Bug? Why is everything underlined?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Kame, May 21, 2016.

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  1. Everything on iwaku for me is underlined, including the headers, buttons, everything. It doesn't look good and i think this is a bug, is it? Fix?
  2. EVERYTHING? D: Sonofaballs.
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  3. Lol, is there some sort of way i can fix this?
  4. I'll have it fixed soon, as soon as I figure out what horrible thing went wrong and where. D:
  5. Its fixed, awesome! Thank you.
  6. Hehe, Diana is breaking things again x3
  7. This happened to me last night too! Although links in posts are still underlined for me.
  8. Yeah, links are still underlined. Intentional maybe?
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  9. This happened to me too yesterday. >.>

    The links still seem to be underlined in forum posts and member signatures.
  10. What is with the staff having the same type of avatar as everyone else in the staff?
  11. Shhhh, don't question the deliciousness. Just accept it.
  12. Conspiracy
  13. Some people here mentioned links being underlined. I'm also seeing underlined links now -- in places where they definitely weren't underlined before. Not sure if anyone else here who mentioned underlined links ever got that resolved but, yeah, just bumping this to say that's still a thing.
  14. Apparently people don't like underlined links xD
  15. *shrugs* Well I know it's not normal. And, having had non-underlined links up until recently, I can say that underlined ones just don't look as clean -- especially when looking at a list of links.

    So yeah, I'd still like to see that fixed, if possible. :/
  16. I think this is fixed now. >:/
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  17. Yup, looks good now!
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