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  1. "There is no way you guys are getting me to go into the woods with you!" Britney said, her arms crossed over her chest. Scarlett sighed, giving her best friend a pleading look. "I said no. Haven't you heard the story about Bobby Silverman?"
    "Oh come on, not the Bobby Silverman story again! There's no factual basis that a bear mauled him in the woods! It's not even practical! It'll be fun, please?" Scarlett begged, already pulling Britney out of the house. "Zach, Jonah, and Callie are all coming with us, it's not like we'll be alone." Britney's green eyes lit up as she heard her say Jonah, a smile painting on her face.
    "Wait... Jonah is going to be there?" Britney's voice perked up and she shrugged. "Well, perhaps it's not such a bad idea. Maybe it'll be fun." Scarlett rolled her eyes but smiled, her shoes crunching the gravel underneath her as she and Britney met up with their friends at the entrance to the woods.
    It was late afternoon and the sun was high, the warm rays falling on Scarlett's blood red hair and pale skin. The five teens walked through the dark trees, having light conversations about their upcoming summer plans and their college plans. They'd all just graduated high school and this summer was to be the last one before they all went their separate ways. Scarlett bit her lip as they all talked happily about which college they were going to and the fun trips they were going on. When they asked Scarlett where she was headed, she would smile softly and bring up another topic of interested that would get the other four rowdy kids to talk excitedly without inquiring further.
    To be honest, she had no clue what she was doing. She had applied to many different colleges and currently had a stack of unopen letters on her dresser. She knew that the steps were high school, college, then life; but she didn't really want that. She wanted adventure, excitement. She tried to get as much thrill as she could in life, but the closest she could get most of the time was through novels. She particularly loved romance, but it seemed to her like the things in books she read were too good to be true.
    They all walked around and climbed over rocks and hills, going further and further away from their town as the sun slowly set. "Um, maybe we should head back... it's already dark, guys." Britney said, holding onto Jonah's arm as she looked around nervously.
    "Come on, you're such a girl!" Zach teased, throwing a stick at her. "Don't be such a baby!"
    "Hey, just because she's being a wimp doesn't mean that all girls are." Scarlett argued, her gaze locked on a cabin not too far away from them. "Hey, do you guys see that?"
    "See what?" Asked Callie, brushing her long black hair out of her brown eyes as she turned to look where Scarlett was pointing. "Woah, that almost blends in with the rest of the landscape. It looks abandoned."
    "Let's go check it out!" Shouted Zach, already running towards it. Scarlett grinned widely and ran after him, the rest of their friends hesitantly following. Scarlett reached the cabin first, looking at the house as she stood in front of the door. It almost looked as if the house had just grown out of the ground. She traced her hand along the rigged bark of the door, something drawing her in.
    "S-scarlett, maybe you shouldn't do that..." Britney warned, standing a few feet away from the house still clinging to Jonah.
    "Yeah, we should go..." Callie chimed in, looking around as if something was approaching.
    "All of you are babies! It's just an abandoned old house! What could happen?" Zach exclaimed, but Scarlett ignored them all as she pushed open the creaky door, disappearing completely as she entered, a warm glow beckoning her.
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  2. The sound of people entering the property gained his attention as he tilted his head to listen carefully to the sound of the front door opening upstairs. Great more annoying humans is all Luchiar thought as she stood up putting what was left of his interrupted dinner in the microwave. Sighing he tried to listen to how many people were entering the house upstairs from the sound of it there were quite a few of them. Which he found a bit weird usually no more than 3 or 4 would show up to play the haunted house game. Heading upstairs he quietly opened the door that lead to the basement of the house. Locking the door he climbed out the window of the basement running around the house to the front.

    They were inside by the time he made it to the front door a little annoyance went through him as he saw them walking into his house not being invited in. What was it with humans who think they can just walk in uninvited, even if it does look uninhabited, it was trespassing no matter what. Waiting for the perfect opportunity he waited till they were at the center of the room. Kicking the door as hard as he could he let the door slam as the sounds of yelling echoed inside the house. Luc had to do everything he could to not laugh from the sounds of the scared humans inside the house.

    I hope they were ready because the game was just about to begin. When he was done these little humans were going to know some manners, and that people don't like it when you come into their home unanounced.
  3. As the five of them entered the house, Scarlett leading them, they all looked around. Brittney was following close behind Jonah as Zach started picking things up and touching other things. Scarlett saw the moonlight flickering off of a mirror and studdied the different things throughout the house.

