Calibre Drift: Dawn Before the Horizon

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[size=8pt]Twenty years ago; this would never be acceptable.

Twenty years ago; when this situation started.

Twenty years ago; we were just human.[/size]



Twenty years ago to this very day they surfaced, and society changed with them. People who could run faster, people who were stronger, people who could even throw fire. Power, they called it... Power that some embraced, power that others ran from, power which was more fiction than reality.


But fear did not dominate the minds of humans, intrigue did. Rather than fight against these peculiar people with their budding abilities, we pulled them closer. Humans are curious, we wanted to know more, so we began to work and toil and to experiment. It was strange, almost at the same time we wanted to know more... We did. People with power wanted to be left alone, some wanted to abuse that power, others just wanted to help.


In the end it almost doesn't matter, because our curiosity ranked higher than their needs. Many of them were like rats to be stuffed in a lab, and as I look back now I wonder to myself... Why couldn't they just fight back? History doesn't mention any fighting, doesn't mention any bloodshed, all it tells me is that we wanted to learn from them... And we did. As if there was no point in them fighting, as if they could do nothing. But that just raises another question: What kind of technology did humans have that prepared them for the meta-human?


That's how they would come to be known as 'Drifters'. Because that is what they were, wandering and eluding the public eyes, avoiding others and keeping attention off of themselves. And that's how it has been, until a year ago...


That is when he came to us, just as sudden and unexplained as the Drifters. A child went missing, according to the reports. And out of the blue he spoke to us, he called to us, this man in white came and told us the boy would be back within a week. It took him a day...


The man was Tallan Marikai Drachorsa, a corporate head, if you can believe it. He was what... Eighteen, nineteen at the time. Yet apparently, he held a multi-billion dollar industry; an industry of which just appeared out of thin air! Rescuing the boy was what took people's attention. Now the world's eyes are on him, and the people love him. I can't imagine why... Ever since he's been developing weapons and practically stealing military contracts. No matter what he or anyone else says, he's stealing them... Not that the contracts would be better off with another corporation.


Marikai Industries is big now, in a year it's become one of the biggest corporations on the planet. Just recently they've finished construction on a headquarters in the city. Kinda sad I can't remember what the name of this city is, though. I've been getting that a lot lately, maybe it's just me. I'm not sure, even as I look over what I'm writing now it's like the way I was writing changed as I was writing it. And I don't seem to be the only one who's not all there in the head.


This would never have happened twenty years ago. Someone just appears and saves a child, then wants civilians to buy toasters and appliances and our military to buy guided missiles and assault rifles; and questions aren't raised? I know people are stupid but... Things don't add up, and what about them...


I can't help but be uneasy when I see that, that word, whatever it means. I hear news reports and see pictures of these drawn from blood, or written into a victim's chest by a knife or something. They call them terrorists... And the thing is, they're going after other kingdoms, not ours. Hm... I wrote kingdoms? I don't know what I was thinking, I meant countries. Anyway, it's weird... I hear people talking and I see rumors online, people say they're tied to Drachorsa. Probably just weird internet suspicion, but in light of what's happened so far... Could that really be all it is?

And I wonder... Am I the only one really thinking about all of this? I wonder how sane I am, really... I wonder if there's anyone else who sees what I see. Someone out there who's looked back and seen the inconsistencies, or feel things are somehow... Different about the world around us. Maybe they, too, feel they're the only ones who seem to notice things change.


Okay so I've got some work to do, some information to put up, which I'll do later, in this section.
[Character Sheets]

Unfortunately, I didn't say a copy of the character sheet listings so... Well your sheets are gone, but you already know who your characters are, you already know what they can do. So if you really want them posted back up send them to me in PM and I'll put them back here. But as far as I'm concerned, everyone who already was in this RP is still a part of it.

Well, more like, continuing.

We're starting from where we left off, only a week ahead of it all. The crash still happened, and during that crash some minor plot crap and explanations to the next 'scene' have gone through. Specifically, Elizabeth Graves was in the hospital, and she gives an idea on what the gathered PC's should do.

So when I start up the IC, things will begin a week after that crash, and the characters will be meeting up in Calibre Drift, which is under reconstruction.

But, while you wait for my slow ass feel free to post here with your questions, your comments, and whatever else you wanna be let known.
For continuity's sake, Maria was mostly healed by Kael, but did have to spend a couple days in the hospital. >:] That's prolly how Maria found out she was there (or vice-versa!)

Maria's Bio:
Character Name: Maria Carmichael
Gender: Female
Job/Role: Freelance Investigative Journalist
Age: 27
General Appearance: Buxom Blond Goddess! ... When she stuffs her bra and lightens her hair. Maria is an average height, medium built woman. She's limber and small due to her fascination with sneaking in to things. Her hair color can go from a medium brown to a platinum blond, depending on how she's trying to disguise herself. Currently she's strawberry blond with long flowing hair in a perky pony tail. A violet shade of blue eyes that are much too good at openly displaying emotion - especially since she's faking it half the time.
Current Goal/Purpose: Maria is always after the break-through story that will set her career as a journalist on fire.
General Personality: I am woman, hear me scream your name as I chase you down the street with a camera and tape recorder! Maria is devious and clever. She always seems to have an agenda when talking to people - she never seems to chat with people just for the fun of chatting. What she wants is information, and she'll use all of her charm and knowledge to get it out of people. Most people find her annoying or conniving. At least she is adventurous, honorable (as long as you don't count lying), and dependable when it really gets down to the wire. Competition fires her up, arguing is her favorite pass-time, and sad things are.. well, way too sad for her. You'll never catch Maria in a down moment - if you do, something must be REALLY REALLY wrong.

General History:
Maria is the child of two local Vermont reporters. Her mom a TV Reporter, her Dad in Newspaper. Needless to say she was raised to find out the facts and butt her nose in to just about everything! She has two old siblings (a brother and sister), which made for stiff competition in the Carmichael household. If they weren't competing for something, it wasn't worth doing.

Fresh out of College, Maria has done some internships at a few big-city newspapers, but found that staying put just wasn't her style. Maria loves to travel - thus she decided to go in to freelance reporting. Traveling around the world has been expensive (and she's suffered many a time without food or a way to get to the next town), but she makes due with what she's got, and busts her butt to find the best stories that make her the biggest bucks.
The show must go on, Calibre Drift will continue! No! Seriously! I'm gonna get right on it...

Is anyone still planning on playing? >_>;;
I... I don't know anymore. o____o
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