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  1. Please keep out of character chat to the sign-up thread

    As all 7000 players have finished creating there characters and have gotten a few hours of testing there characters out a sudden blue mystical wave of power starts rippling through the sky's of CoRE one by one the are all sucked into the ground and down to the underworld capital and into a giant demonic cathedral, then a gigantic horrifying being appeared, he was not demonic but cloaked in a veil of galaxies so he could not be fully seen "welcome to Call of Ruin: Everblade i am the gm of Call if Ruin but you people will call me king EverBlade." But the he was cut short by some half human half elephant guy "I say we call you the king of Call of Poo-in!" The man said in the most jerk way possible the king looked down on him and suddenly a black bolt of electricity came down and struck him turning him to ash. "As you can see anyone who dares besmirch my name shall be punished. Now back to were i was getting to. Ah yes I have a couple very important announcements to say before you can get back into game play number 1 from now on you now this 'game' is your home, you will never leave for that is impossible but i wont stop there im am also making it so you now have one life no respawns allowed unfortunately for that man he is now dead, he is non existent in both your world and mine." "No that cant be!" A girl yelled shock and horror in her voice, she was obviously his girl friend she was was half human half tiger. "Well then how about i let you see if you can find him, that is if theres a 'heaven'". The gm said in a deep menacing voice, then another bolt came down and struck her turning her two ash. "Now if we are down with interruptions we can continue." But then many horrified players called out each getting struck by the bolt. "BE QUITE or you will all DIE!" He demanded "number 2 im am leaving you a little gift up in your cities about 10 000 slimes will be invading your cities. Lets see how you do with 100 less players then you began with. And one last thing if you want to defeat me and stop these monsters and for this world to become... 'Peaceful'" he said that last part like it descusted him. "I will be waiting here in the underworld lets see how well you do, so GoodBye." He said in a hand gesture shooing them away they all teleported back to were they were before but now many slimes surrounding each player killing another 100 players in half an hour then night came and the slimes backed off from the towns for the night.

    (Sorry for the long intro, and try to keep post shorter or at least have lots of openings for interaction other then that have fun :D)
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  2. Panting, heart racing, vision slightly blurry, Kishaki Rukokai rushed up the four stories to get to her apartment, room 427. It had been a long day, and though normally she would do some homework and maybe get a little bit of gaming or music mixing time in, today, the only thing on her mind was the newest game release, Call of Ruin: EverBlade. Just like other famous MMO's, there would be a limited selection of people who could join, but this one was different. It was a virtual reality game. Sure, others had been made to accompany the new nervegear as preinstalled games, but this would be the first free standing game to come out for it. Kishaki definitely wasn't going to pass up and opportunity like this, especially when she could get school credits for it. But aside from the academic worth, she had never gotten the opportunity to play a game in the roleplaying category n her short lived career as a gamer. This would be an exciting first for her, if she could get one of the limited spots. As far as she could tell, it would be hard since she didn't have a character template pre-made, so she would have to start from scratch and hope she got done in time to be accepted.

    A thud dully echoed through the fourth floor hall as the exhausted 16 year old nearly collapsed against her own door as she fumbled in her pockets with faintly shaky hands for her keys. In hindsight, it might have been easier on her body to take a bus and the elevator, but she couldn't risk any of the potential hazards that may slow something like that down, and so she had run all the way from school to get to her apartment. Finally having opened the door, Ruko drug her black backpack in behind her as he stumbled across the plush, white carpet. Unceremoniously, she fell onto the couch and pulled her laptop from her bag, beginning the character creation process before plugging in her nervegear, letting the game data upload, which took nothing more than a few seconds, before she unplugged it. Taking a deep breath, she put the headset like game console on and shut her eyes, laying back in the couch. The traditional 'link start' didn't even apply. With a simple state of mind having set in, the nervegear initiated (a modification that Kishaki made herself). After the starting animation, Ruko found herself in character creation with a few extra things to add to her basic character template that she had made before being put into the world, finding herself to have appeared in a field of grass and flowers, only a short ways from a busy town where many other players seemed to be. The game was filling up fast it seemed.
    "Good thing I ran, else I would be the last..." the boy said as nothing more than a breath, akin to the whisper of the wind on a chilled fall night. Yes, the girl, Kishaki Ruko, was now male, modeled after one of her favorite book characters, the player tag Ruvokai Kiraku appearing above 'his' head. After having tested that he was linked to his avatar properly, he walked leisurely into the town, finding a great variety of medieval era looking buildings. A smile lightly spread upon his face as he observed the details. This would be a good game...

    After only a few minutes of walking about, observing the sights and marveling at the strange player models that appeared as more people logged on, a strange light appeared, transporting the well dressed male deep below the surface of the earth into some demonically hell like realm to be told the worst of things by the apparent Game Master. Ever player now logged on was to stay logged on forever, 'until the death of me' muttered the boy in silent response. Two women were on either side of him, drawing a faint sigh from the boy, he facepalming when they began to over-react to the situation, screaming like a vast number of others who were then ground to dust under the authority of the man before them. He would much rather be alone in his own corner, trying to figure the sense of such a pointless quest for, in its essence, kidnap and murder. Who would even let this man live if the were to catch wind of what he was doing in this vile game? Never the less, this was life, according to what the man had just said, and if they had a problem with it, they would have to take it up with the game developers themselves, in their own domain. Whoever was stupid enough to do that had as hopeless a situation as a mongoose attempting to kill a snake in its own den. Shaking his head, he let himself be teleported back to the surface, though he was still a bit unsteady. Something about the permanent link made the control a bit different, and of course, that was just when he had gotten used to walking around in the virtual world. Due to such, he fell almost as soon as he tried to take a step.

    It took only a mere moment for the boy to rise, but by that time he was surrounded by strange, slime like creatures, he only being armed with his mind and his quick wits. Considering his situation at present, he was wise to follow those wits and do the most sensable thing. Run
  3. Josh slid his helmet on without hesitation. Alice paused for a moment, watching him. Watching the smile lighting up his face. She hadn't seen him smile so brightly for ten years. This game promised him something no other game could--the freedom to run on his own two legs--and silently Alice prayed that the acclaimed CoRE wouldn't disappoint him. She took a deep breath, pulled the helmet down over her hair, and laid back on her bed.

    "Ready?" Josh asked.

    Alice nodded. "Start!"

    And the world vanished.

