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    Since there are only ten slots available, those from Part One will have a week to claim their spot as well as reclaim their characters and powers if they are wanting to play a Charlie. The choice to play a Delta is open to you as well!

    We are currently closed to new applications! If you are interested in joining or have any questions about the roleplay by all means feel free to contact the GMs. As it was and always will be my policy, if you joined this roleplay in the past and had an accepted character and left on good terms feel free to get a hold of me regardless of how many people are in the roleplay and I will find a way to bring you back into the story!

    Artwork wonderfully provided by: of Dirt

    UH Part 1:Chapter 1-3, Chapter 4-5
    UH Part 1 Ooc: Chapter 1-3, Chapter 4-5

    Brief History


    It was a year that caused a big impact to America.

    However, the twin towers were not the only thing that changed the future of the United States. Instead of being broadcasted nationwide, the happenings of the Sierra Project were kept secret. A small team of scientists under the watchful eyes of the U.S. Military went out to find a way to enhance human performance to prepare themselves for the future. However, instead of finding enhancements that could allow a person to grow physically stronger than normal or allow a person to be able to survive harsher terrains they may face during war, they created something much more than they could ever dream. A serum was created with the properties capable of giving abilities never before seen in humans

    After the original group (nicknamed Generation Alpha) was tested and the serum perfected, the Sierra Project moved to phase two with the introduction of Generation Bravo in 2004. A group of ten were chosen to accomplish tasks deemed impossible by normal humans. However, things didn’t go as everyone expected as Gen. Bravo was decommissioned and the Sierra Project was shut down in 2008.

    Now it is 2014.

    On Saturday, May 3rd, a few people that previously worked on the Sierra Project became restless. They broke away from their original group, taking three of the remaining ten vials of the serum with them. The Reformers, as they called themselves, had only just begun to set their plan into action when their plans fell through due to a minor bus accident in New York city. One of the vials broke during the accident, which allowed the gas produced from the vial to seep out and spread throughout the bus. Without their realizing, it affected about a quarter of the people on board or nearby. Burger flipping teens, a first year middle school teacher, a recently divorced alcoholic, a tourist from Canada; just a group of average, everyday people who are soon going to be thrust into a situation they might only have imagined.

    Throughout the first few months of being exposed to the serum chaos endured. From being kidnapped, multiple times for some individuals, the Charlies had a rough start as they began to learn more about their new abilities and came to the realization that the two groups vying for control of them are not as black and white as they hoped as the majority of the group joined the Reformers. The internal strife between the members of the group left a tension that grew every day which not only left an upcoming mission given to the group canceled but caused the departure of Cameron. He took the remaining two vials of serum with him and nothing has been heard from him since. It has been six months since the Charlies have been exposed to the serum and four months since Cameron has gone underground but signs are appearing that he might be active again and have plans on using one of the vials if he hasn't done so already.

    Welcome to the rebirth of the Sierra Project.

    Don't screw things up any further.

    • Rules and Guidelines
      There are three main points to take into consideration when it comes to UH. Posts, characters and group conduct.

      Speed and quality are two major points to take account

      Posting Speed
      • Until otherwise stated the start of the round will begin Monday and will last one week until Sunday, 11:59pm PST.
      • If you miss a round you will be skipped for that round. Life gets in the way and that is fine. After the second round we will check in and see how things are going to see if you need some help or time. However if you reach the point of three rounds in a row without any notice you will then be booted out.
      • If you will be unable to post, state so in the ooc so that everyone knows. If you are going to be missing multiple rounds please let Weaver and Rina know so arrangements can be made so that the three strike rule doesn't take effect.
      • If circumstance doesn't allow it, a pm or skype conversation with Weaver and Rina is acceptable
      Posting Quality
      • This is an Adept level roleplay and it is expected that everyone aim for that level as a minimum. If you are unsure what the requirements are for Adept, you can find them here.
      • Coinciding with this, post should include spatial and temporal details, as well as action and reaction to move the plot along.
      • A minimum of two full paragraphs are required in your posts.
      • If you need help with this at any point in the roleplay, feel free to chat with one of the GMs or the other roleplayers. We want posts to have enough substance to work off each other but this isn't meant to hinder your ability to post.
      • In UH we have three main types of NPCs that will be in play which can be seen in the NPC Guideline. Unless given permission for a certain NPC to do so otherwise, players must adhere to the guideline.
      • Player made NPC with an NPC character sheet is played only by the creator and GMs if needed unless the player wants to allow others to use the NPC.
      • When creating a character, please into account how many characters are under 18 if you are going to be making a minor. There are only two slots available.
      • Abilities must be unique so please make sure not to have your character overlap another character or NPC. Please also adhere to the Abilities Guidelines when creating and playing your character.
      Group Conduct
      • The biggest success that kept UH running well is the mature behavior between players in the IC, Ooc as well as Skype. Discussions and debates are fine as long as it doesn't come to a point of harming the roleplay.
      • What the GMs say is final but they are not the only one with a voice. Concerns, comments and suggestions are always welcomed.
      • Skype has a heavy influence in this roleplay both in terms of the actual roleplay and group cohesion and bonding. Although it isn't mandatory, taking part of it is suggested since this is also the best way to contact the GMs

    • Gen. Alpha - The first group of Supers that were made from the Serum. Although the total amount of people that were a part of this generation is unknown, it is known that many died from the Serum or died shortly afterwards with only a few Alphas still around to this day. It is rumored that the higher concentration within the Serum that killed many of the individuals that were used for the Serum is also the same reason that out of the other Generations, those from Gen. Alphas have the strongest powers.

      Gen. Bravo - After the Serum was perfected, ten individuals highly trained in different aspects were chosen to form a team to be be working alongside Person's men in 2004. These ten individuals were going to be the pioneers to a new future in stopping crime both internally as well as worldwide however plans have a tendency of going haywire which eventually led to the closure of the TSP.

      Gen. Charlie - The third wave of Supers, this group is seen by Supers and TSP personnel alike as a band of misfits due to them being average citizens instead of highly trained personals or scientists as the first two generations were. No one is really sure what to expect from these people and if they will be a threat to the secret of the Sierra Project as well as becoming threat to themselves or others.

      Gen. Delta - The fourth wave of Supers.

