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  1. In this RP you will play the role of an imprisoned prince that passed his life in a prison tower on the order of his older brother the king, who did not want any rivals to his throne. The tower was luxurious, but it did not change the fact that it was a prison and that the prince had the bare minimum to his station. Day in and day out the prince languished, until the war waged against the neighbouring country took his Royal brother's life. The prince was free, and could now wage with his other brother for his birthright, the throne and crown of the Kingdom.

    The tale start there, where your character will be told of his new station and freed, free to wither compete for the throne or try to escape and be hunted down by the whole Kingdom. This game will have myself as a Game Master and will be a mix between Time Management, RPG, Strategy and even Dating Sim games, with the Prince having to grow stronger both physically, mentally and politically.

    The first step would be to step out of his cell and make his first decision: Fight for the throne or run away?

    This rp will also have an element of exploration to it, as the Prince explore, his world too will stretch and expand.

    Character Sheet:


    Brief physical overview: Quickly go over you character's appearance.

    Build: Skeletal, Lean, Average, Athletic, Strong, Big and Obese are the available build. Please take the time to choose and act in consequence of your character's physical build.

    You have 10 points to distribut in these attributes:

    Strength: How strong is your character? Please be sensible in your choice.
    Stamina: How much stamina does he have? What does it take to exhaust him and what are his usual fitness level?
    Speed: How fast is your character?
    Health: Is your character particularly vulnerable to diseases or is he nearly always healthy?
    Toughness: What would it take to seriously hurt you character?


    You have five points to put in there attributes:

    Knowledge: How many things do you prince know?
    Intelligence: How smart is your prince?
    Wisdom: How wise is your prince?


    Brief emotional and mental overview: How do your character act or think usually?





    Vice: What hold your character back the most?

    Equipment/Abilities: You will start as a prisoner with not much in the way of possessions, remember this.

    Skills: (Choose one specialization and leave the rest as beginner, the skill you choose will start as novice.

    Financial: How good are you as a merchant?
    Political: This will measure your diplomacy and leadership abilities.
    Martial: How good as a warrior and general are you?


    Put down the first years of your life here.


    Mother: Who was your mother?

    Queen: You will put the name of your queen here.

    Knight: You can have one True Companion, a true friend on which you can depend. Describe him here.

    I will expect that sheet to be updated frequently.
  2. Hi Artsy, is this a One on One roleplay?
  3. Nope, though it may as well be because it don't seem very popular :(.

    Do you perchance want to join :3?
  4. So this is a group game...?

    You have multiple princes?
  5. Yes, there is more than one prince. How many there are depends on the players. Here is the new ad for it, it may answer some of your questions:

  6. So... all the players are brothers of the king... who died without any heirs... but there are more ambitious brothers played by NPCs... who the players have to overcome?
  7. Pretty much, yes, though if other players joined they would be competition as well.
  8. So if other players joined they would be other brothers to the king, as well as the original player and the NPCs?
  9. Yup, so that's why I will keep the NPCs to one or two particularly nasty princes, the other NPCs will be regular citizens or nobles.
  10. And would the regular citizens have a claim to the throne as well?
  11. No, they would be here for the ally making part of the game, giving bonuses or maluses depending on how the encouter did go and helping or arming the Princes' reputation and/or chances for the throne.