    Karuu clamped his eyes shut against the massive information dump his brain was receiving. Reality was swept away in an instant, only to be replace a moment later with a quaint bedroom. He was sitting on the edge of the bed, looking at an enormous wardrobe. The doors were already wide open, and beside it stood an empty pedestal. Karuu reached out with his hand; the interface reacted and displayed a range of bodies he could choose: Human; Neko; Minotaur; Drake; Robotic Rodent of Unusual Size. He saw no end to the bizarre ideas, and even noticed a field for altering current choices into something new. Karuu's gaze lingered on the centaur, but ultimately he shook his head and moved on. He had a promise to keep.

    A short time later he leaned back to survey his work. The arms had the perfect level of muscle; the hair had just enough muss to it; and the skin was a most excellent shade. Karuu nodded approvingly before finishing the creation. Karuu Spirit, Hero/Mentor. Age eighteen. The personal message gave him pause, but ultimately he stated, "The Strength to be a man; the Honor to be a knight; the Courage to be a hero." Karuu nodded once more, confirming his words.

    An attack similar to the initial login struck him. He felt his body bursting in every direction, forming again, then billowing out once more. There was no pain, but the sensation was far from a pleasant one. When at last it ended, Karuu breathed out in relief.

    "Welome! Your new life in Everblade is about to begin. Are you ready?"

    Karuu stood. Karuu grinned. Karuu chose. "Yes."

    "Then let your journey... BEGIN!"

    Alisea's eyes shot open and she looked around desperately. The calm bedroom had vanished; now she stood in a dim hut, the only light in the room emanating from a crackling fireplace. There were no windows to be found; adorning the walls instead were a thousand seemingly random objects: a bear claw; a pressed lily; a smooth stone; a broken knife; a necklace of bullet casings; and so on. They covered shelves, hooks, small tables, and some were even stuck onto (into?) the wall itself. The only other things to be found in the room were the fireplace with its dancing flames, a large armchair resting in front of it, and a large cushion sitting beside the chair. There was nobody in the room.

    "Come here, child." Alisea nearly jumped out of her skin when she heard the voice call to her. It came from the other side of that massive chair. The voice was definitely female and probably very old. The young girl hesitated, but the voice called again. "Come here and kneel down. I have much I would say to you."

    Alisea nodded--then felt foolish, for the woman behind the chair would never see it--and joined whomever it was at the fire. She carefully knelt down on the cushion, keeping herself in its very center. Once settled, she turned to look upon the chair's occupant. She was surprised to find a pleasant visage. The woman had hair as white as snow tied up in a bun; her face showed the signs of age, but every line was from a smile or laugh; and sparkling blue eyes gazed back at Alisea. To call her an old woman was a terrible injustice; this was most certainly a lady, an elder, and a wisewoman.

    "You are a Mystic, like myself. Much younger, of course, and still lacking experience," she corrected with a kind smile, "but a Sister just the same. Tell me, what do you know of your powers?"

    "Very little, ma'am," Alisea responded meekly.

    "Good. Honesty is good. What do you know of Magic?"

    "It is the ability to cast spells."

    "It is how wizards create unnatural phenomina. They use their mana to cast magic, creating something that could not otherwise exist. We are not like that. We use the power that already exists all around us. Do you know what this is?"

    "Mana, ma'am?"

    "Dear me, no! Mana is your energy. The power that is all around us is the Ether. You'll come to see it, in time--this force that moves all around us, in us, through us. As a Mystic, you will find your connection to the Ether and use it. It is a great power, indeed! The Ether can heal, can strengthen, can protect... or it can maim and rend." The lady's voice dropped, and her low words sent shivers through Alisea's body. "Be wise in how you use it, child. The Ether is what connects us all; abusing that connection will bring consequences beyond your imagination."

    Alisea nodded obediently. The wisewoman smiled at her. "You are a good child; I'm sure you will not misuse your power. Nor will you misuse this gift." So saying, the elder reached around the other side of her chair and retrieved a beautiful, shimmering staff. Alisea was sure it hadn't been there before. "Here. This used to be my staff, but now I am old and unable to bear it. Take it, and do some good in the world."

    "Thank you, ma'am," Alisea responded politely.

    "Now go! The world has more need of you than I. Come back when you find the time and we may continue our discussion."

    Alisea stood, turned about, located a low door at the other end of the room, and exited the hut. Bright daylight burned her eyes as she emerged onto the street. The young woman blinked rapidly as she waited for her eyes to adjust. Looking around, Alisea found herself in the outskirts of a city; all the buildings were single- or double-story homes. To her left were more homes, then a wall of trees; to her right, buildings grew taller until they became skyscrapers towering over a bustling community.

    The realization that she was inside a game--that she had been in a game this entire time--struck Alisea like lightning from the blue. She glanced back at the door behind her. It looked perfectly ordinary, no different than every other door on the street. Yet inside was something mystical.
    That was the first time she learned not to judge anything by its cover. Not in this world.

    Alisea needed to find Karuu. They'd planned ahead to meet just inside the general store, in case they didn't start nearby one another. She jogged down the paved road, neither her robes nor her hair causing her any difficulty as they trailed behind her.

    When the door opened, Karuu's head shot around to see if it was his sister. It wasn't, for the umpteenth time. He lowered his head again and let out a sigh. They really should have chosen the Library instead of the General Store; at least then he could do something while he waited. Something other than turn away girls (more like G.I.R.L.s) who wanted a party.

    The door opened. Karuu's head shot up. A giant hornet stepped into the store. Karuu's head lowered. The door opened. Karuu's head shot up. A guy in a trenchcoat strode through the opening. Karuu's head lowered. The door opened. Not this time. There's no way it's-


    Karuu's head snapped around. Alisea was standing hesitantly in the doorway, staring at him to confirm it was her brother.
    "Alisea! Finally! Er, I mean..."

    "No, it's alright. I know I'm late. My Class Master lives in the suburbs."

    "The suburbs? That's odd," Karuu stated, his mouth twisting down in puzzlement. "Why would it start a bunch of players way out there?"

    "There weren't a bunch; it was just me." Karuu's face must have given away how badly this abnormality bothered him because Alisea spoke again before he could even open his mouth. "I'll have to go back there sometime, so I'll show you then. But look at you! How does it feel?"

    "Epic. I feel strong--like I could kick Tony Derrin's butt."