      Levels (one, three and five) - Although the scientists that worked on the Sierra Project could have just called the Superpower growing stronger and such, they decided for the sake of science to classify the strength of power with one being the lowest, entry-level strength and five being the current highest rank although with the right circumstances there is a possibility of going past level five (more specifically if a level five Super had help from Daniel's power)

      Reformers - Some see this group as terrorists while others see them as a group trying to stop the oppression TSP cause. Others (mainly grocery store owners) see them as a ravishing band of men obsessed with bacon and eggs. With their base located underground near a small town, the Reformers do their best to stay out of the sight of the TSP as they work on their plans for the future. Good, bad or crazy, they as well as the TSP know that they one of the main reasons the TSP was shut down in the first place.

      Serum - Often found in a liquid state, under certain circumstances it can become a gas in which it is odorless, tasteless and nearly unnoticeable. This serum is only able to affect up to a quarter of the population at best by changing the DNA of a person which causes them to have abilities and certain body or mental achievements unattainable to normal humans. However this serum is not perfectly safe. There are still drawbacks caused by the serum, seen more in Gen. Alpha due to the strength of the serum used. Before the start of the roleplay there were only ten vials left in the possession of the TSP. Three have been stolen by the Reformers, one of which has broken. There are now two in the Reformers' possession and seven still with the TSP.

      Sierra Project - It was said that the Sierra Project was formed by a group of scientists shortly after 2001 in hopes of bettering the future. Using the phonetic alphabet (which is also how the each generation got their names), they named the project of theirs after the aspiration of creating superheros (hint: S=Sierra in the phonetic alphabet). However when the government started to get involved things started to get messy and after the formation of Supers the Sierra Project was upgraded (or ruined coming from some perspectives) to the TSP.

      Super - A person that was effected by the serum and thus has gained powers that is deemed impossible to humans.

      Team Bravo - This is the team of Gen. Bravos as well as people that assist this group that are working for the TSP. In the past it was all ten Gen. Bravos and Carter but now with the formation of Reformers and a few Bravos flying solo the team consist of Carter, Richard, Tia, Ben and Aaron. Although Annie is technically not a part of Team Bravo she is usually clumped in that group as well.

      TSP - Although the organization's name stands for The Sierra Project, most people won't use that name to avoid confusion with the Sierra Project which involved the formation of the serum. This group has two distinct parts in which one consist of Team Bravo while the other involves a more militaristic side of things with Pearson and the men and women under him. There is much to learn about this group and the history of what happened before TSP was shut down.

    • Here on Unlikely Heroes we use a color system to differentiate between three different categories to take out much of the hassle of who can do what to certain NPCs. As well as being marked in the NPC list, the first three posts when an NPC is introduced or changes in status, their name or distinguishable characteristic will be colored with either red, yellow or green.

      NPCs in RED are going to be GM/Owner only NPCs
      • Important NPCs and villains that need to be played a certain way for the sake of the story will be in this category. The GMs will have full use of these NPCs even if they are NPCs made and used by another roleplayer if needed.

      NPCs in YELLOW will need to have posts pre-approved
      • These will be regular tiered NPCs or villains that will be set into motion and played by the GMs (or a player if appropriate). With given consent for a post (or chapter in some cases) or having a post looked at by one of the GMs prior to posting (PM or Skype both of us), actions and dialogue from the NPC is okay.

      NPCs in GREEN can be used by anyone
      • These will be regular or minor tiered NPCs or villains that will be set into motion and played by the GMs or a player if appropriate. Unless asked in the OOC not to use the NPC for a period of time (post or chapter), everyone can post actions and dialogue for the NPC as long as there is character continuity.

      There will be no-name NPCs that won't have any of these three colors to start. They are NPCs that come and go as needed and can be introduced and used by anyone to fill in gaps and populate the roleplay (ex. shop clerk, TSP personnel, etc.)

      Most reoccurring NPCs will be placed on a list with a minor description whilst the more important NPCs will be placed in the NPC Roster found below. If you are wanting to create an NPC or have an NPC that should be posted on the list, please notify the GMs.

      For NPCs that require a character sheet, please use the sheet found in the prior tab.

    • Due to being overpowered or a power being held for a future NPC or character, these powers below will not be accepted. This is not a complete list and the GMs have the right to deny a power due to it being too OP or will be in use.

      -Dream Intuition
      -Explosive Properties
      -Sound Manipulation
      -Adaptive Endocrine System
      -Age Acceleration
      -Spontaneous Compulsive Thought
      -Ability Cancellation

      Generation: (Delta only unless you had a character in Part One and want to use them again)
      Gender: (no patrick, mayonaise is not a gender)
      Appearance: (weight, height, clothing style. provide a 250x250 image to be used in IC post banners)
      Personality: (include flaws, nobody is perfect)
      History: (one paragraph at least)

      [Insert name of ability]
      Description: (Insert description of ability)
      Level one: (Capabilities at level one and so on)
      Level three:
      Level five:

      [Write an average day in the life of your character before their new found powers]

      NPC Character Sheet

      NPC CS
      Affiliation: (TSP, Reformers, None, etc.)
      Basic Description: (personality, history and/or any other relevant information about the NPC. A more detailed description must be submitted and discussed with the GMs so that we can best use this NPC in the roleplay)
      Ability: The name of the ability along with the current power level
      Ability description:

    Chapter Recaps

    Part One

    • A Week of Change

      After a six year long hiatus, the events that took place when the Sierra Project continues as Carter, the man in charge of Team Bravo (a team of Gen. Bravos working for the TSP) rallies up his team after the sudden disappearance of three of the ten remaining vials of the serum that is capable of giving abilities to about a quarter of the people that come in contact with it. With suspicion that the Reformers (former TSP members that left for their own unknown cause) is the cause of the sudden disappearance, Carter heads to the Rocky Mountains in search of Tia, a level four Super with the ability communicate with electronics. During his discussion with Tia it is noted that Pearson, the militaristic man in charge of the TSP doesn’t know about the vials as of yet and that they must be found before something is done with them.

      As this is going on, a scene is unfolding in New York City as Dr. Wilson, a Gen Alpha that was also one of the original scientists involved before the Sierra Project, boards a bus with the three stolen vials as he prepares to meet with Cameron, one of the Gen Bravos. However, his plans changes as the bus crashes into a FedEx truck and unknown to him and everyone else on the bus, one of the vials breaks and an odorless, colorless and tasteless gas is released into the bus and affects some of the people on the bus as well as a few that happened to be near the bus. During the chaos, Dr. Wilson slips away and makes his way towards a park where Cameron, the leader of the Reformers, is already waiting. However to both of their surprise, one of the vials is broken and knowing that there’s going to be new Supers appearing, the two quickly devise a plan to find the new generation of Supers, Gen Charlie.

