair and smiling at the two "Ah! Here they are, here they are! So good to see you, thank you both for coming! I hope the train ride was alright." He paused, before laughing "Who am I kidding, of course it was alright! We made it comfortable so it would have the best experience possible!"

    "Please do not get 'buddy-buddy' with us. I certainly did not choose to return to here." Oswin replied flatly, and the man's smile fell, and he cleared his throat. "Yes, well, okay. Anyhow, I'm William Dillan. I'll guide you to your rooms. You won't be rooming together, by the-"

    "Good! He snores. I do not want to deal with his loud noises at night." Oswin was obviously trying to be as rude as possible, and Jacob elbowed her side, before looking the guide himself "Thank you for helping us get to our rooms." He said, trying to amend the damage his partner had already done. It didn't work well, though, as William pursed his lips and turned on his heels, simply seeming to expect them to follow.

    The walk to the rooms was uneventful. William had seemed to given up on talking to them, and, in Oswin's opinion, that was just fine. She did not want to hear him drone on about anything; she wanted a more honorable death than being bored to her grave. The mans voice was rather annoying, so she had no doubts that it was possible for that to occur. Jacob did not seem to share her opinion though, as he kept sending her looks. She assumed they were related to how brash she was being.

    When they finally reached her room, William simply left her with "Lunch is soon. Be ready and be there.", before dragging Jacob off to his own room. With a finally salute to the retreating men, she walked into the room that would be hers for who knew how long.

    The first thing she noticed was how drab it was. Not really her style at all. However, it looked comfortable, and that's all she could as for in a place like this. It was better than sleeping in a tree, and she could apprieciate that. The second thing she noticed was the girl that was already in the room, sitting on one of the beds. She raised an eyebrow, but otherwise did not comment, making her way to her own bed and taking off her jacket. She tossed it down and stretched. Then, she made her way over to a painting, inspecting it with mild interest.

    It was a few moments before she turned, looking at the other woman and leaning against the wall behind her. Oswin might as well talk to her before they had to go to lunch. She raised a hand, waving. "Oswin Yew. Pleasure not to be killing you yet, though I am sure we will get to that point sooner or later. If we get along, I will make sure I do not murder you right away, yea? After all, who said you can not have friends in a murder game?"


    Pedro really should've been horrified by the fact that he was going to the Capitol once more. He had already been on the train for a while now, and yet he was sitting calmly still, twiddling his fingers together while staring at them. Amazingly, he still felt fine. However, he assumed it was because the fact that he was dragged in again hadn't really settled in yet. He was still in somewhat of a shock. He had been done with this. Or, well, he had hoped he was done with this. Once you got in once, he supposed you never really got out of it. People would know you for forever, and the Capitol would have their eye on you. Privacy became a foreign concept, though it almost already had been.

    It set in, mostly, when he stepped off the train and almost keeled over, holding his stomach. He felt like he was sick, but it wasn't as if they would care much. Kara quickly walked over to him, rubbing his back. "It'll be fine, it'll be fine. You'll be alright. No battle yet, you are okay." She said, and the repetition did help him a bit, surprisingly. Slowly, he straightened himself out, grimacing.

    Then, he noticed the young woman standing before them, looking quite uncomfortable. She looked prim and proper, like she was ready to go to a business meeting; her posture was impeccable, as was almost every outward aspect of her. She seemed to have been standing there the whole time, ad probably felt uncomfortable because Pedro was so himself. He didn't really blame her. If he were trying to do a job and one of the two people who was supposed to lead around looked ready to vomit, he would feel out of place too.

    He smiled apologetically at her, but that simply was taken as a sign that she was able to talk. "Hello, and welcome back. My name is Petunia Lee. I'll lead you to your rooms. You'll be rooming separately, by the way." The woman, Petunia, gave them a look which Pedro wasn't really able to place "Lunch will be served soon after, so dress nicely." Then, turning, she began to walk at a swift pace. Pedro didn't feel so bad anymore, to be quite honest.

    He glanced around at the hall, still impressed at how....fancy it looked. He wasn't really used to it. He had been at a point used to sleeping in the coverage of trees, though, so he was sure he could handle this. They soon reached a doorway, and Petunia gestured to it, nodding at him as if he should be impressed by the panel of wood before him.

    "Your room. Remember, lunch. Look nice, act nice, don't make a fool of yourself." She said in a monotone voice, and Pedro nodded mutely to assure her that he understood. Then, she led Kara further down the hall, who glanced back at her partner, unsure.

    He smiled at her, waving to see if that would help. Then he turned back to the door, taking a deep breath, and letting it out. This was it, then. It began again. The cycle continued. He wasn't ready for it, and he was sure no one else was. They had to get ready, though. There wouldn't be time to relax during this. He turned the knob, and walked in.

    He practically stumbled back out once he noticed the man inside, stumbling over his words "Shoot, sorry! Should've knocked." He said, feeling like it was rude to just enter like that. To be fair, he didn't know anyone was in here, but it was good to keep polite. He walked back in, shutting the door behind him and frowning, before making his way over to his own bed. Hopefully the other man wasn't too bad of a roommate.
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