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  1. I notice we have more than a handful of Star Spawn on the site, so I thought I'd wave my plot at you and see how many tentacles wave back.

    It's a story set in England in 1925, involving the Mafia, the Golden Dawn and the SS. You play as characters linked to either one of these factions or to the investigation of the death of James Kellogg, son of the US ambassador to England.

    I have a vague grasp of the rules, so we could either do it with or without the system. I'll let the popular vote decide.
  2. *Sits comfortably on her fence.* :|
  3. I'd like to do it with the d100 system (I have the 5.6ed rulebook) but the d20 system is DnD compatible so would be easier for you (I have that too) Either way I'm game.
  4. Definitely game, but I'd suggest we either run it freeform or with a set of rules that are light and flexible enough to work over a forum.
  5. I've never been able to do a tabletop rules RP before(not from want of trying, though), but I'm game.
  6. The system, as far as I remember, is quite simple...

    You have skills with % values that you need to roll under to succeed with.

    Then you have 3 core stats called KNOW (a % chance that you know something), IDEA (a % chance of getting a clue from the GM) and LUCK (a % chance of doing something lucky)

    Then you have a sanity value which gets knocked around according to the horrors you experience.

    Is that right, Vay?

    We could just strip it down to the 3 core values: KNOW, IDEA & LUCK and run the entire game around those.
  7. We don't need no stinking systems. >:(
  8. Thats right, Also your maximum SAN decreases the more you learn about the true nature of the universe. And losing too much SAN too quickly leads to Fun.
  9. Hmm.

    So maybe just the three stats plus San damage. I can tell people when they need to roll, i.e. for plot-specific junctures, then leave the rest freeform.

    *begins tinkering*
  10. You could pretty easily. Though SAN loss only happens if you PASS an IDEA roll first and fully comprehend what you're looking at, though for seriously disturbing situations failing only lessens the knock.
  11. The rules I saw, comprehending what you saw netted you 'Cthulu Mythos' points, which reduced how many San points you had the potential for getting.
    While just seeing anything freaky would damage your current sanity, it also mentions that killing/defeating whatever caused the damage would restore some, and that the damage would be less severe from repeated exposure.
  12. Yeah your maximum sanity is 100 minus your mythos knowledge skill. Not that 100% knowledge means you know everything there is to know. As one guy one said: imagine the water in a glass is your sanity, they more sand you put in the less water the glass can hold. Now imagine the crushing weight of a truckload of sand.
  13. Ah yes, a failed Idea roll means you bury/repress what you saw and it manifests as some other neurosis.

    So sometimes it actually pays to be dumb.

    In fact, ignorance is one of the best defences in this game.

    Okay, I'll have the IC up shortly
  14. Cool. *Makes the biggest, bimbo-iest, blond character she can think of.*

    My hypothesis is that by the end of the game, when the rest of you are dead/crazy, she will be knocked down to somewhere around normal.
  15. If she survives the other characters that is.....