      As the two groups rush to find the Gen Charlies, people throughout the city are noticing changes within themselves as the serum starts to take an effect. Symptoms start off with a migraine and is followed by flu-like aches throughout the body, giving the Charlies a restless night of sleep. With all prior symptoms and pain gone the next day, a new symptom starts to appear that is beyond any explanation as their powers start to awaken ranging from a bad case of sandy hands to suddenly healing from injuries to even causing others pain. Throughout the week, some brush off the incidences as nothing more than coincidences and try to keep a hold of their jobs or survive on the streets while others ponder the thought of conferring a doctor or even a priest while some even decide to step up and stop a robbery at a store or even try to take on the role as a vigilante. Unbeknownst to all of them, great change is about to occur in each of their lives as the TSP and the Reformers each start to get closer to finding all of the Gen Charlies.

      As Tia and Carter as well as Richard, Carter’s assistant reach the nearly empty Headquarters, the trio meet Aaron and Annie, the newly married level three Pangolin Super/head doctor couple and Ben, the level four Super with powers over emotion. During a meeting Tia set up, she reveals that Dr. Wilson was the one who took the three stolen vials of serum and during the crash he was spotted in through traffic cameras and with the suspicion that one of the vials were administered, finding the affected civilians is vital. However before they could get far in their meeting, Tia is interrupted by Pearson, who is quite pissed at the situation at hand which during his conversation reveals that the reason the last ten vials of the serum wasn’t destroyed but due to known reasons. With permission to track down the Gen Charlies, the temporarily reformed Team Bravo quickly works together as Pearson gathers his team, bringing the Headquarters back to life.

      Meanwhile Dr. Wilson and Cameron rejoin the other three Gen. Bravo Supers that make up the rest of the members of the Reformers. Josiah, the level four Supers with the ability to teleport is sent to work with Daniel, a level three Super with the ability to track and amplify a Super's ability, to find the missing Charlies while Garret, a level three Super with the ability to stretch his body works with Dr. Wilson on a future plan.

      To be continued in chapter two...

    • Within the Sandy Van and the Cell of Solitude

      After a week of planning and chaos the two warring sides put their plan into motion as they scramble to gather as many of the Charlies as they can as the two sides learn that they are not the only ones out this night.

      Keeping mobile, the Reformers work on loading in the van they've worked on all week to modify but between the sudden midnight disturbance from Josiah sedating and teleporting the Charlies into the van and sand being scattered throughout the van due to one of the Charlie's powers, the ride was far from comfortable even with Garret joining the Charlies as they woke up.

      The TSP on the other hand tried to go for a more civil route by bringing Ben with Pearson's armed men to explain the situation with a little help from the empth's ability but the idea was quickly shot down which left the Charlies to face a team of armed men in uniform coming after them and found themselves waking up in a detaining cell with a few other Charlies.

      Even with the sudden kidnapping, the night was unfortunately not over yet. Keeping track of where the other Charlies were heading, Daniel observed that they were being moved to the TSP's headquarters and not only that, the sudden disappearance of their presence was enough for him to know that they being kept in the cell which was made with anti-super technology which was made to keep a super contained. Hearing this news the Reformers alter their plans in hopes of retrieving all the Charlies. Daniel wasn't the only one on watch either and seeing the commotion the van was making throughout the city, Tia quickly found the Reformers and convinced the need send sending Sanders and his team to Pearson, she was able to get them to agree for Ben and Aaron to join them as well with the hopes of the added Supers would even things out as they worked on taking the Charlies as well.

      As fast as modern technology could move the TSP, there was no way it could match the speed of teleportation. As Carter joined the Charlies to explain the situation and hopefully smooth out the bad first impression Sander's team made with the Charlies, a knock was heard at the door of the cell with Garret Daniel and Josiah waiting for him and being outmatched, easily transported the Charlies to the van.

      The Reformers might be superior at that moment in person but when it came to the road, the funds the TSP received easily gave the organization the much needed edge to catch up to the van and knowing that the van wouldn't stopped, rant he van off the road and flipped it to the side. Using the time for the Reformers and Charlies to regain their senses, the TSP wasted no time on setting up an attack on the Reformers which the Charlies used to their benefit to escape to a nearby thicket.

      Hoping for the worst and preparing for the best, the Reformers were ready if they happened to get caught by the TSP and quickly worked on setting up the explosives they prepared to render the vehicles inoperable as another worked on clearing a vehicle for their escape knowing that the van was a loss as another worked on tracking down the Charlies and persuading them to come with them with the promise that they could come with them with no strings attached as long as they stayed just a week so that they could at least get all the facts down and understand their powers with hopes that the Charlies might stay longer.

      To be continued in chapter three...

    • Welcome to the Reformers

      Arriving at the TSP base early in the morning after the long fiasco, the Charlies and Reformer head to bed with the promise of food and answers to the questions they have when everyone was awake.

      However adjusting to their new found abilities isn't the only thing in store for the Charlies. From the choices of take out or homemade meals barely passing for eatable served on a daily basis to the secrets and history hidden away from them and the training in store for the Charlies, there will be many bumps along the way.

      After an eventful breakfast with multiple surges of abilities, the bulk of the Charlies are given the grand tour of the Reformer's base as they learn a bit about each other as well as the members making up the Reformers. As the tour concludes Cameron joins the group and builds on top of the facts given to the Charlie along with the fact that they were never supposed to be involved. Another team was handpicked and groomed for the position of becoming a Charlie with the intention of taking down the TSP but due to the mishaps on the bus Cameron would have to do the best with what he was given.

      Tension builds in the Charlies but knowing that the alternative was to go with the TSP or risk getting caught on their own and potentially getting those they know and love hurt, they stay although some do so resentfully to see what the week would bring as the Charlies try and learn more about their abilities. With the group in a tentative agreement, the Reformers give each of the Charlies eight hundred dollars to spend on any necessities or supplies they may need for their transition into their new homes.

