Bushido, way of the warrior

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Are you interested?

  1. It's about samurai! What's not to like!

  2. No... Never been interested in this kind of thing.

  3. Awesome idea, but I'll need some further info (comment below)

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  4. I like it, though I'd definitely not play a samurai.

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  1. Welcome to a world, very much like ours.
    No witches on broomsticks, no ghosts of the past flying by your porch greeting you in the morning, no plasma balls shooting at you in a dispute with your neighbor, no, fights here are settled just like our world and time. With guns, fists, knives, swords, and... wait, was that a samurai helmet?

    Ladies, gentlemen, welcome to a world where the samurai once again roam the lands in full honor and glory.
    In this story we are somewhere between fantasy past and present. It has its distinctive modern day perks, like cars, guns, phones, planes, and yet, it’s not a modern world. It is surrounded, engulfed as you could say, in appearances like there were in the Edo period.
    The town is soon to be under siege and will need the help of its warriors to remain out of the hands of thugs.

    The roles in this RP are not limited to just samurai. Who else would make those delicious dumplings at the dumpling shop, or tend to the wounded after a feud, or provide the night's entertainment for the weary men?
    No ninjas.

    Anyone interested?
  2. Awesome :) thanks for showing interest
  3. Of course. I am the Darkest Assassin, this is my specialty.
  4. haha, point taken. Hm... now how to get others to be interested in it too...
    I'd rather wait till at least one or two more comment that they'd like to do this as well before starting the sign up and ooc stuff, what do you think?
  5. I wanna join, haven't done a samurai type rp since most people want to add ninjas. Luckily this one won't :)
  6. I've indeed learned that if you do a samurai based roleplay... people have a tendency to want to become ninjas, which kind of defeats the point XD
  7. Well I plan on starting this soon, if anyone is still interested?
  8. Count me in as well. Feudal Japan is awesome.
  9. Yes, it's quite an interesting time period.
    This will be set with a bit of a fantasy though, so we won't be too restricted to how things were in the past :)
  10. I've got no problem with that, because no fantasy would be only good for the Last Samurai sort of deal.
  11. yes, definitely. I'll see if I can get some form of a recruit/ooc thread thingy running some time today :)
  12. [​IMG]
    Even though the content hasn't all been posted, the OOC and Sign Up threads are up!
    Just click the image above, or follow the link in my signature below to get there.​
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