Bucket List

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Opportunities surround us everyday but for most people, these are mundane and there is always something that we long to do in our lives. What's one thing that you hope to do before you die?
One? I can't choose just one! Fiiiiine, I want an epic love that doesn't turn into a tragedy.

There's sooooo much more I want to do though!
Travel the world by boat. No time/money restrictions. It WILL happen.
Experience a moment that lasts forever.

It's hard to figure out what to put on a bucket list. There are so many possibilities.
I wanted to be free and I was. I want to be happy and I am. I don't have anything I want to do before I die because I've done it all. The rest is just fun I can have if and when I want.

But I like all your answers.
Love everlasting.

And a tour of Norway.

Wait... that's two things. I'll take the love first. Norway can wait. <3
I have no clue what the one thing is I hope to do before I die.

Honestly though... I'd like to assassinate someone before I die. I probably won't - but, I'd like too.

Pretty sure like is different than hope.
The one thing I want most to do before I die? Probably to raise a child in to someone that I can be proud of.