      Taking a pickup truck to haul anything big and a van for the passengers into town, Josiah and Daniel take the Charlies to go shopping with the only request is to stay out of trouble and not to go alone.

      To be continued in chapter four...

    • Thief on the Loose

      The short respite didn't last long when Sam had her new card stolen by a rather unskilled thief which sent the group on a chase after Jake, a man no older than seventeen who is affiliated with a gang through the alleyways of the town. It didn't take long before the group was split apart with Sam and Christian going one direction and the others towards their target.

      Rushing towards where he knew he would get aid, Jake led the Charlies towards JC, the leader of the group as well as three others who were hiding out in a building. Their untimely arrival was met with aggression as well as disdain towards Jake after yet another mishaps he brought to the group when it was revealed that a bystander that joined the group was a federal agent. They couldn't allow themselves to get caught which gave the gang one choice, destroying the threat.

      With no protection from the Reformers the only option the Charlies had was to defend themselves except for the brave few who was still aiming to retrieve the card. Up against guns and other weapons the Charlies were forced to rely on their abilities for the first time which resulted in a varying degrees of success even taking in considerations of the injuries that occurred.

      Regrouping after the battle it didn't take long before they noticed that they were missing two of their teammates but before the injuries could be taken care of or a search for the missing duo could occur, Josiah and Daniel appeared, the former who wasn't managing his anger towards the Charlies very well due to the fact that he knew quite well that it could stir up the attention of the TSP who demanded to know what happened.

      Speaking up for the group, Cal told Josiah off as well brought the two newcomers up to speed especially concerning the injured which the others chimed in as well as the next stepped were planned out. As this occurred, Jake who was told to stay out of the way came out of the building thinking that JC and the others dealt with the issue but was met with a surprise when he saw that the opposite occurred.

      Trying to run off, Jake was intercepted by Pat and feeling the effects of the man's power didn't stand a chance of getting away especially when he received the threat of a harsher treatment of the man's ability or something worse. Complying, Jake gave not only Sam's card but five other cards which he gained possession of over the past week before stumbling off due to the residual effects of Pat's ability.

      With the group split due to a few needing to go back to the base for medical care, the injured returned to receive aid from Wilson while Daniel went with the remaining Charlies to the van.

      While the chase was taking place, Sam was led towards a different part of town with Christian in tow to an abandoned part of town used as a dump site. Using this time to get to know each other better, the two learned how even with their abilities being quite distinct there were similarities they shared. While doing so Sam took the time to look through the garbage and came across a few burner phones which revealed that some sort of criminal activity occurred in that area.

      Sensing that something wasn't right, Christian urged that the two should go but before they could they were knocked out by an unknown person.

      With Christian waking up first in an undisclosed warehouse it was quickly noted that he and Sam wasn't alone. Not answering the man's question on what information Christian knew and who they were to his liking, the man turned towards Sam once she woke up who responded with a similar refusal. This led the man to resort to an unorthodox method of receiving answers based on intel he received from the man that took the duo earlier and took out a phone which had the potential to trigger Sam's power.

      Sensing the danger, Christian tried to stop the man which led to his own power being activated. This left the man intrigued and with a new focus, how to best use his new resources. Not keen on lies, the man releases Christian with a tracker set in place and takes Sam with him.

      To be continued in Chapter Five

    • Lost and Found

      Once in the van, the group discusses their next steps, find the two missing Charlies or return to the base. After thinking through their options Cal and Pat decide that regrouping and figuring out a plan is needed and that they should head back. Fueled on emotions and the need to keep her promise to Sam, Jenna is adamant on finding the duo but the choice is forced onto them when Daniel reveals that he is unable to find them due to the two mysteriously being out of range. However during his search he was able to sense two other Charlies which the group decided to pursue.

      Arriving at a park Daniel hands the responsibility of recruitment to the Charlies which resulted in mild success. With the truth slightly stretched by Cal and with the help of Daniel, a meeting was scheduled for the next day at Urban Grinds with Max to continue the recruitment process since Cal focused on the man's migraine and his struggle to see rather than his abilities and said she knew of a doctor who might be able to help him, Dr. Wilson.

      Busy with his own agenda, Cameron received help from an outside source to make new identities for the Charlies but doing so comes with a cost and a job was given to the man by the Time Weaver and with the files in hand Cameron leaves and makes his way towards the park where he heard news from Daniel that he and the Charlies found a few new recruits. While making his way there he bumps into a man named Katsuro and received a few memories from the man, the most interesting being that he is a Charlie as well and although the two hotheaded men don't exactly see eye to eye, Katsuro joins and meets the others to ride the van back to the base

      While the recruitment was underway, the frustrated doctor was busy at work tending to Vida and Ester's injuries but upon hearing that Sam and Christian were missing, Wilson knew that they needed to act. Deciding to get outside help Wilson sends Josiah out to find a man name Masaru.

      The Bravo isn't very happy about the current events but Masaru agrees and goes with Josiah to the Reformer's base where trio catches up on recent events while Garret sneaks Ester downstairs to make a phone call and upon their return Garret goes with Masaru to help him gather supplies he will need during his search. Hoping that his former teammate might stay after the situation is resolved Garret reveals to Masaru that Cameron is becoming more erratic and that something about the man is different but with the recent events no one has picked up on the man's behavior as of yet and is hoping that Masaru might be able to talk to Cameron at some point.

      With everything the doctor could do at the moment out of the way, Wilson leaves to get coffee while Josiah is left with Vida who is asleep after being taken care of. With Vida waking up in a frenzy, Josiah has no idea how to deal with the situation and goes off to find Wilson while Ester tries to calm Vida down before returning to the duo when Wilson said he needed to gather a few supplies in case an incident occurs. With the state of confusion Vida is in, it takes a bit of work for the two to figure out that Vida is frantic over the well being of her cats which Josiah reluctantly agrees to fetch them with a warning that he will feed the cats to a pack of coyotes if they got into his stuff. Teleporting away, the remaining two wait for the arrival of the rest of the team.

      Not too far away from the park a young woman nicknamed Teddy receives a text from a stranger after she messages a friend about the recent strange occurrences happening to her. Nicknaming Teddy Dearie and keeping a light playful tone the stranger reveals that she knows what is happening to her since the stranger is also a Super and if Teddy wants answers that they need to meet at Starbucks in two hours.

