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By Your Command

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Doedie, Mar 5, 2014.

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  1. Welcome!

    Sorry for the mess, I am still trying to get this thing in order! Please do read (or skim through, I don't mind!) it if you have the time, maybe you'll find something you like! If you DO find something that interests you, then please do message me over the PM system! Now, onto the specifics.​

    Information and Rules

    • Where? I primarily prefer to roleplay through private messages, because it helps everything stay organised and protects me from my terrible stage fright. I can be convinced to roleplay over e-mails, however, but I would appreciate it if there was a real reason for that.
    • When? I am a university student and recently started part time work, so my time is limited. I need all of my potential partners to understand that real life comes first, and I can not make sacrifices in my academic life if I want to graduate with honors. In addition, my muse is a strange and elusive creature, and tends to disappear after a tiring day even when I have the time to write. Nagging me is alright though! Sometimes it motivates me. Just don't feel offended if I don't respond to you, or seem active in the forums but haven't replied: I am either writing the reply, struggling with exhaustion or writing a reply for another partner. Roleplay shouldn't feel like a chore.
    • Addendum: I am studying my ass off for the medschool entry exam right now, so if I don't answer for a couple days, please don't think I've lost interest! I think I can juggle one or two more stories while not being overwhelmed though.
    • With Whom? One thing I would like to make clear: I don't care if you are a man, woman, an intelligent dog that somehow found its way to a keyboard or an alien creature hijacking the Earth's communications network. Roleplay to me is the collaborative creation of a story, and last I checked, authors weren't limited to a specific gender, race or sexual preference.
    • What? I am interested in original settings and fandoms alike, but they all have one thing in common: they contain no magic. Being an engineering student who grew up with science fiction films, I find it incredibly hard to write out stories in magical or fantasy settings. My order of preference starts from hard science fiction (Star Wars doesn't classify, it's closer to Space Fantasy), post-apocalyptic settings and maybe some real world scenarios. I must, however, stress that none of my roleplays are smut-filled one shots. There may be sex early on, or later in the storyline, and while I appreciate its presence to deepen the characters and the setting I do not want to base my roleplay around it. I appreciate the story, the drama, the tension, the mystery and the action. I want to wonder what the characters will do next, not what position they will have sex in. That also comes with a bit of an aversion to most things 'kinky'; lets just say my characters won't be getting tied to a bed and peed on any time soon.
    • Who? Even though I do not care about the real life gender of the person behind the keyboard, I could say I am picky with the characters, down to their sexual preferences. I find it incredibly hard to roleplay homosexual relationships (no offense guys and gals, I love you all!), and like all of my characters (and partners' characters) to be grounded in reality. That means characters that act, feel and think like regular human (or alien?) beings with their flaws and qualities. As a pet peeve, I dislike Dominant/Submissive dynamics; no, my character won't be your slave. Sorry! On the topic of gender, I am fine with having a male or female main character opposite of a female or male main character, regardless of the writers' gender. Oh, and lots of side characters! A world is only as empty as you make it!
    • How? Because of my firm belief that roleplay is a collaborative tale, all writing should occur in the third person past tense. I am not interacting with you, my character is interacting with your character, and first/second person writing makes everything feel less like a story and more like a cybersex encounter. I consider myself very fluent in English (certified! I promise!), even though I may make the occasional blunder as a result of either fast writing or being too caught up in the writing to notice a mistake, so I would appreciate it if my partner has a good grasp of the English language. You can expect from two to infinity large paragraphs depending on the scene and my mood, and I expect the same in return. Detailed writing is a must: if literature books only described actions, we'd be calling them leaflets.

    Settings and Plots

    • Terminator - Cameron Phillips x John Connor: The opening for this is set during the first moments of the season 2 premier 'Samson and Delilah'; a different take on how the show went. This is very open ended and open for discussion with the prospective partner, really, but I have a few ideas! (I'll love you forever if you want to try this!)
    • Battlestar Galactica - Lee 'Apollo' Adama x Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace 1: Starting with the episode 'Scar', I would like to start an alternate universe from the point where Kara and Lee almost have sex in the senior pilots' quarters. Instead of leaving, the two end up having a heart-to-heart about their feelings for one another, with all the implications that brings, and when Kara later returns from the mission, she realizes that Anders is just a front she is using to ignore Lee. From there on, the events of the series could change radically, as many decisions in the later episodes are defined by Lee and Kara. I can have either character as my main, I don't mind!
    • Battlestar Galactica - Lee 'Apollo' Adama x Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace 2: Similar to the first. It is Groundbreaking Day on New Caprica, and after spending the night together, Lee wakes up only to find that Kara has left. Distraught he tries to find her, only instead of discovering that she married Sam Anders like in the show, she tells him she broke up with Anders and is already planning to move to the Pegasus.
    • Battlestar Galactica - <name> 'Artemis' Adama x <name> 'Starbuck' Thrace: A gender play on the Lee/Kara relationship. <name> 'Artemis' Adama is the lone daughter of prominent Colonial Commander William 'Husker' Adama, even though her relationship with her father has deteriorated after her mother died in a shuttle accident. <name> Thrace is a pilot aboard the Battlestar Galactica, an unruly disaster by all accounts but a hell of a pilot, and a friend of 'Artemis' since flight school. The two reunite during the Galactica's decommissioning ceremony, but then, the Cylons attack. This follows the miniseries at the start but with very significant changes, and from there, it's a matter of where we take it! I am looking to play the female Adama in this one.
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  2. I'd be interested in roleplaying with you, but sadly I don't know the bases for any of the role plays mentioned above. Would you be interested in creating a new one?
  3. Sadly, I only have room for one or two more roleplays due to limited time, and I am focusing on the settings I've been craving for a while. :(
  4. Alright, understandable. Well, thank you for your time
  5. Hey, I would love to rp with you but I don't know anything about the shows that are the setting for your ideas. I love the idea of a sci-fi rp since I haven't done one in a while. Would you be willing to start an original Syfy rp?
  6. As I replied before, I am looking for stories in these specific settings at the moment due to my limited time, but thanks for the offer! :huge:
  7. awe :( ok......
  8. Found one partner, and I think I can handle another one! Get them while they're hot!
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