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  1. I was thinking about doing a role play about a woman or man becoming a big sister or a big daddy (depending on weather your characters a boy or girl) and what happens around them before and after they get transformed.

    For Big daddies: Your a man who either spoke out against Andrew Ryan or of course is a criminal and ends up in Persephone, during that time you try to find a way to get out but Ryan's men grab you and turn you into a new, experimental type of big daddy (you can name the series and choose your weapons) but as they hook you up into a machine and inject you with a Chemical (called W-YK) that was used to control people (like the guy who obeyes Atlases every command with a phrase) you break free and decide to escape Rapture, granted that you are mostly big daddy and part human so you need ADAM to survive...which you can only get from little sisters.

    For Big Sisters: After Subject Delta, Sophia Lamb and Elenor Lamb escapes, to the surface the rest of the splicers stay behind--each trying to gain control of Rapture. Eventually some splicers form a Cult ruled by a man named Johnny Cashside, he claims that Sophia is talking to him through a radio and that she's going to come back. Anyone who spoke out against Johnny or refused to obey him were sent to another prison called "The Prison Wing," the name of the cult was called "The Butterfly."
    You were locked up in as well, but there were rumors that across the prison was a Big Sister Chamber, which turns former little sisters or women into Big Sisters, making them the most powerful creature in all of Rapture. However, it comes at a price...the compulsion to be near little sisters will drive you to madness or Coma, saving each child keeps your mind at ease, satisfying the cravings.

    Please message me or comment below the following information if you wish to join! Also, for big Sisters, you can be a regular big sister, which has the power of: Incinerate and telekinesis or you can be your own, in that case you have two plasmids to choose from and you would have to name your type of sister (Ex: Big Daddy types are Alpha series, Rumblr, ect.-you can make your own type of sister)

    Name(First and last):
    Age(has to be at least 20):
    What do you want your type of Big Daddy to be named(only if your choosing big daddy story):
    What type of big sister are you and what powers do you have?(Big sister story only):
    What they look like(discription or picture is okay):

    If you wan't to do another story that has to do with Bioshock you can message me as well, I'm open for ideas!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.