    "Well, there's no Tony Derrin around. How about starting a quest and kicking some monster butt instead?" Karuu grinned and put Alisea's strange beginning aside. It wasn't important--or at least, not nearly as important as quests. The two left the store quickly in search of NPCs who seemed to be in need of help.

    Ten minutes later, Karuu threw his hands up. "Nobody has a quest! This is ridiculous!"

    "Calm down, Karuu. There must be some. We just aren't looking in the right spots."

    "We've checked all the important spots! They can't all be hidden behind a crate in a back alley on the edges of the city. The Town Hall, the Library, all the Hotels, and even the Military Academy are all void of quests!"

    "Well, maybe it's a glitch..." Alisea tried patiently. It was a weak excuse, and Karuu knew it. And that helped him realize how he sounded.

    "Sorry. I'm getting angry, aren't I?" He received a small smile and nod in response. "Alright, we'll forget the quests for now. Let's just leave town and beat on some monsters!"

    "Okay!" Alisea agreed, her voice happy now that Karuu's rage had abated.[/COLOR]

    They followed the main street to the edge of town. There were no suburbs on this side of the city; the four-story buildings abruptly ceased at a large billboard that read, "Leaving so soon?" Beyond that lay an empty road, surrounded on each side by empty fields of grass. There were no monsters, nor were there any players. There was a forest a little further on, though; Karuu held high hopes for that. Because so far it was like some stupid Sim City game.

    "Maybe we're supposed to stay for an event?" Alisea suggested.[/COLOR]

    Karuu considered it, but shook his head. "I'm not waiting. We're heading for the fo-"

    His entire body was sucked down, Alisea right beside him. It was nauseating, even more so than when his body had been transformed. Down, down he fell, unable to grasp what was happening, until finally it stopped. He was standing, and his body felt whole again as though it has never happened. "-rest," his mouth finished. Then Karuu bent over and grabbed his stomach with both arms.

    Alisea closed the gap and wrapped her arm over his shoulders. "Are you okay?!" she asked, surprised and worried.[/COLOR]

    Karuu heaved once, then again, then bit back the bile and smiled weakly. "Yeah. Just gimme a sec. Where are we?"

    "I don't know. Judging by the fire and brimstone, I'm going to guess a demonic castle."

    It took a few deep breaths, but Karuu soon stood straight again. He surveyed the surroundings: they stood in an open courtyard filled with players. Seven thousand would be his guess--one player for every copy of the game sold. Before them rose a giant cathedral, with some of the most well-known Satanic markings adorning its surface, along with a great many signs Karuu wasn't familiar with but were undoubtedly used in devil-worship. Its doors were twenty feet high. Karuu was going to discount it as ornamental, just like the showy flames and rivers of lava flowing down the walls. But the moment they opened, Karuu understood that those doors needed to be bigger.

    A monstrous demon stepped out, its head barely missing the top of the doorframe. It towered over the players. It smirked at the players. It mocked the players by its mere presence. And then the demon--the Tyrant--began his speech.

    "Welcome to Call of Ruin: Everblade!" The voice sent shivers down Alisea's spine. "I am the GM of Call of Ruin, but you people will call me king EverBlade."

    "I say we call you the king of Call of Poo-in!" rose a shout from the crowd. Retaliation was swift; black lightning arced down from the sky. Alisea couldn't see him, but it wasn't hard to guess what had happened. Cold sweat ran down her back.

    "As you can see, anyone who dares besmirch my name shall be punished. Now back to where I was getting to. Ah yes, I have a couple very important announcements to say before you can get back into game play. Number 1: from now on this 'game' is your home. You will never leave, for that is impossible. But I won't stop there; I'm also making it so you now have one life. No respawns allowed. Unfortunately for that man, he is now dead. He is non-existent in both your world and mine."

    "No! That can't be!" came a woman's cry. Alisea wanted to agree with her. A game couldn't kidnap you. A game couldn't imprison you. A game couldn't kill you. But the next bolt of lightning that came down mocked such merciful thoughts. Alisea's entire body began to tremble.

    "Now, if we are down with interruptions, we can continue..."

    "Like we can! What are you-!?"
    "I can't stay here! I have my-!"
    "No respawn!? Are you out of your-!?"

    Protests rose from the crowd. Outrage, denial, desperation--emotions raged and demanded to be heard. But Alisea clamped her mouth shut. Her hand shot out and clamped over Karuu's mouth as well. To open your mouth was sure death. She knew that even before the first bolt struck. Now came the third bolt, the fourth, the eleventh, the forty-third... She couldn't keep counting. She could barely keep standing. Her knees quaked, her arms shook, her spine shivered--yet here eyes were locked on him. The Tyrant. That being of absolute death that dominated this world--their world.

    "BE QUIET or you will all DIE! Number 2: I am leaving you a little gift up in your city. About 10 000 slimes will be invading your city. Let's see how you do with 100 less players than you began with. And one last thing: if you want to defeat me and stop these monsters, and for this world to become... 'Peaceful,' I will be waiting here in the underworld. Let's see how well you do. So... Goodbye."

    Alisea fell to her knees. Then the teleportation began again.

    As soon as his feet touched ground, Karuu brandished his sword. "Alisea! Alisea!" She was on her knees, her entire body trembling. They were back at the edge of town, exactly where they had been before the summoning. Except that now, surrounding them were a dozen slime, with a hundred more just down the street.

    "We're... dead..."

    The words struck Karuu like an icy slap in the face. "NO!" was his immediate reply. Alisea looked up fearfully. Tears stained her cheeks. "We're not dead! We're not going to die! Narf that demon; all we have to do are kill a few slimes!"

    Alisea didn't move. It was obvious she didn't have the same resolve he did. Karuu didn't blame her; she had lived a normal life. A normal person would be distraught. Depressed. Doomed. Karuu did not have a normal life. He had a crappy life, stuck in a wheelchair because of someone else. He had a detestable life that he had always wished to abandon. But he had a life, and he'd be hammered if he let that monster take it from him. Alisea was heartbroken; Karuu was just angry. And he had a dozen little targets to vent on.

    "RRRAAAAAAGH!" With a wordless roar, Karuu brought his sword crashing down on the nearest. It went all the way through and bit into the pavement beneath. He raised it and brought it down again. And again. And when that slime vanished in a burst of sparks, he turned to the one beside it and brought the massive blade down once more.
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  4. Amalia woke up in her queen sized bed.
    She got up, went to the bathroom, cleaned herself and put on some basic clothes.
    Having done that she went down to the dinning hall and sat on her usual spot.
    It wasa large table... and a lonely one. It could surely seat 20 people but she was just alone.

