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  1. So it has been awhile since I done a one X one RolePlay so I was wondering if anyone was out there willing to do one. It doesn't have to be a big roleplay, just something to enjoy.

    I am pretty open to any ideas. I had one myself;

    - A war has brought sickness to a city and demolished portions of the town. Walls were built around the city now things have fallen to hell. People are dying and bodies are stacking up unattened. Will someone fix things or will it stay like this forever?
    (Small Romance Possible. Action, horror)

    Probable a F/M or F/F Will suite me just fine.
    Will go for anything just nothing Sexual. I try not to get into those.
  2. Question mark: Can I play a younger sister?
    If not...dark teenager?

    If either is okay, I will play your plot with ya! ^.^
  3. Both is Ok! What were you feeling for the plot?
  4. Yay X) Little sister time! haha.

    Hmm.. I thought maybe for the plot the two could be trying to help people, but unable to do so, try and escape? Or they could find something, a weapon or a cure, that fixes the world ^^
  5. Alright give me a minuet to type up something.
  6. In 2038, a disease began to spread throughout the world that would slowly and painfully kill those who got it. The disease was called, Brutis. Symptoms of Brutis would include skin discoloration, rejection of food, insanity, coughing blood, hair and skin loss, fragile bones, sensitivity to light and much more. No one knows how Brutis started exactly, and by the time people tried to figure it out it was already too late as a war have begun for survival. Two years later the war dimmed down leaving people terrified and weak, cities closed off to outsiders with structured walls. Within most of the cities, things have fallen to hell and people are dying left and right. No one is doing anything except letting the bodies are stacking up unattended.
    In the City of "Darkened Skies" two girls take a step forward to try to change things. But how far can they go?
    (Basic of what I can bring up. Any ideas to add to it?)
    Rita is the oldest of the girls who stepped up with her younger sister.​
    Name: Rita​
    Age: 22​
    Gender: Female​
    Rita has been watching over her little sister since the war started and does not plan to stop. She carries a shotgun and a small pistol at her side protecting herself and her sister, especially against those who have been infect with Brutis and became insane. She is a calm and quiet girl, but she have become bitter and cold towards others. Rita will only be nice and sincere to her sister.​
    I didn't want to get too into it till I know how your character will be. But that is my basic idea.
  7. That is really good, love it X) I'll post my character in a little while, fell asleep last night and I have some things to attend to today, but I'll do it this afternoon =)
  8. No problem, can't wait.
  9. Name: Mirrasin (Pronounced: 'Me-ray-sign')
    Nickname: Mira (Pronounced as spelled)
    Age: 10
    Gender: Female

    Mirrasin is practically glued to her older sister. She follows Rita everywhere and never leaves her sister's side. She carries a set of small knives which, if she feels threatened, will be put to very good use. She's terrified of any loud noises, she's very friendly, but she hates people who look scary. As long as you don't have pointy teeth or a big smile, she'll be good friends with you. She hates spiders, snakes, clowns, loud noises, soldiers, dead people, and scary things. Mira knows how sweet her sister can be, and often gets hurt or finds ways to upset herself to see this side of Rita, but she makes sure to make it so real that Rita does not know. She loves cats, and always wears a cat tail and cat ears. She has unusual red eyes and her hair is white, both causes of birth defects.

    Picture of Mirrasin is attached.

    Knife set: It is clipped on the edge of her skirt, hidden under the hem of her shirt.

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  10. Great, Love it how do you think we should start it?
    I was going towards it is morning and we are both beginning to wake up in the city in a little hideout we forged and one of us came with am idea to find a cure or whatever. Seeing how kind your character is, it may be better if she did.
  11. Awesomesauces!

    I like that ^^ X)
  12. Great, I will get on it and send you a link.
  13. Awesome sauce X)
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