    The sudden slam of the door startled them all. Britney and Callie both screamed and Britney jumped into Jonah's arms. Zach held out the candlestick he was holdings like a sword and Scarlett but her lip, wrapping her arms slightly against herself. "Okay this house is haunted!!!! I want out now!!!!" Britney cried out, in tears as she clung to Jonah.

    "M-maybe it's the wind?" Callie tried to reason, looking around.

    "I can take them!" Zach said, swinging the candlestick around like a knife. Scarlett rolled her eyes at him.

    "Zach stop it! I'm sure there's no one here.... I agree with Callie, maybe it was just the wind...."
  4. Luchiar always found it funny the way humans worked things in there head. What was something that was obviously not natural natural there little brains try to move things around to seem normal for what they can comprehend. Chuckling he walked around the house making sure to tap the sides so they knew something was in the house. There auras just growing all the most from the fear there little bodies hold inside them. In a way he felt a bit bad but at the same time they were trespassers, he had all the right to throw around whatever he wanted at them.

    Climbing up the side of the house Luc climbed into a window to the upstairs floor. Walking along the room he slammed his feet making sure they would be able to hear him from upstairs walking across the hall to the bathroom and out that window climbing down. Hopefully these batch of teens weren't as stupid as the others in the past and just left. He would hate to bring out the big guns.
  5. All of them we're getting more creeped out by the second. "Come on guys!! I can't be the only one who wants to get out of here!" Britney pleaded, tugging on Jonah's arm. Callie and Scarlett exchanged looks, neither of the wanting to seem like whimpy girls since the guys didn't seem to want to leave. Scarlett shrugged and replied, "It sounds like there is someone upstairs, maybe we should apologize for intruding?"

    "That is the dumbest idea ever." Zach said rolling his eyes. "Seriously, we should just look around, maybe nab a few things, and leave." Valle walked over to him and hit him upside the head.

    "We are not stealing!" Whe lectured him, none of them noticing Scarlett silently walking up the stairs. She looked around as her friends bickered about leaving, having more trouble seeing upstairs since it was dark.

    "Well I'm out of here you guys are dumb!" Britney whined but Jonah held her in place.

    "Brit, we have to stay together! We can't just-hey, where's Scarlett?" Jonah asked. They all looked around and called out her name.

    "Up here!" She called back as she wandered into a room filled with books. She glanced around at the various books, toiching a few of them, brushing off layers of dust. She couldn't help but forget about the immediate danger as she looked at them.
  6. This was all starting to get to annoying for words. Everything inside him wanted to just go psycho crazy and just walk away. Come to think of it, why didn't he? Smiling slyly he found his way outside without being detected. Got into his car and drove in a circle to just come back to the house. The lights shining inside the house making sure to have his brights on so they knew, the owner of the house was here and he was not going to be happy about trespassers.

    Getting out of the car he slammed it as hard as he could making his pressence known. To add a bit of detail he grabbed the chainsaw from the bed of his truck and walked toward the house. If it was something scary they wanted, scary they were going to get. Opening the front door quietly he looked around the room hoping something was different so he could get angry and there it was. A candle stick out of place...

    "Whos in my house?" Holding the chainsaw up he reved it alive, echoing the sound across the whole house. "I HATE TRESPASSERS!"
  7. Some of the teenagers saw the lights going into the windows and they looked at each other nervously.

    "Shit we gotta get out of here!" Zach said, starting to look around for another exit. He started to flee towards the back door and Britney looked between the stairs and Jonah.

    "Scarlett we gotta get out of here!" She whisper-yelled, trying to get Scarlett's attention but not being too loud. The three teens left in the living room area heard the door slam and began following Zach. Scarlett heard the door but thought it was one of her friends as she picked a book off the shelf, examining it. She blew some dust off of it.

    Callie looked around and called up to Scarlett, "Hurry up we gotta-" She was cut off by the sound of the chain saw revving to life. Callie and Britney screamed and the four teens began running to the back door. Scarlett froze in terror in the upstairs room, looking for a possible escape. She saw a closet that would be a perfect hiding space and slid into it. The other four ran out the back door. Callie looked backe at the house.

    "What about Scarlett you guys?!!" She cries out desperately, but Zach dragged Callie along with him.

    "Scarlett was never here with us, it was just the four of us, we haven'tseen Scarlett all day." Zach said sternly to his friends, looking between all of them. "We went down to the river for a bit and went back to my place to watch a movie. Got it?"
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