Broken World, but Unbroken People

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  1. Genre/s: Survival, Futuristic, Post-Apocalyptic
    Time period/s: Far enough into the future to have androids, cyborgs and long distance space travel.
    World/s: The Shattered remains of Earth, The World of Infinel.
    Starting area/point: What once was the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, an uber ancient city at the time.
    Magic? No.

    Character restrictions: One character per person, no weaponry beyond low-grade plasma level.
    Races: Human, Cyborg, Android, Alien.

    Players: (You, maybe. I'd do a group RP of this, but I'm not confident with my GM skills. Sorry.)
    Mature themes? Yes.
    Mature content(or smut)? It's possible, otherwise, not really. It wouldn't fit the setting.
    Thread or PM? Either or.

    Writing level: Good enough for the minimum post length and longer.
    Minimum post length: One paragraph/3-5 sentences, but please make sure these have QUALITY, I cannot stress that enough.
    Minimum posts per week: However many you'd wish to add in.

    Race: (No Aliens please)
    Appearance: (Pic, Description or both. Include an armoured description, considering the state of the world.)
    BRIEF history:
    2-3 points to outline their personality:


    Earth is in tatters.

    It's been at least a thousand years since a plant was grown within the now barren surface of the once blue world. Centuries of battle have rendered Earth impossibly desolate, to the point where parts of the mantle and most of the crust have become shadows of what they once were. The only cities left in existence are thousands of miles away, and when you wake, you find yourself within an ancient temple, so ancient that it resembles something which strains your memory to remember.


    It must've been years since you last heard of it, the world still bearing the tiniest specks of life, until the crust was torn asunder by war. Alas, you wander the once unknown city, the sight of skeletons and decay evident upon your optics.

    You soon find what appears to be a shuttle, though it's beyond repair. You find that it also has some blueprints; something which definitely didn't exist back in the days of Atlantis's prime, though they're hard to decipher and even harder to get a grip on. The blueprints are missing several pieces, and you'll either have to dig into your memory further, or perhaps the physical remnants continue to exist, where the sun once did not shine.

    Protected by your armour, you find yourself walking back to where you woke up. This place, it seems ever so familiar, as if you've dreamed of this before. This situation, it must've been recorded in your memory, but you cannot seem to believe it.

    For now, building that shuttle may be the only way out of the city which remained hidden to all human eyes. That is... Not to say that other eyes have not sighted it...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.