      Arriving at the coffee shop Teddy is met by a highly energetic woman named Tia with an equally eccentric and bright outfit who is more than eager to chat with the teen about the recent events that have been happening to her. Even with their initial blunder where she chats up a storm before remembering that Teddy is deaf, the two are able to communicate efficiently due Tia's ability and Teddy's speech app on her muted phone. Knowing that Teddy would eventually need to make a choice to join the TSP or the Reformers not only for her own sake but the safety of her family Tia lays out the fact and due to Tia's concerns over the Charlie's safety and her former comrades Tia suggest that she joins the Reformers as a spy and relay information to Tia. Teddy accepts knowing that with the Reformers she will be with people in a similar boat and can train with them. In agreement Tia tells Teddy that she would find a way for her to meet them and later tells Teddy about the meeting at Urban Grinds the next day after she intercepts a text Daniel sends to Wilson.

      Even though he wasn't in agreement in the method of recruitment Wilson joins Cal and Daniel the next day at Urban Grinds to meet with Max and his friend Viktor. While waiting for the duo and Cal busy with the menu Daniel taps into his ability to search the area by first starting at the table which reveals that the huge surge of power coming from Wilson is big enough to that he struggles to distinguish Callie when she sat besides him which leads him to wonder how long it would take Wilson to surpass the traditional five level rating system if he reached the point of using his powers again.

      Extending his parameters Daniel finds another not too far away and assumes it is Max. Before disconnecting from his powers Daniel believes he spots another Super but loses his concentration when Cal grabs his arm and distracts him with conversation before the two Russians join them.

      One mistake after another, Cal's clumsiness causes a scene which ultimately leads her to the restroom after she blows her cover of pretending to be in a relationship with Daniel when she points out a girl that was watching Daniel carefully and excitedly called her out as an admirer. The girl, which turns out to be Teddy follows Cal in hopes that a one on one conversation to start off with would be easier for her to integrate herself into the group which turned out to be a success when Cal has Teddy join the table for brownies and ice cream after accidentally using her jacket as a towel to dry off her face.

      Back at the table, Viktor leaves to find some water for Max which Daniel use to his advantage and distract the man with some made up paperwork so that Wilson and Max could speak freely. Not being one to beat around the bush or continue the little facade Cal started, Wilson tells the man the truth of what has been going on but is met with anger and accusations before the two girls joins them which Wilson reveals that Teddy is also a Charlie which was discovered when Daniel became suspicious about the girl following Cal to the restroom.

      Although the newcomers are not happy about the news given to them they decide to join after Wilson reveals that those close to them would be in danger by the TSP and after a heart filled parting between Max and Viktor, the group quickly heads back to the base after receiving a phone call that Cameron is up to something.

      Taking advantage of Wilson and the others being distracted by the Charlies the previous night Cameron worked all night going through the files given to him by the Time Weaver and continues his work into the next day for both the job as well as his plans on training the Charlies but is interrupted by Garret who joins the man in the meeting room with food since the man skipped both breakfast and lunch. Claiming that he isn't hungry Cameron moves on to tell Garret to gather the others since he will be starting training in five minutes which is met with objections but eventually Garret complies.

      The Charlies enter the meeting room along with little Co-co, Vida's cat where they introduce themselves to the newcomer before Garret and Josiah joins. After doing a headcount they notice that Ester is missing which Garret guesses is due to her being consumed by a book which Josiah takes bitterly due to Daniel and a previous mission in Egypt which he blames the downfall of as well as being stuck in a woman's restroom within a police station due to that being the only safe place to teleport to while staying in the country. Which Garret ends the conversation by stating that Daniel wasn't the only reason things went sour during that mission.

      Entering the room Cameron hands each of the Charlies a file which includes two new identities for each person which includes IDs, social security numbers as well as a extensive history of each identity. He also tells them that all traces of them are gone which includes medical records and facebook accounts to keep them and those close to them safe from Tia. After a short speech about the dangers of Tia and the TSP he states that they will be starting training.

      This leads the group to a warehouse in an undisclosed location after Cameron reveals that they will be playing a game for their first training exercise to see what skills they posses. The game he chooses is a revamped version of Capture the Flag where instead of tagging your opponents, anything goes short of lasting damage. Combat and powers are highly encouraged and between rifles with rubber bullets and all sorts of weapons and tools, tactics and teamwork is also a huge factor which Cameron is also testing. Even with all the Charlies on one team, the odds are stacked against them as they are against Josiah and Garret who both have gone through this training exercise countless times.

      Waking up from the tranquilizer, Sam finds herself in a new place with the only information she gained was Mantovani's name after hearing it while the sedatives were still in affect. Entering the room Mantovani reveals that he has taken some of her blood and with intentions of using it tells her that she isn't needed anymore and gives her the option of working with Mantovani or be killed. Silver or Lead is her only options.

      Mantovani starts off by showing a recording of Sam moving her arm around in her sleep as if she was drawing. Although she doesn't know the implications of her drawing Sam reveals that she does that from time to time in her sleep.

      Wanting to test the abilities Sam has Mantovani demands Sam to tell him what kind of processor his phone has and although Sam isn't able to tell him what it is called, she is able to draw the part.

      After the drawing is made Mantovani talks to a man called Dr. Singh on a video call about the drawings Sam has made which reveals is very promising and that Sam will do well with what the man has planned.

    Part Two

    • With the majority of the Charlies with the Reformers, training the mishaps group into a cohesive team of Supers has been the main goal. As the weeks stretched on what little patience Cameron had for the Charlies quickly ran thin as the need to complete the Time Weaver's job became dire. This led to growing tensions between the original Reformers as Cameron came to the realization that the Charlies wouldn't be ready for the job by the deadline. Although they did their best to keep the conflict between themselves, it was obvious to the Charlies that something wasn't right. Tensions grew between Cameron and the others until one morning the group woke up to find the man gone along with the two remaining serums the Reformers stole.

      Since then the Reformer's objective has moved beyond training, hiding from the TSP and finding the missing Charlies to include finding Cameron or at least figuring out what the man is up to but there has been no trace from him. However within the last three weeks there has been rumors circulating within the man's connections that he is preparing to act and although the public doesn't know the intentions behind this rumor, there are speculations that the second serum will be released soon if it hasn't been done already.

    • This is our current chapter. The recap will be posted once we are done.

