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  1. Six o'clock in the evening. People are walking the streets of this active city. Going to dinner, spending time with family or friends, couples having a date night, others having a good time during the night and some heading off to work for the first time all day. That's exactly what Rose, the young owner of a cafe, was doing. Digging through her purse for the keys, she is greeted back a number of people before finding them and unlocking the door to get the cafe ready for a long night ahead. Upon opening the door, she closed it right behind her and locking it again, until her shop was ready to be open in the next hour.

    Pulling off her beige trench coat and long red scarf, placing them on a coat hanger near the entrance of the bar. Smiling to herself in a mirror, Rose was dressed in black laced dress and red heels with her hair pinned in a vintage hair style. It was another night like any other for her. The lights flickered on after hitting the switch showing rows of beverages were lined against the wall while an industrial espresso and coffee maker were sitting upon the counter underneath shelves. It was a dream come true that Rose had this shop, thanks to years of saving money to make it come true.

    During the hour, she got things together such as glasses, plates, bowls, coffee and tea cups as well as other utensils she would use throughout the night. Doing last minute checks on the cafe, Rose unlocked the door before turning the sign from closed to open.

  2. Xavier Adrien Lindsley, known to be one of the youngest Chief Executive Officer around, was a neat and rather handsome man in a black, formal attire. It was nothing odd for him to come within such clothing -- it's normal even. He became used to it, and he couldn't say he disliked it. Somewhat, it emphasized his manliness and it wasn't in any way uncomfortable. So there he entered the Café with his usual, firm expression, yet therein dwelt fatigue and slight disappointment he seem to try to withdraw but failed everytime.

    He sat near the counter where he always chose to sit and sighed. It almost seemed that he slumped on his seat, so tired he was. Yet, he still found the time to stop by at this shop, trying to calm down his nerves with some company who didn't have any connection with business. Yes, he desired that in times like these, where people didn't appear to stop pestering him because of trivial stuff. "Evening, Ms. Rose. The usual please." He said when he glanced up to her, slightly accomplished a smile. 'The usual' was black coffee, something he was really fond of... and he obviously needed it right now. "I apologize I can't be a pleasant company today, even though it has been long since the last time we had a conversation with each other. There are so many things going on lately..." He decided not to continue his sentence but instead, sighing. Suddenly, he had to laugh. "Do you know which advice my friend gave me? He actually said that I should get myself a girlfriend! Although he knows just too well how little time I have. How should I find time to spend with her?" A frown formed on his forehead, revealing his consideration of the advise, but then soon he disregard the possibility. No, he can't. Relationships might eventually destroy him. He simple knew that.

    Another sigh. "Ms Rose?" He then raised his voice while searching for her gaze. "May I ask you a very personal question?"
  3. Hearing the bell of the door ring, she looked up from her glasses to see Mr. Lindsley walking in with an exhausted look upon his face. That expression was new to the young woman at all, when he wasn't with company that was the face he always came in with. Watching as he sat down, she had already started on his black coffee deciding to switch up the flavor for him to improve his mood. Smiling at him as she sat the cup down in front of him, she listened to the problems he was having that night.

    Laughing softly to herself, when he mentioned his friend telling him to get a girlfriend. "You would have plenty of time if you didn't stop by here so often, aren't you usually off by 7 or 9 o'clock? I'm sure there is a young woman who would understand that." She replied, setting a small plate with a croissant, a bowl of butter and a butter knife next to his cup of coffee. Hearing him say her name, she looked up only to make eye contact with him before nodding her head to his question. "What is it?"
  4. While Xavier asked his question, the bell rung as the door opened again. A young woman walked in as unobtrusively as she could- and, to any observers, almost impressively so, as she managed to make herself small and still laden with a bag of school-pertinent items. The bag, messenger style, was slung over a shoulder, and the brown cloth rubbed against the denim of her jeans of the opposite hip. The bag pushed back a green coat- one that people who frequented the cafe would know was old, given how often the slight girl wore it.

    Quietly, Loraine situated herself at an occupied table. Her bag went under it, and the green coat went on the back of the chair, showing the red haired girl to be wearing a purple blouse. Raine had, by now, figured a good routine. After her last class, she would come to the cafe to do work. She would stay there most of the night, and chat with the owner and some other guests who were often there. She would periodically order small dishes that, most nights, substituted for dinner, and leave at closing time, only to repeat the next day.

    Noticing that Rose and Xavier were in the midst of a coversation, Raine looked at the rest of the customers. She was eager to see if any of their other acquaintances had arrived so far, to have some company while she worked- but she couldn't spot anyone. With an internal sigh, the girl sat down, and clicked the heels of her black boots together. She would simply have to find company later in the night; but, for now, she dug out a book and a notebook, and set to her work, until she could either enjoy someone's company, or enjoy Rose's- with the promise of food.
  5. The bell rang once more not long after Raine walked in. This time, it was another young woman. Unlike the more modestly dressed college student, this woman was quite flashy, clad in a stylish sweater dress, light tights, and a pair of expensive, designer boots. She was a pretty small woman, not too tall - although her heeled boots definitely gave her a boost - but she had a confident presence. She pushed her aviator sunglasses to the top of her head, exposing her defined features, as she scanned the room.

    When she noticed Rose behind the counter, her lips slanted into a cheerful smile and she waved enthusiastically before she sat herself down. She was planning on staying for some time anyway - it'd been awhile since she'd been able to take time off and come visit the cafe, and she needed to catch up with Rose as well as fill her in on all the details of what'd happened to her lately. Rose had become a close friend of hers ever since she moved into town seven years ago, and the cafe was now one of the places she went to just get away from it all, especially her hectic life in the fashion industry.
  6. Blossom strolled in, and once again the bell rang. She had just finished school, and she needed some time to relax. The cafe seemed like the best place to go.

    She looked around for somewhere to sit, hoping someone would invite her to sit with them.
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