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  1. Welcome to Café de Lune

    The owner of this quaint little shop is a young madame of only twenty-three. She had spent most her life wanting some place where people could go to relieve their stress from the outside world. And she had done that, in a matter of four years. Every night, several customers would come in, but there were five who were regulars and enjoyed the madame's company. The madame doesn't talk much about herself at all to any of the customers, letting them talk only about themselves. No one really knows anything about her, even her own personal favorite and friend. She's always keeps herself a mystery, until she feels like she can actually talk about herself to someone.

    The first customer was a young father and his little girl who is five, who spent a lot of their time at the cafe during earlier hours of the night. He's a hard working man, always trying to do the best for his child as her only parent. Some days, he'll come in by himself when he's left his daughter with his parents. He has a job as a host, but makes sure he gets off in time to be with his daughter. Always doing things for people and never getting anything back. So when he comes into the cafe, he talks a lot about what he really wants out of life.

    Her next customer is a personal favorite as well as friend. She is an absolute joy for the madame to have around. They've known each other ever since the woman moved into town around seven years. A cheerful and innocent one during the day, but the moment night comes around, she shows her true colors. A woman who smokes and enjoys drinking heavy liquor after work, especially after work. A promising fashion designer for a famous clothing brand known all around the world. She tells the madame everything that happens with her, although all she wants now is a relationship with a good man who doesn't care about her wealth.

    Who shall we talk about next... Oh, how about the famous and most desired actor, who can't seem to get away from everyone except at the cafe. He only appears at the cafe during extremely late hours to keep himself from being scene. Tall young man, who spends a lot of his time alone, wanting to have a normal life while being famous. He tells the madame everything that he doesn't mind telling her and all she does is listen, unless he asks for her advice on things.

    A young college student, who spends her time studying there after school, wanting the quietness. She rarely speaks, but when she does, it is very surprising. She speaks about all her future plans and how she'll change the world one day. She talks about how stressful school is sometimes, what her love life is like and her family. A sweet girl with ambitious goals and some really strange habits.

    And finally, the young and always well dressed CEO of a large company. He is either with clients or by himself, talking nonstop about business or whom he'll buy out next. He comes in about three to four times a week, only when he is really drunk is when business goes out the door. He talks about how everyone sees him as an easy target because he is young to be a CEO, how he wishes people would stop using him or why no one takes him seriously sometimes.

    Each person has a stress life, but from what the madame can tell, they are all looking for the same thing.

    And as far as she can tell, it is her job to make things work for them.
    Yet little does she know, one of her own customers have an eye out for her.


    Madame Rose (open)

    Name: Rose Kilen
    Age: 23
    Job: Owner of Café de Lune
    Background: Unknown.
    Love Interest: None.


    Character Sheet
    Love Interest:

    Father: Taken (open)

    Rose's Friend (open)

    Famous Actor: Taken (open)

    College Girl: Taken (open)

    CEO: Taken (open)
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  2. Is this still going? Because I actually think that this looks like it could be a lot of fun to try out.

    If it is, I'd like to claim the famous actor.
  3. Yes it is.
  4. Interesting,I'll like to reserve the Father. The CS will come soon.
  5. Name: Lawrence Weber
    Age: 27
    Job: Host
    Background: ???
    Love Interest: None
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  6. Name:
    Adrian Hartwright


    Famous Movie Actor

    Will be specified within the roleplay.

    Love Interest:
    He hasn't quite decided who he truly has a liking for, and is timid to find whoever it is with the severe lack of privacy he currently has.​
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  7. This looks really interesting. May I join, as the college girl?
  8. I'd love that.
  9. Name: Lorraine "Raine" Melo
    Age: 21
    Job: Unemployed; currently, a college student
    Background: Raine has always been ambitious; she was the kind of girl that would beat herself up over a 90, when she could have gotten a 100 in public school. In middle school, she took an interest in psychology, and has since set out to be a psychiatrist- though takes care not to diagnose outside of class/work (when she gets there). And one day, Raine plans to rework institutionalized care across the country.
    Love Interest: Will have one eventually
  10. Hey there!

    May I take the CEO, please? =)
  11. Go right ahead. :)
  12. Alrighty!

    Xavier Adrien Lindsley

    28 years old

    Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a large company


    It's more fun to get it out of him in the roleplay.

    Love Interest:

    Somehow he is attracted to the owner of Café de Lune. iI's merely because he feels comfortable within her company though, nothing really close to "love".... yet.
  13. I will make an IC post after I get off work tonight.
  14. Sweet! Looking forward to roleplaying with you all ~
  15. Is this still open? I'd love to join as Rose's friend, if so!
  16. Yeah you may. :)
  17. Yay! Here's my character sheet :) Let me know if there's anything you'd like me to change!

    Eva White
    Age: 25
    Job: Fashion designer
    Background: Eva grew up in a relatively poor family with a single mother and her little brother, who is still currently in high school. She helped support her family and paid for her own tuition as she went through fashion school, largely through scholarships and part-time work, and it all paid off. She is now a promising new fashion designer for a well-known fashion brand and she - and her family, who she is still supporting - are now living a much better life. If only her love life fared as well as her professional life...
    Love Interest: TBD
  18. Perfect. Accepted.
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