    A Chef brought her breakfast that she ate
    The daily routine...
    Usually she would go to her private teacher in the third floor now, but a game that she has been hearing about would launch soon.
    She wanted to drift out of the reality.
    And this would be the only chance for her to sneak away, she quickly went back to her bedroom that is now fully cleaned by one of the employees in this house.
    Did they find it?
    She was actually not allowed to own a Nervegear. A so called "toy".
    She was supposed to focus on her studies but... she just couldnt. She needed this.
    She turned on the Wi-Fi Connection and plugged the Cable of the Nervegear to the Wi-Fi box.
    She lied down on her bed and placed the Nervegear on her head.


    Amalia proceeded to create her character. A well shaped girl with some cute horns on her head. That was just right for her.
    Her character's eyes clearly looked demonic.

    Previously she had been daydreaming of how her character will look like... What class she was going to pick and what she was going to focus on in the Game.
    I want to have something, very able with a sword that can cast magic and with a few stealth and take down elements!

    The world began to form around her, she took a few steps.
    This feels as if it was real...
    A smile formed on her face, this really was like another reality... one where she could escape to...
    She turned to look around and found herself in a forest, no life in the near distance.
    She heard rustling and turned to look at what approached.
    It was another player, waving at her.
    His HP bar was red, not that he was at the edge of dying, rather a mark that he is in PK mode.

    I certainly want to know how combat feels like
    She drew her weapon and turned invisible. She could keep this up to a certain distance. The guy facing her drew his blade and charged, closing the distance so she could not escape.
    Instead of running back, she ran sideway, making a half circle around him, then closing in.
    He would not see that what is behind him

    A flame formed on her blade as she began to attack her target from behind, three hits, the opponents HP bar dropped, he retaliated and turned around, blocked her next hit.
    A dance was done. A dance of swords. She enjoyed this.
    She loved to PvP in previous games. It was a lot of fun for her to compete with the best, to protect these that she considered dear and to punish these that are rude and harm the weaker.
    They kept exchanging blows, a slash her her left arm, leaving a cybernetic scratch.
    It hurts...
    Why would this hurt? she did not understand it quite well but it motivated her to increase her pace in blows, eventually taking her target down with a last stab.
    Her opponents face turned into a face of despair and suffering.
    She would remember this face. It was the first that she slew in PvP.
    She turned to look at her cybernetic wound. It slowly healed up and regenerated now that she was out of combat.
    Her HP Bar turned red.
    An indication for PK I assume?
    I attacked him target first afterall, so that was not that much of a suprise, was it?
    She felt drawn into the ground right into the underworld.

    She listened to the GM. Wondering if she really killed that man earlier.
    No that is impossible. How could I kill him? This is just a game.
    She rejected the idea of truly dying in here, he was probably just toying with us and trying to scare us to keep us playing, to increase immersion.

    The teleportation began and she found herself in the city, surrounded by slimes.
    Well, he kept his words. Slimes Everywhere! Slime Kingdom! Lets get rid of them.
    She began fighting the slimes and continued to for as long as they were present. She felt quite tired as the sun vanished on the horizon.

    She sat down on a bench near a beautiful well, opened the game menu and looked for the logout button...
    Her face paled.
    There is no logout....
    Did I really... kill him?

    Her hands began to shook. Her HP bar was still red. The city was luckily a PK free zone so she would not be attacked.
    But he killed... others.... right?
    Does that not mean I saved more...?

    She desperately tried to find a reason to justify the act.
    That is right... if I had not, he had killed more....
    The truth would not show in her brain. The truth that this man did not know what he was doing and that he may had stopped.
    A smile formed on her face.
    I did the right thing...

    "The right thing...", her facial expression grew serious.
    She remembered her deeds in many MMO's before this one.
    I will just do what I did in these... Protect the weak and trusted and kill the rude.
    She stood up and made her way to the tavern....​
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  5. The bell Rang for the end of school Rob bolted out into the hallway going as fast as he possibly could. He was so excited to Play CoRE his best friend had been a beta tester and the decided to meet up in game at 4:30 enough time to walk home and take an hour building the characters. But he ran around the corner running into his old "pal" Rick the class bully standing next to girl friend Tatonya. Sorry he said to excited to care and tried to run away but before he could he got a direct punch to the eye. "Sorry i only leave you with a black eye but im in a bit of hurry myself for that new game you might have heard of it Call of Ruin: EverBlade, maybe if your whole family saved up for a year you might be able to rent a copy." He mocked then walked off. Rob didn't care usually he fought back but he was to excited. He ran home and through on his Nerve Gear and started his adventure in CoRE.

    He spawned into the world in a beutiful lush green field near a town after he finished looking around he went to meet up with his friend, he messaged him since he used the same name for every game CalvourRider123 and they met up at the market, he was, as Rob guessed his favourite animal, an elephant with giant tusks as weapons and some silvery elephant armour for some extra defence though his skin would be very thick which included a saddle, look at cool gear and potions. "Hey that one looks co... What on earth is that?" Rob pointed up to the sky seeing the ripples of blue energy, he thought it looked sort of like blue, organized northern lights having seen northern lights many times. Just as his friend looked up they were sucked into the ground. He felt the dirt and stones squeeze between the slots in his metal plates it was rather uncomfortable but some what like a massage. Then they fell into a giant cathedral, as more and more players came into view a giant figure appeared and when he introduced himself and some guy said "more like Call of Poo-in" he recognized that voice it was Rick and when a bolt of electricity turned him to ash despite all his hate towards him he felt bad for him though he did think the name was a little funny. And when the tyrant explained how the game worked him and his friend stood there in shock which Rob now Techtalis, he thought he would have to get used to that name now, it was a good thing they stood there quite because 4 people right next to them were struck with electricity both wincing at the players crys of pain snuffled out by the bolts.