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      • Name: Annie Willis
        Gender: Female
        Affiliation: TSP
        Basic Description: The head doctor for the TSP, she has a close relationship with the Bravos compared to most members of the TSP due to being married to Aaron. Married weeks prior to the Reformers resurfacing, she is now pregnant and been keeping it a secret for as long as she can for the sake of the child. It is uncertain what will happen to the child since it is the first with a Super as a parent.
      • Name: Aaron Willis
        Age: 38
        Gender: Male
        Affiliation: TSP
        Basic Description: Aaron is one of the ten members of Gen Bravo and was originally chosen due to his specialty in engineering and as a weapons technology specialist. He is married to Annie.
        Ability: Pangolin Attributes (3)
        Ability Description: Being in control of the keratin within his body, Aaron is able to harden his skin as well as strengthen and extend his nails into something that looks clawlike and is strong enough to be used as a weapon.
      • Name:Ben Crane
        Gender: Male
        Affiliation: TSP
        Basic Description: Working alongside Lee Carter, Ben is seen as the figurehead of the Bravos still remaining with the TSP. Besides Garret, he is the only one that is able to get through to Tia when she is overwhelmed with her abilities or when she struggles with social interaction.
        Ability: Empathy (4)
        Ability Description: Ben is able to read a person's emotional state of those he can physically see. He is able to influence (not control) a person's emotional state within ten feet. Even more control is present when he is able to touch the person.
      • Name:Lee Carter
        Age: 42
        Gender: Male
        Affiliation: TSP
        Basic Description: While Pearson is in charge of TSP as a whole, Carter's main focus is on Team Bravo. He rarely sees eye to eye with Pearson and has the best intentions for the Supers even if they strayed away from the organization. He is the biggest reason the Bravos were able to walk away freely after their last incident years ago.
      • Name: Keith Sanders
        Age: 46
        Gender: Male
        Affiliation: TSP
        Basic Description: The right hand man of Pearson, Sanders is the person that is in charge of the soldiers in the TSP. He is a skilled fighter and tactician who is seen as harsh and without empathy. Although he is not one that trusts Supers, he is very loyal to the cause.
      • Name:Tia Harris
        Age: 28
        Gender: Female
        Affiliation: TSP
        Basic Description: The youngest member of Gen Bravo, Tia is usually seen as the quirky and eccentric little sister from the broken family Team Bravo has built. Discovered by Wilson as a child she was quickly noted as having great potential although her understanding of other people is lacking. She has a phobia towards large cities and if possible will avoid leaving TSP due to being overwhelmed by her power. Tia was chosen by the TSP mainly for her specialty in biochemistry.
        Ability: Electronic Communication (4)
        Ability description: Having a special connection to technology Tia is able to receive and interpret electromagnetic transmissions. This is limited to her only observing such transmissions and is unable to tamper with anything solely with her abilities.
      • Name: Thomas Pearson
        Age: 53
        Gender: Male
        Affiliation: TSP
        Basic Description: One of the people greatly involved in the Sierra Project during it's infancy, Pearson is the one that took control of TSP once the serum got into the possession of the military and has continued to hold the position of the director of the program.
      • Name: Richard Scott
        Age: 25
        Gender: Male
        Affiliation: TSP
        Basic Description: Hired after the TSP was shut down, Richard worked with Carter to keep track of Team Bravo and the vials. Although he knows much about the TSP by being Carter’s assistant, his relationship with the team is very scant since they’ve only recently met. Although young, inexperienced and often bites into more than he can chew Richard is a reliable man to Carter.

      • Name: Daniel Grey
        Age: 35
        Gender: Male
        Affiliation: Reformers
        Basic Description: Often seen as someone that is calm and collect, he is often seen as being the opposite of Josiah. He is a wonderful tactician and will often use his intellect when possible instead of stirring up a fight. He was originally chosen by the TSP due to his global relations and his knowledge of different countries and cultures as well as many languages.
        Ability: Ability Magnifier (3)
        Ability description: Daniel is able to not only recognize people with abilities but is also able to give a boost in their abilities or help the Super get a better grasp on them via direct contact.

      • Name: Dr. James Wilson
        Age: 65
        Gender: Male
        Affiliation: Reformers
        Basic Description: As one of the last three remaining Gen Alphas as well as part of the original team of scientists working on the serum, Dr. Wilson is one of the few people that has been a part of the project ever since its beginning. Since the departure of Cameron, he has become the unofficial leader of the Reformers.
        Ability: Ability Replicator (unknown)
        Ability description: After an initial physical contact James is able to replicate a Super's ability up to a certain amount of time up to the Super's or his power level depending on who has the lower number.

      • Name:Garret Bell
        Age: 31
        Gender: Male
        Affiliation: Reformers
        Basic Description: Although Garret can be lacking when it comes to brains, more often than not his upbeat personality and his compassion makes up for this downfall. With the other nine people chosen specifically for their talents, Garret was the oddball in the group chosen specifically for being normal as a way to test the outcome on an average person before the program moved the use of the serum to the military.
        Ability: Elasticity (3)
        Ability description: Garret is able to stretch and deform his body to great lengths.

      • Name: Josiah Park
        Age: 35
        Gender: Male
        Affiliation: Reformers
        Basic Description: Sarcastic and with very little patience with others, Josiah can be seen as someone that is a bit harsh even to those he calls friends. However his intentions are always for the team and is willing to go over and beyond his capabilities for their sake and is said to secretly have a soft heart for those he cares about.
        Ability: Teleportation (4)
        Ability description: Josiah is able to teleport himself and up to two others to places he not only been to but can vividly remember.

      • Name: Antonio Mantovani

        Age: 36

        Gender: Male

        Affiliation: New York Mafia

        Basic Description: From his earliest memory, Antonio Mantovani has had more than a passing interest in power. His father ran the local branch of the Mafia, and with that power came respect, fear, wealth...freedom. He was raised with a classical education befitting the wealthiest European land owners; math, science, culture, society. But, more than the typical bore of modern education, there was the added layer of culture which came with his family name. He had been expected to learn whose families were in good standing, and which had disgraced the organization. He had to know wines and cheeses, art and philosophy...the rich kid starter pack, really.

        Antonio cared little for the knowledge school offered him. He wanted to know what made the world work. He wanted his finger on the pulse of the highest levels of modern society. He wanted his father's power. From the age of reason, he watched the things his father did; the deals he made, the people he crossed, and the people he protected.

