Building Plots from Premade Ideas

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  1. I have a formula, in which - if you're ever suck, you can feel free to use. It's a formula based around premade ideas and getting original world crafting ideas from that. It is as follows:

    Popular World + Unpopular World = Success

    Now the way this works is that you would take a 'popular' world, or something that has already has extensive lore. Okay, I'll pick the "Harry Potter" world by J.K. Rowling. Now what do we have here, we have a clay statue of an already formulated world. So we obviously can't use this right now for crafting, right? Okay, so next step.

    Add in an 'unpopular' world, or any world really. I'll just use a more unpopular world, as it might generate more interesting and diverse ideas. But really if you want to have another popular, or even average world, by all means go for it! For me I will be using the anime/manga world of "Kekkaishi". Now like with Harry Potter, we obviously can't use this right now. But we can start cooking in a moment!

    Soo let's see what we have here, it helps to write out the points of the plot/world, to see what you have:


    - Wizarding School
    - Evil Wizard with Broken Soul
    - Four Houses in said School
    - Great Britain in the 90s


    - Teenage Protectors of Sacred Land "A School"
    - Urban Japan in Modern Day
    - Evil Demons who feed off of the power on said Land
    - Two Protectors "Kekkaishi" at a time

    Okay, got that? Now it's time to draw some lines, not real lines mind you. Yes, you don't need to draw on your monitor! But let's see what we have in common between the two worlds....

    - Both are from a Teenager's POV
    - Both take place around a School for (majority) of the plot

    It doesn't seem like much does it? But it already answers two questions; the (optional) age limit of your characters, and the (optional) setting for it to take place. Notice I said optional, because this is in fact not something that you have to include. Though finding common ground might help in building a more conclusive structure for your plot.

    Now let's find out what is different about the two, and if these things are drastic, how we would be able to work out the kinks surrounding it!

    - World A takes place in Britain, World B in Japan! What do I do?! Here you have two options, either you can decide to go with one of the locations, or scrap it altogether and create your own. America, Canada, Russia, we've already noted that it's going to be a modern roleplay, and so it would take place in our world. If you have something more drastic, like two completely out of the whack time periods, use your imagination! You can either pick one of them, something in the middle, or bend it as you will! Time and space are nothing when you are a writer! For this roleplay, I'll have it take place in modern day America!

    - The villains are different! One has a shattered soul, and the others are demons! Well that's easy! Dive into the 'evil' part of your brain and think to yourself, whether you want to create your own villain or build up from what you have. In the case of the demons and Voldemort, it's rather simple. A demon with a shattered soul! Here you can go many options, from his lackeys trying to prevent the soul pieces from being 'stolen' or 'destroyed' like in Harry Potter. Or you can do something original like, the demon will only arise when he is at full power and that is only when he has all his pieces together. Pieces could be people, objects, what have you. Like I said the possibilites are endless! Regardless maybe the heroes have the pieces and are sent to protect them? (If you're going with the plot above.)

    - One school has houses, and the other does not! Well that's an easy choice, whether or not you want your school setting (if you've even picked the school as something you'll use) and if so whether there will be different houses. I'll go with having houses for this school. Now I have to choose if these houses are going to be based around personalities, like Harry Potter. I'll go with no, just for the sake of this explaination. Now we have it that there's a school, and the students must protect the pieces of the villain, from having them fall into the wrong hands. Now with that you can go anywhere, are they chosen to do such a task? If so are different houses picked? Is it a random selection? I'll go for a selection from each house.

    Okay so let's revise what we have so far!

    - Modern Day America
    - Teenage Heroes
    - School which uses Teenagers as Guardians of Demonic Essence/Pieces
    - School has different houses - does not reflect personality.
    - Our villain is a demon who has lost his essence to these people, and now is trying to get it back.

    The above does not sound much like Harry Potter or Kekkaishi, now does it?!

    Now from here, it's up to you, you can bend and make everything to your own personal will. Whether or not you want to make it into a story or plot should be something to consider before you get too into your idea. Try and stretch it as far away from the originals as possible, like I have (attempted) to do.

    Please message me or post here if you have any difficulty or need something clarified! I am always here to help to the best of my abilities!

    Your local Ferret.
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