    As they were teleported to the surface he went out of shock and realized the market was swarmed with around 200 slimes every were imaginable he was immediately attacked by 12 tiny slimes he thought was cute but he took only 2 damage for 2 reasons they were small and weak and he tried to just about max his defence, he loved the tank style and was grateful he went with it now he hit each one with a single strike and they turned into sparks giving him a bit of loot. The 2 of them spent the next while defending as many people as possible and watched in horror as some died. They collapsed when the slimes finally retreated for the night though they were happy for the amount of loot they got both happy they went tank style.
  6. Not long after being teleported back, the insect man Xeno found a very strange occurrence happen. He began to move slowly and his vision began to blur. Finally, he blacked out and was taken to a nearby safe zone. He woke up to something being...missing. His memory. He quickly got up and seemed totally okay. Nobody knew his real name, which he had forgotten, so he adopted his player name as his real one.

    "Well, looks like the slimes are beginning to leave for the night. I'll head back" He thought to himself.
    Unfolding his wings, Xeno flew back to the more populated area. Finally landing in front of the tavern and walking inside. He sits down at a table near the back corner and silently orders something to drink. There he sits, waiting for...well...even he didn't know.
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  7. (As Promised)

    -In the City, Outdoor-
    -Lisa Desire-


    "What a malicious thing to do"
    Lisa turned her head to the right, curious about what they were talking about.
    A group of a few people, all staring at her, turned away when they saw her looking at them.
    Lisa continued her way to the Tavern.
    They probably speak of the GM. It really is something, is it not?
    To inprison all of us... to make this a matter of life and Death

    "She will get paypack for this eventually!"
    Once more Lisa turned her head to look at the people saying the words, only to bump into something,
    another being. A big one. She turned back onwards and looked up to a very big, black and mascluin elven Character.
    "Hey you little shit. Think you can go take other people's lifes and walk the streets as if you own it?"
    Lisa stepped two steps back and crossed her arms on her chest.
    "Who asked you to open that foul mouth of yours?"
    A group of people began to amass around them.
    "You are going to die. Just like the people you killed. You will see."
    Lisa now understood what this was about: The PK.
    She misscalculated what consequences it is going to have now. She never figured it would be that.
    Now having understood the situation a smirk showed on her face.
    This one is rude...
    "Wanna try me? We can just head outside town."

    -Amalia's Diary-
    -Entry #3-
    -To Stand Firm against those Rude-

    Why is it that people are jerks to one another? Can't they just be kind to one another? Why pick a route that causes so much suffering? Selfishness. The Inability to admitt being wrong.
    Earlier today, in one of my games, they were doing it again. Ruining the entire match for me and others by dying too easily and not playing it safe enough. I want to become one of the best here in this game, but this is very difficult with so many toxic people around, why wouldnt they just listen for a moment? If they had listened they would know how we could had won that... but no! They go to insult and blame me for the loss.
    Ironcially I was ranked top in that match...
    They challenged me to a Private Duel, I took all of them out by myself and then they tell me I am just lucky? Are they kidding me?


    -In the City, Tavern-
    -Lisa Desire-

    Lisa sat down into an empty chair at an empty table, placing the food she just bought a while ago onto the table, infront of her.
    Do they also have a taste or are they just buff ups?
    She took a bite on the sandwich.
    It does actually taste like something.
    Her red name clearly shown to everybody within the Tavern.
    She felt seperated from everybody else, nobody here to bug her, nobody here to annoy her. She just was nice and alone. No more burdens of Dinner Rules... Use the small one ma'am... All of that. Now gone. She felt relaxed at the solitude here.... despite the general Tavern noise.​
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  8. Once the slimes retreated into the night Tech and Rider all busted and bruised (if you could get bruised in a video game) they decided to head to the town tavern to get some drinks to regenerate their heath and to relax from the fight. They managed to get through the town and get to the tavern though it was difficult to to their bulky sizes and all the collapsed bodies of players due to exhaustion of the fight. The two of them sat outside the entrance at a couple of tables because they were to big to fit in the tavern along with a couple other players that couldn't fit in: a minotaur style guy, another robot guy though he was pink so tech assumed him to be a girl and a spider style centaur. A couple npc waitresses came out and took their orders so they just sat there and reneged heath.
  9. It was all too surreal. She was going to be killed by slimes and disappear forever. It was ludicrous. Irrational. Impossible. Alisea couldn't be killed in a game. She was in a dream right now. A horrible nightmare that she would wake up from soon. Her alarm would go off. She would rise and go to school.


    Alisea's eyes snapped open. Karuu had three slime around him. His sword rested in the dirt. The slime behind him was settling back down after striking. Karuu's HP was going down. He was losing. He would die.

    Alisea planted her staff in the ground and pulled herself to her feet. "Don't..." she started in a small voice. Karuu's head turned toward her, his eyes wide with surprise. "Don't. Touch. MY BROTHER!" Alisea screamed, raising her staff and planting the butt deep in a slime.

    Alisea felt the magic flow. It started somewhere in her chest, flooding down her arms and into the staff. She felt that power coursing through the metal, all the way down and into the slime. For a fraction of a second, Alisea thought she saw silver strands all through the slime's body--threads that were being torn apart.

    The threads vanished from her sight, so quickly she doubted she had seen them. The slime's body fell apart, oozing into the pavement until it vanished entirely. Alisea raised her staff and glared at the next one, daring it to try anything. Amazingly, it backed away, as did the other two Karuu faced.

    "Alisea," Karuu greeted with a soft smile.

    "Sorry. I know I'm late."

    "No. You were right on time."

    The two shared a warm smile. Alisea felt her legs planted firmly beneath her. Karuu's arms brandished his colossal sword anew. There passed an unspoken agreement between the two, the same agreement they always had: we will win.

    "It looks like we have a quest now," Alisea teased.

    "Yeah: don't die." The nearest slime had retreated, but it wouldn't last; they were only waiting for reinforcements. Alisea's burst had been like a magnet, pulling any slime not otherwise engaged toward them. "There must be a hundred of these things just for us."

    "So we kill them... is what I want to say. But my MP won't last."

    "My HP won't either. We're just outnumbered."

    Alisea glanced around again, looking for options. Her gaze stopped at an out-of-place bundle of slime. Unlike the others, they weren't moving toward the Spirits. They were moving away. Toward...

    "Then let's increase our number," Alisea suggested, pointing a finger at the young man running toward them. He was dodging and evading slime after slime that tried to roll under him or launch into him. He had to be a dexterity class--a rogue or a martial artist. "Ooooi! Safety's right here!" Alisea called.

    Safety? Highly debatable with hundreds of slimes surrounding two people. But even so, my situation isnt much better. Maybe they have spare weapons I can use though....

