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There was a forest outside the town. Or rather, this forest had a town nearby. That much Ioro knew.
He was laying flat on his back, in a tree, past the town. It was a perfectly comfortable position for him, easily held despite the thinness of the branch. His worn, dusty clothes hung in places just as easily as his black, wolf-like tail down from the branch.
But he knew to be careful. Closed though his eyes were, his ears were open, and flicking around for any unusual sounds. Birds chirping, twigs cracking, whatever...that wasn't unusual, no, but he would know it when he heard it. Or smelled it, whichever came first. It didn't make any real difference to him whether he smelled or heard an unusual noise, only that one came. He'd been waiting long enough, after all...

The town nearby stank to him. It wasn't a stench Ioro was used to, not the smell that comes from several people living in a place at once, but rather something else. Burning? It didn't make any difference, except that it got him curious. So that was why he waited.
After all, it was impossible to tell if that was the way or this without a little help.


Anathea knew every inch of this forest. She loved walking barefoot through the grass. She loved feeling the softening dew of last night's rain shower on her heels. As she walked, she let a soft giggle escape her lips and ducked under her a low branch. When she caught view of the human city, she sighed happily. It's peaked houses and smoking chimneys always ignited her curiousity. She watched it for a moment, before deciding to step closer and slip on her shoes.

When she started to walk again, Anathea's ears flitted for a moment. She knew she was sensing the presence of someone other than the animals. As she concentrated on the feeling, the small humming of a sleeping mother bird and her chicks propelled her to look upwards. At the branch above her the nest lay safe, but that wasn't what had caught her acute sense of hearing.

Stepping towards the sound of relaxed breathing, Anathea cracked a couple twigs beneath her feet accidentally, almost jumping at the sound herself. At first, she didn't see anyone, but then, on a thin branch upon the tree, she saw the boy and gasped.

Someone was actually here in these woods ? Anathea wondered in surprise. She'd never met anyone here before and she often came to see the city from afar. Or perhaps she hadn't sensed him before, his presence was so aligned with nature that she could not have heard him unless she had been this close. She was even more intrigued at how he slept upon such a brittle and thin branch without it breaking under his weight. She watched, eyes wide with curiousity, unable to say a word.

One of Ioro's ears flicked around, hearing something stop. He paused a moment, and then fell--or appeared to fall--off of the branch, landing as neatly as a cat on his feet, deep-blue eyes open to see the girl before him.
"Well hello there," he said cheerfully. "You sure took your time. Which isn't to say you couldn't have been longer. I was starting on a nap." He shrugged, grinning.

((Notes: He's actually never met her; and, if the navy is too hard to read, let me know, and I'll stop doing it..))


Anathea watched in awe as the boy fell from the branch and landed perfectly on his feet. Her hands flew together to applaud, but she seemed to have stopped herself. "Hello," she greeted him in return with a small smile. "Yes, well, I'm sorry I interrupted your nap. I often come here to look at the city." She explained softly.

As she spoke, Anathea watched Ioro with vivid blue eyes, curious and cheerful. She knew that even for her, sleeping on such a thin branch so comfortably would be difficult. She was interested to know how the boy had learned such agile flexibility.

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"Don't be silly. I couldn't possibly expect somebody without their arrival being important." His mouth opened a bit in his smile, exposing sharp teeth. "I was called Ioro. I am a wolf caller."

Now that he'd had a look at the one before him, he could see why her scent didn't register as human--it wasn't. He'd never seen a pointed-ears before...what was it they were called? E...Effels?

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Anathea watched him eagerly. There was something about him that quite fully fascinated her. She couldn't look away, not even to glance at the bustling city that always took her interest. "They call me Anathea of the Elves." She replied softly, reaching up to tuck a wispy blonde strand of hair behind her pointy ear. She smiled slightly, a small, cautious smiles.

"Ioro the wolf-caller. Why have we never met before ? I often climb above the trees in this forest to watch that city there. I am surprised we have not crossed paths.." Anathea licked her lips, running her tongue over her own teeth in her mouth. They were not nearly as sharp as his, but she felt ever so self conscious.

"What is a wolf caller, Ioro ?" She asked delicately.
"I was near here for a long time, before I woke up. But I only found out about you yesterday, in the sunset," he said. I was too busy getting things back in order to gaze in the week before that."

"What is a wolf caller? I don't know exactly. They used to call me that because I did this:" He took a deep breath, turning his head gently to a half-skyward angle, and howled. It was answered by several similar howls, all over the forest. Turning back toward Anna, the ah of the elves he said, "Can you believe it? This time last week they didn't even recognize me."

((Note: I'm sort of treating this as if he answered the first question before being asked the second, so it flows a little better. Also, next chance he gets he's probably going to call her anna...))
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