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  • We're not evil.
    We're just misunderstood.

    All the spirit creatures lived in the caves in the mountain Oakahami. It was said that the moutain was the fourth tallest in the world. Yet no one ever had the guts to go there. Why you ask? Us.

    We, the spirits, which 'science' can't comprehend. We aren't a breed. We're just spirits, we were made by the gods. What they don't understand is that, science isn't true.

    Science can't define us.

    We were raised not to leave the cave, we were told it was life threatening. Even if our lives depended on it, it was forbidden. Spirit creatures come in many different sizes and shapes, demons, dragons, furries. Anything that humans call mythical, is a spirit creature.

    So we stay hidden. Until the mountain gets destroyed

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Alright I have some questions I want to ask before I decide whether I am going to join or not.

  1. So supposedly the cave will come down and the players will come into contact with modern society yes? This means the player characters are expected to be ignorant of modern human society yes?
  2. What are your rules on how often we should post, and how long said posts are?
  3. How many characters is each player allowed to have?
  4. What kinda genre are you going for if any? The title of Broken implies psychological drama / tragedy
  5. Can you give some description of what kind of power you are expecting form players?
  6. When you said hat science doesn't understand spirits, do you mean that as in "modern scientific knowledge knows nothing of them?" or in the "They can't be analyzed by scientists?"
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