    The thought still provoked a sigh from the already winded male, he shutting his eyes and shaking his head. The subtle distraction, though, was just enough for the slimes to take their opportunity to strike, a rather large one landing on his back, forcing him roughly to the ground due to it's density and mass, his hp falling due to fall damage and scraping up his leg. It took a little more force and motivation, but just as the slime jumped up again to come crashing down on his back, Kiraku rolled over, attempting to bat the creature away. Instead, however, it bore down upon his exposed chest, he coughing painfully as a sharp, splintering pain shot through it, sustaining in his ribs, long after the ache in his muscles faded. Determination further fired, the boy felt around him for some sort of defense, finding a sharp broken branch that he had bloodied his leg on. Swinging the wooden weapon as hard as he could after managing to pull himself up, Kiraku managed to get a good hit in on the slime. Due to it's size, however, it had more hp, and even worse on his count, his character design was geared for speed and accuracy, not defense and power. He was meant to get in multiple hits at once, not finish a blow with one. This branch wouldn't last him long, and with his leg injured, he would need help. Decision made, Kiraku ran for the group of two, wordless so as not to strain his already injured respiratory system or wind him any further, evading once more as best as he could and killing off whatever slimes he couldn't avoid until he found himself beside the two other players.

    "So then.... How.... is this..... any more..... safe....?" He managed to express in a raspy voice, still trying to catch his breath.

    "Because your back is... Covered!" Karuu answered, shouting it like a warcry as his sword cut through another slime.

    "Hold still, please. I'm not used to this yet." Alisea lowered the top of her staff until its wings stood just above Kiraku's head. "Heal!" Alisea commanded. Again those silvery threads flashed across her vision--this time mending themselves inside the rogue's chest--then vanished again before she could truly focus on them. His breathing eased, and his HP rose slightly, but the spell hadn't done a thing for the bleeding leg. Alisea frowned, displeased with the weak ability. "It will take a dozen of these to heal you fully," she explained apologetically.

    "No time!" Karuu warned. The slime were gathered so thick he couldn't see the street leading back into town. "Plan?!"

    A smile lightly spread across Kiraku's face as the girl healed him, the girl's seeming innocence reminding him ever so faintly of a frail, kind girl in school, one that he was always fond of and very protective of, despite his very loner-ish tendencies. But more comforting than the innocence was the relief as he could finally breathe in a more normalized manner. Suddenly broken from his calmed state by the male calling out for a plan of action, Kiraku tensed up, his grip on his branch tightening.

    "If either of you have a lightweight weapon for me to use, I can help clear a way to the town over there. That is, if you guy's speed and evasions stats are high enough to at least keep up with mine and fend on your own against a few of these guys." Kiraku was rather confused by how cool and collected his voice was. In fact, it held fairly dark tones, and was quiet, as if each word warned of danger or depression. In truth, it reminded him of an emo kid at school that the prior she used to have a crush on.

    Karuu shook his head, then took another swing at a slime as it launched at him. "There's no chance," Alisea stated grimly. "I could never get through that."

    The male gritted his teeth and took another swing at a smaller slime, leaving the bigger ones to the other two, as they obviously had higher power stats.

    "Then I suggest that we bear till nightfall. It wont get any easier, but we'll make it through. After that, we should stay in town a couple of days since towns are automatic safety zones. There we can assign our experience points that we get from all these levels we'll likely gain here. If.... we dont die that is...." In the pause between thoughts, he swung the heavy branch to hit a slime that was about to attack the cleric, or so the woman would seem, swatting at it as if it were a pesky fly.

    It was a grim reality. "I'll focus on healing, then. Karuu, cut behind him and move left." The Hero obeyed immediately, disengaging the slime he faced to dash behind Kiraku and cut through those to the rogue's left instead. "You, follow right behind; pass him on the left and hit the next. Karuu, spin around and pass him on the left. Just keep rotating; I'm right with you." Even as she was issuing instructions, Alisea was casting her heal repeatedly. Kiraku's leg stopped bleeding. The bruises on Karuu's chest vanished. And slowly, ever so slowly, their cyclone moved them closer to a doorway on the edge of the road.

    Each rotation tired Kiraku more than the last as he worked at hefting about his abnormal weapon, but he struggled through none the less. No matter how many healing spells were cast, there was no cure for fatigue, none but proper rest, or at least, since this was a game, a little bit of a breather and a nice heat pack or something along the lines. Now that he thought about some relaxation, it only made his predicament seem worse, though the small group's approach to some sort a building gave a small bit of comfort. As they grew closer to it, the amount of slimes began to decrease, lessening and lessening until there were no more to fight, they all standing right at the door to what was apparently a pub. From what the male could remember of this time period, there were normally some very small, minimalistic sleeping quarters above pubs and such places. The team's hp was doing just fine due to the constant efforts of their supporter, but her mp was likely very low, and thus, rest would be required as they had yet to assess how much money they had to spend on potions and other such amenities.

    When they finally reached the door, Alisea ran around both fighters and pushed through the door, holding it open for her teammates and slamming it shut behind them. She was panting heavily; her entire body felt drained. When her body finally realized they were safe, Alisea's legs gave out and she slumped back against the wall, sliding down to the floor.

    Karuu collapsed next to her, laying flat on the floor with his arms spread wide. He summoned enough energy to turn his head left and look at where they were. A few small tables sat along the left wall, but the dominating presence in the room was the long bar lined with stools, behind which stood shelves stocked with drinks and glasses and a green-skinned, red-haired bartender who looked at them curiously. The room was illuminated by glowing, white lanterns high on the walls, giving it a somewhat cheerful air against the darkening sky outside.

    "Need a drink?" the man behind the bar asked, his voice lightly tinged by an accent.

    Karuu blinked a few times, flabbergasted by the mundane question. "Water," he said dully.

    "Three waters, comin' up." It was an Irish accent, Karuu decided. Or whatever the CoRE equivalent was.

    "Not that young'unsh like you 'ud get an'thing elshe," slurred one exceedingly drink dwarf at the end of the bar. His words sounded like they might have the same Irish accent, but it could have just been the alcohol.

    "Not that we would want anything else," Alisea quipped. 'We would end up like you,' she refrained from saying out of politeness.

    The dwarf's face warped with deep thought as he tried to make sense of that statement. Finally he gave up--quite sure that wanting nothing more than water was impossible--and upended his own mug into his mouth. When no liquid began to poor, a look of confusion swept over him and he brought the mug down to stare into its empty depths. He shook his head sadly and set the mug down.

