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  1. hello! i'm bun.
    i need some calm, cute rps to help mellow out a little.
    this is my search.


    i'm a proficient writer. though i usually mirror post, my norm is two+ paragraphs.

    i do have decent spelling and grammar in IC posting. i tend to just do my own thing in OOC.

    i don't like one-liners, at all. in fact, i fucking hate them. keep them away from me.

    my posting speed is just a little under the speed of a snail. patience is highly appreciated.

    i'm generally a bit of a quiet person. unless i have an idea to share and we plan something for the RP, or something comes up about the RP, i tend to not chat a whole lot over OOC.

    i prefer role-playing in threads. PMs aren't as conventional and don't feel quite the same to use.

    i love romance. every story will either have it as a main component or, at least, as a side component. it mostly depends on the plot. these ideas will more than likely be centered around romance.

    i haven't done much smut. i do have certain limits on sexual content - if you'd like to find out about them, please ask me in private. but as a permanent, standing requirement, you MUST be in the teen range if you'd like to engage in sexual content.

    i may not be able to handle more than one or two partners, because i have a horribly busy life right now. i don't want to overwhelm myself.

    i tend to keep character sheets simple. that means a basis of name, age, gender, appearance, and personality traits. i'll occasionally expand on them if you prefer more detailed ones. i'm capable of detailed sheets, but shorter ones are faster and do for a better story, imo.

    i typically prefer written descriptions or anime images. i'll let you know which of those two i'd rather we use based on the idea.

    thank you for making it to here.
    now, here are my ideas. i'm super eager to try any of them.

    * means that this is the role that i'll play.
    means that i really, really wants to do this one.

    truly yours.
    modern realistic
    player boy / asexual girl*

    Show Spoiler
    there is a boy in school who has practically every girl in the palm of his hand. he's slept with many of the girls, and swooned most all of them. his extremely good looks make him over-confident, and he thinks that he can have any girl that he wants, even with his personality being so lost in his pride.

    but there's one girl that hasn't fallen for it.

    this girl isn't in it for the sex - no, for her, sex doesn't mean a thing. everyone knows her, the only asexual girl in the whole school. she's seen as weird because of her sexuality, despite having some cute physical qualities herself. few boys want to date her because of this.

    but the player of the school is intrigued by her. his confidence sways him to think that he can 'fix' her somehow, that even she, who has no sexual urges whatsoever, will want him. but he's gonna be in for the fight of his life.

    she doesn't want him for what's in his pants, and if he wants to win her over, superficial interest and fake flattery won't work in a million years.

    but as time passes, and his attempts that always would work fail, he'll start to see himself in the clearest light. will he be ashamed, and want to change? will he start to realize some deeper meaning to the word 'love'? will this girl reveal a truer side to him, a more trustworthy side, and will she help teach him that love is more than just sex?

    odd couple.
    modern fantasy
    vampire girl / werewolf boy*

    [possible doubling/tripling]

    Show Spoiler
    at Pinewood High, the kids are normal. the school is as normal as any old dingy high school, and the kids are as normal as high schoolers can be. however, among the ranks of normal human students, there are some who are quite different.

    there is a small group of boys that people jokingly call 'the pack'. it's a tight-knit friend circle of extremely close friends, all who stick together like brothers. they all have their unique qualities, but they work well with one another regardless. the nickname came from their closeness and just their general brotherly attitudes towards one another, as if they were family. this nickname isn't just a nickname for them, though.

    these boys are all what we call werewolves. they can all turn into very large wolves at will, and communicate telepathically in these forms. they all happen to form their own pack, with an alpha, a beta, and the rest members. they all have good vibes with most of the students, and they keep their identities hidden well.

    but, right under their noses lurks a girl who isn't what she appears either - a vampire girl. she's quiet and stays out of the way, but has her natural requirements to drink human or animal blood. she hides her own differences extremely well too, and they all hide their identities well enough that the vampire girl and the werewolf boys have no idea what one another actually are.

    there comes a day when the group of boys come across the girl in a confrontation with some other boys. she looks uncomfortable, and they don't, and they're obviously invading some personal space - so the pack of friends assume the worst. they quickly intervene, the beta and others handling the rude boys and the alpha steering the girl away from the situation. though she probably could have handled them herself - not by the most discreet of means, but still - she appreciates the assistance. but something strikes her as .. odd about this boy. she isn't sure what. and the same happens with the alpha. he feels like there's something different about her that he can't put his finger on.

    when the other boys come back, they part ways, but they're both curious in the weirdest fashion about each other. eventually, they start to catch each others' eyes more, notice one another more, until the alpha finally decides to approach her and maybe try to make friends with her. the curiosity is just bothering him too much.

    after a bit of talking, they come to find that they have a lot in common with each other. it surprises them both deeply, since they look like such opposite people. he gathers up the guts to ask if she wants to sit with him and his group at lunch, and though shocked at first, she accepts hesitantly.

    little do they realize that they might just find the best of friends, or something more, in one another. but what will happen when the truth is revealed? will they not care, and continue letting their friendship blossom? or will it crash and burn?
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  2. Hello! Would you be up for your odd couple plot, by any chance?
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