INTEREST CHECK Brothers Grimm-type

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  1. Alright.
    I don't wanna GM this idea.
    I just was thinking I haven't seen a Grimm-themed roleplay around here, at least, since I joined..
    Or since I have been paying attention.. >_>
    Just wanted to throw the idea out and let plot bunnies form and GM's make grabby hands.~

    All I imagine in my little head when I think of this,
    is some kind of world shrouded in darkness, where the horrors behind the Grimm stories have overrun the place for quite some time.
    And it is up to those within the bloodline of Grimm, or those who would be the 'good people' in the stories, to make things right again.
    And perhaps people could play bad people and good people.. and or neutral?
    I don't know, to be honest.~
    Just thought it'd be fun to try if someone could come up with a MUCH BETTUR idea than I, and GM it.<3

    -crawls back into cardboard box and hides in blanket.-

    Lookat, fun stories for reference~
  2. sounds interesting, but I don't think I would be able to GM it xD Hope someone takes it x)
  3. *pokes her head in* a quick idea :3

    How about a dark force was let out from a Grimm book (they had story books, didn't they?) It shrouds the world in darkness, bringing to life all of the stories. Then we have, like you said, Grimm descendants trying to restore order

    ^^; Anyway, I really like the Brothers Grimm, so I thought I'd throw in my idea
  4. This reminds me of Grimm the TV show :d

    But anyways, yeah this sounds like an awesome idea.
  6. Very interested. :D I don't really want to run it but will for sure like to be in it.
  7. It sounds like a really good idea. hope to see it started soon. :)
  8. This sounds reeeaaaalllly cool :D id tottaly love to be involved in this if i can :) cant wait
  9. If you want me to ^^; heh
  10. Clockwork do it! I want to see how far this idea can go. :D