Building a Roleplay Story

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Ugh. So, third incarnation.
This is an RP where we (the players) make some characters, and build a world around them as we go. Discussion will be held in this thread on setting, future plot plans, etc., and the official posts are for recording the results of this discussion.

I personally will try to act only as a facilitator/motivator, rather than taking up the usual role of a GM in plot-moderation. That task is up to the players as a whole.
Known Setting Information

Known Setting Information


Character Sheet & Listing

Character Sheet:
Not a traditional sheet. The intent is that we should know fairly little about the character in the beginning--just a name, gender, what they look like, and a little bit more. The "Brief Bio" should be brief, not more than a paragraph, and can include whatever information you think is most important about your character, along with perhaps one bit of less-significant information.

Look: [LINK to image or description, or some combination of the two]
Brief Bio:[/noparse]

Character Listing:

RESERVED POST case something else needs to be added.
Name: Ioro (ee-yo-row, first two syllables slurred together as one)
Look: Ioro looks a little immature, maybe sixteen or seventeen. He wears a shirt and pants of long-outdated cloth, all of it pitch black, dusty, and a little tattered with tears on the ends. His eyes are a deep blue that only just barely contrasts with his clothing. His ears are usually in the shape of wolf ears, and he often has a same-species tail from his back--both with the same pitch-black coloration as his rough, unbrushed hair and his clothing.
Bio: He's a bit of an enigma. Ioro doesn't try to make his conversation confusing, but it often is; he even seems to be telling the whole truth when he speaks in paradoxes. In general, he's quite cheerful and friendly, hard not to like. He really hates hiding his ears, insisting that he's deaf without them.
Name: Anathea
Look: She's young, bright-eyed and almost always has a giggle at her lips. With her soft light blond hair, pale complexion and crystal blue eyes, Anathea is a sight to see. She looks about fifteen or sixteen at the most when you put her height and slim body into consideration, but she acts somewhat younger. Her pointed ears are a distinct Elven quality as is her singsong voice. Her dress is a pastel blue colors and there are flowers strung through her hair.
Brief Bio: Anathea is cautious around strangers and keenly observant. She enjoys watching people and is prone to cheerful conversation when prompted. She chooses her words carefully and seems rather intelligent about several things. She can be very curious and takes advantage of being childish-seeming to adventure around.
Anathea's good.

I'd expected to have another response or two considering how many people seemed to want to join before the server crash...........oh well.

I'll start up the IC soonish.
(I'm confused because nekoarchy hasn't posted in this thread before 'mkay''t know exactly what the purpose of saying 'mkay' is in other words...)
Saving spot for race of birdmen with society issues and cultural nonsense + Character of said race.
Like Pierce Johnson is going to skip out on an opprotunity to be awesome.
Name: Comrade General Sergei Vistovsky
Look: just above average height, barrell chested with very thick limbs, yet whilst one would expect his fingers to be stubby they are infact long, though like the rest of hsi physiqu muscular.

of his face, Comrade Sergei's eyes are dark green, each eye set an equal distance from his nose, their position neither noticably clsoe nor far from the bridge of his nose.
his nose is bulbous, of medium size and it points slightly to the left, indicating that this nose ahs been broken many times.
A thick bushy brown moustache grows beneath sergeis nose, though it greys slightly at the edges
he has a squared jaw and hs teeth are rather well aligned, all things considered.
on the issue of hair, Comrade Sergei normally heeps his short-medium length brown hair (which greys slightly at the temples) is normally combed back (much like Joseph Stalin's hair appears to be)
Brief Bio:

A military leader and Socialist, Sergei is ahead of his time both in terms of weapons and tactics.
other than that, the only known factor about him is that he can be both charismatic and brutally blunt.
Keep in mind this probably isn't Earth, but since Socialist is mostly a political alignment the character is fine as is.
Eh. This is kinda hard. I don't really have alot to post -_-
Yeah, sorry it was so could have her give her name, maybe...
Yup Yup. I was going to introduce her, but after that, I don't want to write.
This is where we need another player to come in...know anyone who might be interested?
Say the town is on fire/ a burnt-out crisp/ruined somehow. I'm sure you can work from there.
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