Brovo, we need to talk...

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  1. @Brovo

    deepest, bluest my hat is like a shark's fin!
  2. Dargo as much as I wub you and want to be molested by your voice, I can hear those disgusting sucking sounds across the atlantic ocean a tiny puddle of water that keeps us from our fated reuinion! Not to mention me not getting that insider, out of obvious reasons, duh. You eyes (and mouth voice) should only belong to me.

    I think I am done editing now.
  3. Do your stupid love letters in private Dargo D:
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  4. //irrelevant

    mmm, shark fin's soupp..
  5. What is this bullshit.
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  6. Keep your homoerotica to the Libertine section, Darog.
  7. [​IMG]

    Fuck your sharks.
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  8. Stop interrupting the juiciness!

    Continue on. o.o
  9. *Reports miss-placed Libertine thread*
  10. Here, let me explain this.

    Since @Darog is a musician, I like to torture/entertain him with stupid songs I find on YouTube. Sometimes I throw in really great songs too just to throw him off. He replies in kind.

    One time, I was drunk off cherry Vodka, and remembered that Deep Blue Sea had a soundtrack. Which included RAP. Some of the most cringe-inducing RAP you'll ever hear, but very catchy nonetheless. It includes such creative lyrics as...

    "Deepest, Bluest, my hat (hand?) is like a shark's fin." x29 times.

    "Your life vest is off and that turns me on."

    "I ate your ancestors, the ocean is haunted."

    Oh, and this beautiful bit.

    "Struggling to flow with hemorrhages in your throat,
    Getting the lap dance while I smash through your boat,
    Eat your whole fam', nothing left but a right hand,
    Clinging to a rail, escape attempts fail."

    Seriously the best part is probably that they threw in sexy women swimming because... RAP video, I guess.

    Other songs we've fired at each other for torture/entertainment include songs of greater quality, like Dare by Stan Bush from the Transformers soundtrack, Call Me Call Me by Steve Conte from the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack, and Torukia from the Ghost in the Shell Soundtrack.

    Basically, this is just @Darog being a shitlord and hording a joke over y'all directed specifically towards me because he knows he can torture me with it. Thankfully, however, I can return fire with a band he had to watch multiple times live because of job obligations. Remember this, Dargo?
  11. You heard it hear first folks, Brovo and Dargo are in a BDSM relationship.
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  12. [​IMG]

  13. *Doesn't read any of that wall o text*

  14. tl;dr
    I'm just taking this as you confirming your love for Dargo :3
  15. Keep it between yourselves, on skype, like everybody else.:cow:
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  16. LL cool J is so fucking good, that he gets me to bob my head to one of the dumbest fucking rap song ever.
  17. Stop cybering in public.

  19. Well I don't see you complain D: Stap letting your waifu Dargo sexy you up in public. Shameful little ferret! Go back to the closet! *Throws Brovo and Dargo into a closet*
  20. @redblood Oi. Even Tom Cruise deserves some private space.

    @Brovo Don't make me post the ultimate audible boner killer. I will do it. You have been warned.
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