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The C-Listers;
Genre; Superheroes, Humour, The Fantastic​

Welcome to Mercury City, Home of the Gold Battalion and Captain Ultra. A place of marvel with flying men and women battling grotesque monsters and alien invaders. Mercury city lies of the Eastern Coast, one of the worlds biggest cities, and the US capital of Supers. MC has been the hot spot for magical attacks, alien landings and other crazy, none to pleasant events. The Cites police force have a special task force, The Super Suppression Unit or The SSU for short, tasked to deal with the smaller fry and to back up the big guns when it's needed. Speaking of the big guns, there are a number of American Superhero organizations. The most prominent one is the Gold Battalion. Led by the Super known as Captain Ultra, they are the most famous of all super heroes. The GB have affiliated subsections all across the globe, and its founding members are practically gods in the eyes of the people.

Captain Ultra is the prototype of the All American Dream. A blonde, steely eyed superhuman who got his powers from a Alien experiment. He can fly, lift cars with one hand and is impervious to almost anything. The Rubric is the groups super genius, who has built and designed all the tech they use. The Walker is their Mystic, nobody knows what his deal is, he always shows up when magic is going awry. Last is Madame Shifter. A lady of class and sophistication she apparently comes from a alternate dimension and can teleport and read minds.

And the City also Harbors villains. Great and small. The Greatest is Dr Morpheus, PHD in World Domination. The lone surviving human of a alternate timeline where Humanity was wiped out by a biological superweapon, Morpheus merged with the weapon and came to our timeline to end the world anew. He was of course stopped, and now he is reduced 'simply' being the worlds second smartest man and the crazies of mad geniuses.

You'd think a society under the onslought of the wierd would collapse sooner or later. But no, the world has gotten used to it by now. Used to the large scale destruction, the personal vandettas, the mad scientist raising a army of mutant rats. For more then two centuries, some sort of vigilante have battled some sort of serial killing madman. And it's not like Mercury City is the only place with superheroes and villains either. Break Town has its mysterius magical avenger couple; Rowina Red and Bobby Blue. Plutopolis have Victor Wonderous, the genius inventor. Heroes and Villains are part of the world order in a world filled with supermen, psuedo-gods and secret agents. The Earth houses Inter Galactic superheroes, time travelling detectives, titanium alloyed cyborgs and Billionares. And of course, you have the timedisplaced crimelords, the dark magicians, the crazy half-gods and galactic overlords. Nemesises to the greatest names of the Supers. Fear inducing by the very mention of their names, despite always falling short of world.

So. Where do you fit in? Well, This isn't about them. This isn't about Dr Morpheus or Captain Ultra. This is about you, the lowrung, low on the totem and up and starting C-List villain. You have done the oddjobs for B-list and A-list villains, taken the fall for their crazy plans. You have been a mook for far to long. Your last crime spree was stopped rather pathetically and now you need resources. That's why you find yourself in the company of fellow C-Listers. Fed up with the table scraps, you are now forming a team. Well. Forming a team, getting money, building a base, establishing a name. All of that good stuff bad guys should be doing!

Life as a C-Lister

Understanding the Mook;

Let's face it. You aren't gonna take out Captain Ultra. You may be able to slog him once with a sucker punch, but him slogging you back is just gonna hurt that much more. You might be a mad genius, but you do not have the money, or the tech or the connections to build anything more then a sophisticated suit with blasters. At least so far.

Escaping MOOKDOM; On the subject of power growth.

A little known fact is that all Supers seem to grow stronger if they just keep from being pounded into the ground for more then two seconds. The geniuses are self explanatory. New breakthroughs give better tech. Other supers might find their talents grow better with understanding them. Enhanced people might find better formulas or a magician might just find a new artifact to tap into. What ever the case, your powers will grow as long as you don't die or get incarcerated.


Hello! Hellis here, been running this humerous Supervillain RP for a while, we had a bit of a bleed-off with players so now I am looking for dedicated players to fill the ranks a bit. The first mission is about to be complete, which is ideal for slotting new characters into the story.

This rp is a bit less serious then I usually run things. It's also a bit of a experiment. You will take the place of super villains. Low tier, shitty super villains with a bone to pick. The RP will focus on building your rep and base, as well as the interactions between villains, the world and your inevitable feuds with superheroes. The RP will be run as missions, be they heists, hero showdowns or secret plans.

Losing a fight in this might not lead to death, but rather incarceration. Which in turn might lead to a jailbreak missions!

OOC can be found >here<
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