Calling all females (or males~?) MxF & MxM/FxF

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  1. Hello! I am Marie!I am going to tell you a little bit about myself.
    I am 15 going onto 16. I have been role-play for 5-6 years now but I wouldn't really call myself 'advanced'.
    I can send up to at least (maybe) 5-6 paragraphs but I am trying to get better.
    Some days i will send 1 paragraph but never a one-liner I promise I will try not to.
    Now, I do play sexual scenes but i will only do it with someone under the age of 17! I am still a baby!
    And cursing is totally fine but if it is not your cup of tea then that is fine, I am just very fond of the cursing cup. *Laughs cause I think I'm so funny* And also if sexual things aren't your think either then that is totally fine with me.

    (Oh and by the way~ I can play male or female, and I can also do MxM and FxF but only!
    If i can be sub in the FxF and dom in MxM)​

    Now i have only a few plot ideas! But no legit plot. I would like to figure out one with someone!
    So message me! I like pretty much EVERYTHING.​
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  2. I'll do a MxM!
  3. Sure wouldn't mind doing both with you sweetie
  4. I'll do a MxM with youu
Thread Status:
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