    Alisea might have thought it quite comical if she hadn't been so completely exhausted. She heaved herself to her feet, carefully stepped over Karuu, and made her way to the bar. The green-skinned bartender had three shimmering glasses waiting by the time she made it. Alisea took one gratefully and, despite intending to only sip it, had the glass drained in a matter of seconds.

    "Thank you," Alisea said politely. The bartender just nodded his head. "If we could--and I don't mean to impose on you--do you have a room we could stay in? The sun is already down, and just making it here has left us exhausted."
    The bartender gave it some thought before answering. "I have a spare bedroom upstairs you could be stayin' in. It only has two beds, but I be willin' to rent it to ya."

    Inside, Alisea groaned. "I don't think we can afford rent. Is there any way we can work to earn the money?"
    "I don't exactly need a waitress, lass. You can see how many customers I have." The tally was one very drunk dwarf, and the three of them. A pub on the edge of town wasn't very popular right after a slime invasion. Nevertheless, Alisea didn't relent. She stared up at him with pleading eyes until finally he continued. "...But I do be needin' a favor. If you promise you can handle that, I'll be lettin' you stay."

    Both Karuu and Alisea felt the trigger go off. Every veteran gamer understood that flag: they had a quest. "Of course! Thank you so much! We're more than happy to help you!" Alisea declared with a wide smile.

    "I'll tell you in the mornin'. Jah, show the lass to the spare room."
    "Why be I needin' ta do it!? You'sh the one wi' tha bushinessh."
    "Because I be throwin' ya out tonight if ya don't," the bartender barked, his accent deepening as his voice raised.
    "Yeesh. Fine, I be showin' tha ladsh ta the room. Even if you'sh only a half, Myk, you be havin' an orc'sh temper."
    "And you be havin' a human's tolerance."

    Jah tried to look affronted, but Myk wasn't the least bit sympathetic. The half-dwarf finally slid off his stool, tugged on Alisea's sleeve, and plodded through the door at the back. Alisea gave Myk one final 'thank you' before following after Jah.

    Karuu forced himself to his feet, drained his water glass, muttered a very quiet 'thanks,' and hurried after his sister.

    Kiraku's mind swam with exhaustion, but humor was one thing he could process, he letting out a raspy laugh as he watched the events unfold around him, it all almost seeming to be other worldly for a moment. When he noticed the others leaving, though he noticed where they were leaving from. A bar with two empty glasses and one full, glistening with the condensation created by a tall glass of iced water. He drank it quickly, giving a brief not to the bartender as a for of acknowledgement and thanks, and hurried as best as he could after the other two of what now seemed to be his party.

    "Thish be it," Jah announced as he pushed the door open. There were two beds, four walls and a roof, and a window that opened onto the back alley. That's all Alisea could say; but at least that meant Myk had cleaned it regularly. "Here be tha key. I be leavin' now, before Myk be givin' 'way my sheat." After depositing the key in Alisea's hand, the dwarf turned and left.

    "He's cheery," Karuu stated with more sarcasm than was necessary. He shook his head a few times in an attempt to clear his thoughts, but the exhaustion scrambled them just as quickly. Finally he gave up and opened his inventory. "Hey... Say, I never caught your name. I'm Karuu Spirit, this is my sister Alisea."

    Upon entering the room, Kiraku found it to only contain two beds. He didn't much mind sleeping on the floor, however, as he had done so many times in the past out of sheer exhaustion. Or at least, he had in the real world as a high school girl. He lightly shook his head and sat down on the floor, against a wall near the back corner, a place where the candle light was faint, casting shadows over his already dark appearance and silvery hair. It was then that he noticed the other male of the group speak to him.

    "The name is above my character if you were to look right about... now... but in any case, if you wish not to call me Kiraku, you can call me Kira or Rukokai...." he said in the same low voice from before. Apparently this would be his voice for the duration of this game, if infact it was a permanent thing. A quick flick of the hand opened his in game menu, he quickly going to the section that he hadn't much explored, a social section you could say. He was able to confirm on his end a request to become a small team with the room's other two occupants before going through what all he had gotten from the encounter with the slimes, he checking over his kill percents, money stock, and experience gained before deciding that his mind was too far worn for numbers and he would have to do all of his stat assignments in the morning.

    Karuu was mildly surprised when the name appeared, along with a small addition to the party display in the corner of his vision. He glanced back at Alisea to find her flying through her menu. She was a step ahead of him there; that's why she was party leader. Karuu turned his attention back to Ruvokai Kiraku, or Kira for short. It was decidedly not Japanese, but was attempting to mimic the style. As much as that set Karuu's teeth on edge, he was too tired to care right now.

    "Kira, you get window bed. Alisea always has to be closest to the door." Karuu's sword vanished into his inventory, followed by his breastplate, gauntlets, and boots. He sighed with contentment as his limbs were released from their stuffy confines, then fell back onto the door-side bed. Alisea slid under the covers beside him before removing her own gear, but left her staff propped against the wall within easy reach. Karuu worked himself under the warm quilt as well, then let the exhaustion overtake him. He didn't even hear when Alisea whispered "goodnight."

    At first, Kira was confused as to why he was offered a bed at all, but then consented as he saw the two, who were obviously at least comfortable with each other in the real world, settle down in the same bed. With a faint sigh, the boy got up, and let himself drop down onto the bed, not bothering to take off his shoes, just falling asleep, letting the flickering light of the candle beside him shed light upon the darkest fears of his mind and dispel them as if they were naught more than mist.
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  10. Xeno noticed a girl sit down at another empty table nearby. She was eating, but there was something about her, Xeno wasn't sure what, but he WAS waiting for something. "I suppose this is my chance." And off he went. Xeno stood and saw that her name was red. He didn't mind however, he could tell there was something different about her. But she didn't seem evil or murderous. He silently approached her table then simply asked. "Umm...Excuse me. But, is this seat free?" He gestured to the other seat for the table she was at.
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  11. -Tavern-
    -Lisa Desire-


    She knew they were following... soon they would be outside of the city.
    Today I take another Life.
    She stepped in a distance outside of the safe zone and turned around, drawing cold steel.
    A group of a dozen Player opposing her, all drawing their steel, none carrying mercy on their face.
    She knew, they wanted to avenge him that she had killed and most likely succeed at doing so.
    Her opposition drew their weaponry and began their charge...
    There really is just one thing I can do here
    She went into stealth and began to back off, slowly leading them into the forest behind her. There she could attempt to stealthily do this and live.

