(BSG inspired) Ship command RP

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If you couldn't tell by my profile picture I'm a fan of BSG (around half way through series 3 now) and for the past two weeks or so I've been streaming the whole thing on Netflix. Such binge-watching has created an idea in my head, mixed with ideas I've had for other stories.

This idea is very recent, but like I said it is a combination of ideas I've had in the past.

The gist of the RP is similar to BSG, but set in a universe I created that I have written several short stories about and plan to write a book or two that's set in this universe. During a period in the universe's timeline, the galaxy is invaded by extra-galactic (from outside our galaxy) cybernetic aliens called the Exen who are intent on not a full-blown galactic genocide, but something far more sinister.

In this let's say alternate universe to the one I've created the Exen wipe out most of the Union of planets, destroying whole colonies and killing trillions. The Union fleets are scattered and are left with two options, fight or flee to try and find a new home. Where one mistake can cost hundreds of lives, or your entire species commanders have to choose carefully.

As the Union of planets is made up of multiple species, I'll be giving a list of current species I have for the stories/books but you can easily make your own species if you want to.

This RP will be like BSG, while there is pretty much some form of action every episode there is a lot of focus on drama and character so if you're looking for an RP that's just "Ohmergerd space battles!" it's probably not for you.

Each player can take command of a ship in the remaining fleet or just be a member of the crew. Most of the crew will be player-controlled NPCs though.

Very much a work in progress so I'm not sure when this RP will be ready but I will keep you posted.
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