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  1. This is simply an interest check to see who would want to an rp based on the book/anime Aria: The Scarlet Ammo. If have never heard of it, I will give out links to the wiki, and where you can read or watch it later on in this post so keep reading. If I garner enough interest I will make a template for your characters. IMPORTANT!: This is based on the anime/book, but you will be creating an original character for this. You also need to be able to post at least once to twice a week on a regular basis.

    Setting: This will be set at Tokyo Butei High School mainly, but will also incorporated the surrounding city and occasionally will go outside the city or country with the quests that the Butei can take.Information on the school and its location.

    Character Information: You will me making a Butei. They are basically freelance detectives or police officers that track criminals, carry firearms and make arrests under Butei law, which from my understanding is internationally imposed to battle the growing criminal threat. Butei are divided into 14 different divisions in which they may specialize in. The divisions are Assault, Snipe, Lezzad, Dagula, Inquesta, Repier, Amdo, Logi, Connect, Informa, Medica, Ambulance, SSR and CVR. Each butei and quest is individually ranked based on the skill of the individual or the skill need to complete the quest. S classed are the best ranked students or hardest quests. E ranked are poor students, who struggle at their division, and this also marks easy quests. Information on each division can be found here
    Please note: You will be a student at the school ranking from first year to fourth year students.

    Links to information:
    Show: (Dubbed and Subbed available free)