        It is no surprise, then, when his father was gunned down at his patio table at La Vista Prima, during a drive-by from a rival family, Antonio was all too ready to take his place as the family head. From there, he attempted to modernize the organization. No more hiding the family's assets with offshore accounts. No more under-the-table payments. He paid every family member a recorded salary, withheld taxes, even offered medical and dental coverage, and a pension. The families of the past had been taken down by tax evasion and fraud charges. This would not happen to Antonio.

        Since his appointment as family head, Antonio has made swift, aggressive moves toward territory acquisition and business connections. He has employed local muscle to intimidate property owners into sales, or to shove the competition out of his way. He has pushed further into the community than any of his predecessors ever could, and now has his fingers into almost every pocket in the city. His vast investment portfolio and predatory marketing practices alone have given him the power to make or break many elected officials.

        Antonio Mantovani is a ruthless, cold, calculating man, who treats the world as a buffet. To say he has a violent temper is not precise. More accurately, his temper best reveals itself as a kind of impatience which results in fresh graves, not fits of rage. He is, after all, a cultured man; he wouldn't sully his reputation by losing his composure. Every one of his employees knows, going in, by reputation alone, that their failure and subsequent termination comes with a severance package they will not enjoy.

        Though he is hard on his people, and often ends up proving some fatal points to the rest of his employees, there is a kind of loyalty inspired by his lavish rewards for a job well done that seems to overshadow the occasional unpleasant business of having to say goodbye to an old friend. He is a tyrant, yes, but he is also a pillar of the community; his actions have provided countless jobs for the city, in almost every sector of the economy. To take him out of play now could cause an economic disruption rivaling the stock market crash of 1929.

        That is the second edge of Mantovani's particular sword. He doesn't just steal and murder: He employs and flourishes. He does just as much good as he does harm, and that makes him an asset to the city in his own way. Perhaps that is why he has escaped notice for so long.

      • Name: Cameron Myers
        Age: 37
        Gender: Male
        Affiliation: Rouge
        Basic Description: With a previous history working at the FBI, Cameron was a highly qualified candidate for the Sierra Project. Cameron is a stubborn man with not only an agenda of his own but means to achieve his goals. Bewteen his web of influence and resources Cameron has the potential of being a dangerous man ever since his bitter end with the TSP.
        Ability: Memory Manipulation (4)
        Ability description: Cameron is able to see the memories people are thinking of when he is in direct contact with them. He is able to see more details of the memories that are stronger and have an emotional tie to them. Given enough time and concentration he is able to suppress memories but not fully delete them.

      • Name: Kurosawa Masaru

        Age: 35

        Gender: Male

        Affiliation: Former TSP, Currently Non-Aligned

        Basic Description: Masaru is the only son of a first-generation immigrant who owned a family dojo in Okinawa, Japan. His father, Koji, who inherited the dojo upon his father's death, wished to eventually pass the dojo on to a son, but deteriorating conditions and the promise of greater education eventually forced him to sell and move to America, where he met Masaru's mother. The two were fast friends, as she had offered to be a guide to the new country, but that relationship eventually blossomed into romantic interests. Koji and Sarah married in the Spring of 1978, giving birth to Masaru the following year.

        Koji still ran an American dojo which attempted to honor his family lineage by adhering to the same disciplines of his forefathers. He taught fierce determination, steel nerves, precise judgment, and unwavering self-control. Unlike the glorified dance studios of many American styles of Karate, the Kurosawa dojo refused to pander to spoiled American brats, or water down the tradition so as not to bruise their feelings. Koji lost many students, but those who stayed showed him their gratitude by offering to help him teach and compete in events all over the globe. Eventually, Koji had to stop traveling for health reasons, and began grooming Masaru for the role of sensei.

        It's hard to say whether Masaru wanted to carry on the tradition and responsibility, or whether he had his sights set on a more American career. But he agreed to obey his father's wishes, because the man had so fervently fought for his interests and well-being all his life. In present day, Masaru's best memory of his father is in that dojo.

        Today, Masaru is a picture of his family lineage. He is calm, decisive, slow to anger, but quick to act. He projects an aura of passive strength, which can make it difficult to practice his art; some street thugs know the stance and characteristics of a Kurosawa student, and therefore avoid a confrontation that could end them up minus a few teeth. He is a man of peace, but devoted to keeping that peace...even if it means being prepared for war. If there is an opportunity to resolve a situation without violence, he will work toward that peaceful solution. But Masaru is no coward. He simply understands his Art of War better than to engage in needless battle.

        He does not talk much about his personal life, especially his role in The Sierra Project, and pressing him seems to do little good. He just gets that damnable twinkle in his eye and that infuriatingly knowing smile on his lips, and asks what kind of tea you'd like better.

        Ability: Chi Manipulation (Level 4)

        Ability description: This ability allows Masaru to reach into the wellspring of his own life force, to channel that energy and project it into reality as a tangible manifestation. Long theorized by many martial arts masters, but thought to be only legend, the ability to channel one's "chi" to this extent is certainly not something which should normally happen; not without outside interference from the serum.

        Masaru demonstrates the ability to form quasi-physical energy projections which will inflict impact(1), heat, and electric damage(2) to objects and living beings. This type of energy is most closely related to energetic plasma, both in composition and in effect. It is possible to deflect attacks(3), both physical and energy-based, by projecting a shaped energy field as part of a blocking action, as well as to forcefully emit projectiles of (theoretically) any shape. He has also been seen enhancing normal unarmed strikes(4) with an expulsion of energy at the point of impact, as well as projecting stable energy weapons which may be used in melee attacks.(5)

        Though these projections can have a devastating effect on unprotected objects or people, the ability has three primary weaknesses: First, Masaru tires more easily from use of this ability than other similar abilities, as it is drawing on his own life force. Second, the ability requires a physical component -often a very specific gesture- to enable the emission of any energy attacks. Masaru is also just as vulnerable to mundane attacks and super abilities as any normal human of his training and experience would be; apart from actively deflecting attacks, his ability in no way increases his physical resistance to injury.

        Masaru has learned to mitigate these weaknesses in two ways. First, his endurance is unusually high, due to a lifelong regimen of martial arts training. It is this quality which keeps him in the fight long enough to be of use to his allies, despite the tiring effects of using his ability. Second, he tends to be very conservative in regards to his ability, saving his energy for attacks of opportunity. It is his preference to disable opponents early, rather than engage in prolonged conflict.

