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  1. in the year 7025 during a time of great galactic peace a disturbing turn of event started to take place...several civilizations on the edge of the galaxy have seemed to disappeared. worried this may cause panic the alliance of inner planets sent for five people that are truly the best at what they do. and called them to alliance headquarters. to sen them to the latest planet to which this has occured.

    i know it doesn't seem much to go on but don't worry i've got a can have romance in it was well if the people so wish it so ok the character sheet will go like this history isn't all to important but if you wish you can reveal you characters history either in a sheet of your own or during conversations.

    skill set:

    ok here is my dude
    name: ronon sevronus "sev"
    age: 42
    species: human
    skill set: longrange weapons, hand to hand, scouting
    profession: whatever makes him money
    personality: a very serious and cold human. saying few word to other unless they speak to him. he is usually found cleaning his rifle which he name it "lifesaver". does have a rather twisted sense of humor his rifle is an example by calling it that name for irony's sake. has a very stricted outlook on his job never taking any risk without some sort of calculation
    appearence:[​IMG] without his armor he has light brown hair cew cut styke with steel blue eyes on his forarm of his left is a tattoo of a bullet with the omega symbol on it and on his right arm is a rifle with the same symbol
  2. This sounds pretty awesome so far, would you mind if I joined? My character is below

    name: Zora Kellath
    age: 28
    species: Human
    skill set: Stealth, Hand-to-hand combat, Melee Weapons Expert
    profession: Whoever she wants dead she kills
    personality: Zora has a low sense of humour not many have ever bought more than a smirk from her, she likes to work alone except on rare occasions, sticking more to shadows and walking and moving around throughout the night rather than the day trying to stay out of view of anyone else
    Long blonde hair usually covered by a hood, light blue eyes, tall but with a small frame, wears a glove on her left hand to hide scars from an unexpected attack on her

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  3. you're more than welcome to join
  4. Awesome, just let me know when you have started it :)
  5. im about to now