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  1. A black car pulled up in front of her twin brothers house and everything was quiet. A mon got out carrying her belongings including some medals she had gotten during her time in the war. This is the time that he hated telling family and loved ones that their family had died over seas and their bodies would be arriving in a few weeks. Sighing he slammed the car door shut and careful held onto the belongings in his arms. Walking up the short pathway to the door he lifted his hand and rang the door bell it echoed throughout the house and he could hear it. Weird he thought to himself, it was a loud doorbell he stood at attention moments later when he heard someone walking towards the door. Taking a deep breath he waited until the door would open to explain why he was standing there in uniform.
  2. Nathon yawned slowly as he heard the doorbell go off. "That's strange no one comes to the house this time of day." Slowly getting out of his napping chair he lightly ran his fingers over his sister's picture as he walked by towards the door. Quickly looking through the peephole he brushed the bangs away from his face to see clearly through. It was a man in military uniform. Why on earth would... Nathon paused gulping deeply and quickly yanking the door open to stare down at the man. He always was too tall. His face must have already gotten pale in worry since the man merely stared at him for a moment. "It can't be," he thought to himself as he gulped again, "she can't be..." He then saw a bag in the man's arms. And worry suddenly spread across his face.
  3. He had the uniform she wore drapped across the arm of the man and the bag was filled with her stuff. It was hard for him to show emotion and they were taught not to show it to anyone. This sometimes helped during times like this when he had to bring bad news home to their families. "I'm sorry to bother you so early sir." He sounded so formal and stood still at attention then placed his hand up to his forehead for a salute. Somehow he already knew that Nathon knew about his sister why else would a man in uniform be here. "Rebecca Smith was a great war soldier and fought till the last moment." He slowly handed him the bag and the uniform this is always what happened and this is wha he always said to their families.
  4. Nathon watched almost out of his body as he was handed his sisters clothing and things. His legs began to shake and that feeling you get in the back of your throat when your either so mad or so upset but will not cry came up. Though whether it was fury or sadness right now he did not know. But he tried to let his calm and cool collected self say thank you to the man and go back indoors.
    "Tha..... Thank ...." He suddenly became unable to speak and fury spread across his face. He only wanted one question answered. Or well two.
    "How, and who?" He choked up again and bit the edge of his lip. He had to know. He had to know why his sister died. He had to know why it would be worth her life. Why she chose to do This. Why she too chose to leave him. "Why."
  5. A small bow came from the man when he said thank you. "She went on a mission and we have not heard from her in over a month. We assumed she was going to come back on her own. I'm so sorry." He said watching the emotions flash across the face of the man standing in front of him.. The man could not wait until he could leave and go back to where he was stationed to be in another country. This was hard on him and he did not want to stay here any longer. They usually waited a month if someone goes missing then tell the family members but because Smith was so good at what she did they waited 2 weeks longer.
  6. Nathon nodded solemnly. "Thank you." He then bowed over a bit and began to head inside and close the door. He paused though just thinking. Wondering what had befallen his beautiful sister to where she could not come home. The thoughts that crossed his mind pained him and he hushed them by rubbing the skin under his bone to stop the ache. "What do I do now?"
  7. "Your welcome." He said saluting him again and then walking away when he turned to go inside the house. At least that was over with and he could go home. Emily was at home just now walking up and she would soon be coming over to her boyfriends house. Yawning she walked over to the mirror and looked at her skinny body before brushing her hair back into a loose pony tail.
  8. Nathon pushed the door closed with a swipe of his hand just trying to control his breathing. He very carefully made his body walk over to his chair and grabbed the picture as he walked by. Collapsing into the chair he held the picture in front of him. It was one of the last ones taken of her when she was here. Visiting him on her previous leave. She hated it when he took pictures of her. "To remember you by," he would say. If only he knew how much that would mean now, he wouldn't have said it. Tears started rolling slowly down his cheeks and as he let his hands fall limp into his lap he didn't bother to swipe them away.
  9. Emily then went over to her closet and started leafing through some of her clothes she needed to do laundry today. Putting on a tank top and a tight pair of jeans she reached for her phone on the night stand. There were no messages from Nathon and she wondered if something happened to him. Usually there was a message from him every morning but maybe it was to early for him. She texted him that she would be on her way shortly and hoping that he would not wake up from her message. Grabbing her purse and keys she started out the door and to her car. Moments later she was driving to his house.
  10. Nathon jerked as the table next to him buzzed relaying his phone had a new message. "I forgot about Emily." He quickly grabbed the phone to see what it said. "Oh no she's still coming over. What am I supposed to tell her?... I don't even know what to feel myself right now." From mere exhaustion he just dropped the phone back to the table and sat with the picture still clenched in his hand as he waited for her to arrive.
  11. Little did the soldier that dropped off the message know that Rebecca was still alive just was having trouble getting back to her brother. She hated war but it was something she had to do because she was drafted. They live in the USA. It was about half an hour drive from Emily's house to Nathon's and soon she arrived there then turned off the car. She didn't know when she came to the house she never had to knock since she was over there so much. "I"m here." She called into a quiet house hoping he was home.
  12. Nathon jerked again as he heard her voice. "I'm in the chair." He stated still lifeless for movement. He turned his head a bit towards the front door. He wasn't usually so cruel. He just didn't know what to say.
  13. Immediately when she walked into the room she noticed something was wrong and the tears on his face. "What happened?" She asked soothingly and walked over to him sitting down beside him and giving him a hug.
  14. Nathon merely wrapped his hands around her waist and squeezed, not too tightly just enough. He buried his face in her shoulder and all hell broke loose. As he started sobbing the picture fell off his lap and toppled to the floor crashing. Which only made him sob harder. Emily had always been here for him when his sister had been away too long. And now not being able to speak to her when he needed it the most made him feel useless. He still held her leave uniform in his lap.
  15. When he wrapped his arms around her waist she knew something was not right. The picture fell on the floor and she watched the picture glass break then noticed the leave uniform on his lap. "Oh no." She whispered finally realizing what happened and hugged him tighter not to hurt him just to be there for him. "I'm so sorry." Was all she could say to him. The whole time she had been gone off on leave her brother was so worried about her and Emily wished there was something she could do. His worst fears had come true.