        His favored tactics are a heavily reactive fighting style and a "wait-and-watch" method for mapping out his opponents' tactics. Whenever possible, he will use an opponent's strategy against him, wait for an opening, and knock him out of the fight with minimal losses. As a result of this conservation of energy, it is rare to see Masaru engage an enemy with his ability at long ranges, due to the higher chance of missed shots. He greatly prefers relying on his physical fighting abilities, using his ability only when the opportunity arises to devastate the enemy's defense with it. As he is fond of saying: "Put your energy where it will have the greatest effect."

        Despite his preference for defensive techniques, Masaru has never been known to allow unnecessary prolonging of a conflict or situation, and certainly has the ability to put himself on the offensive. It is all a matter of what is needed in that moment. In the years since his exposure to the serum, Masaru has shown an increasing desire to test his limits, up to and including unnecessary risks such as breaking up street fights, chasing thieves, and even some occasional stunt work. Masaru is fully capable of putting himself on the line for others and does not appear to be deterred by the potential dangers to himself. Whether it is a side effect of the serum or a simple choice to pursue his limits is not known.

        Information known so far of the character: Masaru runs an Okinawan martial arts studio in New York city, and has done so for the last six years. He opened the studio approximately six months after the original Sierra Project was shut down, and his team was disbanded. Recent efforts to reconnect with Masaru have not been successful, though it is unclear as to whether he is opposed to the Bravo team or simply chooses not to return to that time in his life.

        1: Because these energy projections are primarily incorporeal, it is possible to pass through them, albeit with some difficulty. Being struck by one of these projectiles would feel more like an extremely powerful, highly-concentrated blast of air, rather than something more solid. Despite its semi-solid nature, the impact is still very much real, and is capable of breaking bones, penetrating flesh and even piercing hard objects, depending on its shape and intensity.

        2: The damage for these energy bolts is divided evenly between physical, heat and electric (33% each).

        3: Any physical interactions with this ability are not necessarily ineffective. It is possible to penetrate an enhanced block (examples would be firearms or other super abilities), and such defenses are certainly more effective against energy-based attacks than physical. Enhanced blocks do absorb more damage than mundane deflection techniques, and are capable of turning away heavy blunt weapons, blades, arrows, and even some projectiles/energy attacks. The upper limits of this use of Masaru's ability are not known, aside from the fact that human response times would tend to prohibit high-velocity projectiles such as firearms in all but the most extreme cases.

        4: Enhanced strikes still follow the same damage spread formula, though with an increased potency in trade for reduced range. Depending on usage, an enhanced unarmed strike (punch, kick, etc) may inflict up to three times the damage normally associated with such maneuvers.

        5: When used to generate melee weapons, Masaru's ability can inflict increased damage greater than ordinary mundane weapons. For example, creating a Kali stick with his ability would do more damage than if he had a "real" Kali stick in his hand. There are two reasons for this: First, the energy and kinetic damage from the ability, and second, the fact that his weapons technically have no mass, therefore may be swung at higher speeds than any physical object. This combination of qualities can increase melee damage by up to two times normal damage for an object of same type and dimension. Melee attacks with these "phantom weapons" are also performed at the same speed as unarmed strikes; because they have no real mass, they do not impart a speed penalty.

      • Name: Katrina Isabella De la Vega
        Nickname(s)/Alias(es): Trina, La Diabla

        Age: 22

        Gender: Female


        Affiliation: None

        Basic Description: Trina is a tough-as-nails, no-bullshit, self-proclaimed bitch on wheels. She knows you don't like her, and she doesn't care. She's agile, of medium build, and looks as though she never spends any time away from the gym. Attire ranges through several types of sports clothing, though mostly limited to biking shorts and sports bras, and shoes she can run in. She typically shows signs of recent combat, including bruises of varying age, scrapes, cuts, and the like. To those who know her, she puts on new battle damage each day like she puts on new underwear.

        This tough-girl act is hardly skin-deep. Trina has never had many friends, and her family is not often mentioned in mixed company. She's had to fight to survive, and it has only made her stronger. That strength, as it turns out, is what keeps her from forming lasting relationships. There are few who have the patience to deal with her temper, and fewer still she has the patience to tolerate. Pressing the matter appears to be little more than a request for a black eye.

        Ability: Hyperactive Endocrine System/Fight-or-Flight Response (3?)

        Ability description: Trina's ability is both a blessing and a curse. The glands responsible for the fight-or-flight response in normal humans are permanently active in her body, causing her entire system to be continuously flooded with adrenaline and other natural stimulants which are typically only released during combat conditions. As a result, her entire physiology has been permanently altered by the saturation of these chemicals, achieving an effect not unlike the fictional concept of a "Juicer". Her speed and strength are greatly enhanced, as is her reaction time and physical resistance. Her brain is constantly processing information at an accelerated rate, which gives her a super-human awareness of her body, how to direct it, and what is happening to it.

        Strictly speaking, the ability does take her further than normal humans in peak physical condition for her weight class, but she is far from godlike. The nearest accurate comparison would be Olympian athletes who have spent time on nothing else but their training. Trina is capable of breaking hard objects with her bare hands that most humans would need a crowbar for, and is capable of shrugging off hard blows which would normally incapacitate others due to her body's response to the increased strain on her muscle and skeletal system. Additionally, pain is not a deterrent for her, except at extreme levels.

        This ability does not come without its limitations, however. Trina is prone to violent, psychotic outbursts, during which she will attack friend and foe alike at the slightest provocation. The constant processing of her mind leads her to paranoia, mild schizophrenic episodes, and the inability to trust others. She will often continue fighting through the pain until she either over-exerts herself or her mind simply cannot endure any more and succumbs to sensory overload.

        Trina often exhibits an unwillingness to disengage from a target or mission objective, and will frequently disobey orders to break off if she feels she can accomplish the goal. This defiant streak makes her difficult to work with as a member of the team, but can also give her an edge when failure simply is not an option.

        Lastly, the constant secretion of these chemicals into her bloodstream has caused her crippling insomnia and an insatiable appetite. Without a near-constant intake of food, her metabolism would burn itself out at several times the normal rate, making starvation a primary enemy to her in the field, and irritability due to the lack of sleep can only compound her issues with working as a part of a team.

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