    "Stop this at once!"
    Another group of people approached from her left.
    Lisa and her opposition stopped in their tracks to see whomever has approached.

    Lisa stared at the centre of the table.
    "Umm...Excuse me. But, is this seat free?"
    Snapping out of her thoughts she turned with a confused look to the source of what woke her up.
    Her eyes widened and a shock formed on her face, out of impulse and reaction she leaned a bit too far backwards and the chair her butt is seated on choose to fall backwards.
    She quickly stood up and pointed scandalized at the creature
    "What the fuck are you!?", she yelled.
    The memories of where she actually was returned to her. Right...
    I didnt think anybody would actually pick THAT race.

    She picked her chair up and put it back in place.
    "Uhm.. Yeah that seat is free. I am just waiting for a few... friends I guess."
    Her butt found its way back onto the chair again.
    "I promised that I would be here to give them my decision to their offer. And what is it that brings you here?"

    -Within the City-
    -Group of People-

    Einhart turned to his head to the group of people around him.
    "We should not take her into our community"
    Frozen laughed.
    "But we do want to. She is good and we need strong member. Despite, we can watch her actions much more easily if we keep her close by."
    "I agree with Frozen there, Einhart, we know that she may get us into trouble and that she may ruin our reputation. But we do want somebody whom managed to take down multiple people by playing it smart in our Guild."
    "It is not just that, we have already made the offer and it was you whom offered it Einhart. Why are you so opposed to this now?"
    "I didn't think she would be a murderer..."
    "Well, it is too late for this now."

    My sister is a murderer. I am ashamed of her.
    Einhart remembered the look on his sister's face when killed the people who wouldnt stop their attack... she was smiling.

    The Group continued their way down the streets....
  12. Xeno looked downward for moment, his eyes closed when she reacted at first. Then, he returned his gaze. "Well, I suppose you could say I was waiting for someone as well... Though..well, it is hard to explain." He looked around a moment awkwardly. "Umm...My name is Xeno. What's yours?" He tried to sound confident in his questions, but he was as confident as a mouse speaking to an owl.
  13. Tech and rider chated with each other and the others outside the tavern, the two of them did good at making them friends with the others with a couple fun conversations but then left to find a nice place to sleep they seached all the inns but non had big enough rooms for them to stay at but they managed to find a comfy spot in a park at the center of town and fell asleep instantly when they hit the ground.
  14. -Lisa Desire

    That thing looked downward for moment, his eyes closed when she reacted at first. Then, he returned his gaze. "Well, I suppose you could say I was waiting for someone as well... Though..well, it is hard to explain." He looked around a moment awkwardly. "Umm...My name is Xeno. What's yours?" He tried to sound confident in his questions, but he was as confident as a mouse speaking to an owl.

    "My name is Lisa. And I am going to kill you when you leave the safe zone." She grinned tauntingly at the insectoid.
    "What? Expected something else? This is all that everybody thinks seeing my name." A smile formed on her face.

    The Door to the Tavern opened, giving sight to a group of three. Lisa stood up, bowed slightly to the insectoid, like she was taught was considered to be polite and hurried to the door, the six eyes of the three people turning to her when she walked up to them. One of the three nodded and they turned to leave the Tavern

    The nightair felt cold and fresh on her skin, she followed them down a small alley.

    "So? What is your answer?", the white haired man asked Lisa with his lips forming a welcoming smile.
    "My answer is yes, I will join you."
    Her notification interface opened, showing the invitation:

    Received an Invitation.
    Sleeping Knights
    Yes No
    Lisa moved her hand up, tapping the Yes button on the interface.
    "Welcome to our small guild, Lisa", the man with long white hair replied, seeing her tap yes. "Welcome to our family, Lisa. Please make sure to not give us a bad reputation.", the blond man sighted.

    "Come, we will show you your quarters. Tomorrow Frozen is going to give you the title that you will carry within the guild." The third person, the woman, spoke.

    Lisa followed her new guildmates to a smaller tavern in less visited area in the city. "This is our guild Headquarters... for now, some may still be up but most should have already gone to bed. I will show you your room in the woman's floor, dont worry about the payment. We killed enough to have this rent out for the entire next month"

    They made their way up to the third floor. "My name is Amilia btw, pleased to meet you and this is your room." Lisa opened the door and wordlessly walked into the room, closing the door behind herself.

    She opened the interface and navigated to menu, scrolled down.... Just as she expected. No Logout button. I hope my family will not try to do anything stupid to my body.
    Lisa began to remove her clothes... Right... no sleepwear, this is gonna take a while to get used to be without... She sighted and went into her bed.

    I hope my horns are not going to rip the bed appart...
    And she fell asleep...


    Her skin felt warm. Her eyes slowly opened. The sun shone into the room. What time is it? Why was I not woken up? Wait, where is my sleepwear?! And she jumped up. Confused eyes looked around the room that was now hers. Right, I remember. She could hear fighting outside. In a distance that is.
    She equipped her clothes and other gear and departed the room, down the floors into the Tavern's Lobby.
    "Good Morning Lisa. We forgot to note this but we are taking a 0.3% Fee on all your transactions for the guild as an income to keep the guild running and, for example, the rooms here for ourselves."
    Lisa nodded and turned to look around herself. The Tavern didnt have many people right now.
    "Where are frozen and the others?" she asked curiously. "Oh, the others are outside keeping the slimes out of the town center. I was told to wait for you to take you with me to the northern outskirt. We currently have 45 member, including every single member bearing our guild's name above their own name. You may not have noticed but Frozen has decided on a title within our ranks for you... He thought that you are not exacly a normal member and should, more or less, be some sort of spec op." Lisa opened her UI and navigated to the character screen.
    <Death Prophet of Sleeping Knights>
    Lisa Desire
    She closed the UI and looked back to Amilia. "What are we meant to do in the outskirt?" Amilia's eyes reflected a degree of sadness. "You will be doing what is expected of you. More I do not wish to tell. You will know when we are there. The way to there is not safe either"
    Trade Offer Acquired
    20 HP-Potions
    Yes No
    Lisa accepted the trade and the both of them began their way to the north.

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