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  1. hi my name is Eugeni and I'm a new member to Iwaku this roleplaying site. My old site is offline for now for maintenance, well that's what some of the other roleplayers and admins say. I don't even know if it will return, they said January 1 of the new year. It is already the 4 of January, but it is still not online. Well I love to rp wolves, supernatural, Fantasy, and Unrealistic wolves rps, I also will do Pokemon rps if they are really good that seem interesting to me.

    I'm not really good at thinking up story plots, just thinking up the title and setting, plus sometimes my character Skeltons I need to work on as well, but I always try to do a great job on creating the Character Skeletons. When I try to make really long posts it will be a run on sentence when I try to make it long enough, sometimes I also make some mistakes in grammar at times, but not always.

    I write stories for myself and I also make my own comics just for fun of it, even if I messed it up at times. I will love to have many warm welcomes and friends on this site, for i can like it more and I will be very happy if this site becomes an active rp site.
  2. Hi there Eageni! Welcome to Iwaku. <3 Sounds like you're really going to like our Jumpin section. :D You can just hope in there with an opening post and play away!

  3. That sounds awesome Diana, thank you for the info.
  4. Welcome to the site, Eagini. Wow, that's an interesting name. That I certainly didn't mistype as Eugene the first time I tried to key it in. Surely.

  5. Thank you very much I'm proud of this name, and you did spell it perfectly well except you put an " I " where the " e " was suppose to be. I don't mind a bit that you just missed one letter within my name, well thank you for welcoming me to Iwaku Kijin. :3
  6. My perfect spelling record
  7. Eageni, I am very much interested in your occasional grammatical error. I believe with our powers combined our errors will be tenfold in strength. Would you honor me with your devices and become my minion?
  8. I don't mind becoming your minion at all Master Mukantgarah, I the flaming dragon prince will be honored to become your servant until the end of my life. :3

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