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  1. Introduction

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    A man stands before you as you are gathered into the unfamiliar town square, you are unsure as to where you are or who these people around you all are. The last thing you remember is being dropped off at the 'Brewster Juvenile Institute for Mental Correctness and Rehabilitation'; a fancy name for a juvenile mental asylum, and then being overcome by an incredible drowsy feeling and everything going black. When you next woke up, you were already standing where you were, standing amongst all these strangers. A few quick glances around you lets you know that the other people in the crowd, most of them kids, are as confused as you are, so you turn your attention to the man on the podium in front of you.

    The man, an older gentleman looking to be in his late forties and dressed in a lab coat, clears his throat before starting to speak. "Attention, attention please," his voice, dry and curt, commands a sense of cold, professional authority, similar to what one would imagine of a university professor. He scanned the audience with his gray-blue eyes, their sparkle betraying a keen, scientific interest in the individuals before him despite his calm and orderly air.

    "I understand that all of you must be very confused," he continued, "but rest assured, you are all in good care. This is the true face of the Brewster Juvenile Institute, this town, for the duration of your treatment, will become your new home."

    There was unrest and uneasy murmurs at this revelation. The news, understandably, was not being received very well, but the man in the coat continued his speech regardless. "You children, I'm afraid to say, have all been lied to, misled your entire lives. You have been told that you were broken, handicapped, ill, somehow unfit to live amongst 'normal' people. I am here to tell you that everything you have heard so far is incorrect. All of you possess something unique within you, something special that no one has ever told you about and no one understood, until now. We here at Brewster know more about you than you know about yourselves, and we will help you draw out this special talent, and in the process we will rid you of the ailments that have made your lives so difficult so far, in fact, we've already begun doing so."

    He paused after this last sentence, giving time for the words to sink in. Suddenly you realize what kind of situation you were in. In and unfamiliar place, full of unfamiliar people, being addressed by someone you had never met before. This kind of situation should have put you into one of your usual 'episodes', or at the very least driven you to having a panic attack, but there was nothing. You look at your hands in order to confirm this isn't a dream, but you cannot get over how... normal you feel at the moment. It is a feeling that you haven't known in a long time, maybe ever.

    Giving a satisfied smile as he sees you and the rest of your group all come to the same collective realization, to one degree or another, the man decides to once again pick up his speech. "You came here broken, rejected from society. when you leave, you won't only be 'fixed' you will stand head and shoulders above all your peers, a shining example of humanity's future. My name is Professor David Benet, I am the General Administrator here at Brewster, and I welcome you all you our fair institute. I welcome you all home."

    The man flickers for a moment before the image disappears, and only now you realize that the one standing before you had been a hologram all along. Before the realization can sink in, however, you are overcome with the same drowsy sensation as before, quickly being overcome with another black out.

    When you wake up next, you're lying in bed, in yet another unfamiliar room. Sitting up, you realize that you have something that looks like a large white watch attached to your wrist, a blank digital screen replacing the clock face. You tentatively touch the screen and it flickers to life, a message reading "Welcome home" greeting you. So starts your first day in Brewster.

    General Overview

    So our characters will all be residents within the town of Brewster, the true face of the Brewster Juvenile Institute for Mental Correctness and Rehabilitation. The artificial town is a walled-in community designed to work as a 'gilded cage' for our characters, keeping them all in one place while providing the illusion of comfort and normalcy.

    As can be expected of a bunch of kids sent off to what is effectively a mental asylum, all of our characters will have some sort of mental affliction that previously made it incapable for them to function normally in society, however, that isn't the truly remarkable thing about them. All of our characters are in fact psychics, and it is these latent dormant abilities that were the cause of the psychoses that previously plagued us. I say previously because the administrators of Brewster are aware of our abilities, and have provided us all with a drug called Kaleidoscope that allows us to draw out and control our powers, causing our respective mental illnesses (which were caused by the powers and our inability to properly tap into them) to decrease in severity. An example of this would be that if someone was suffering of severe schizophrenia before coming to Brewster, and frequently saw and spoke to people who were not there, they would only occasionally hear voices that they realized were not their own after being administered within the facility town.

    However, Brewster is not the godsend that it appears to be at first. The first priority of the administrators is to develop the psychic abilities of the young residents, no mater the cost, and they've employed drastic measures in order to get the data they need, even resulting in the deaths of some of the patients. Our group will be composed of a few residents of the town who are fed up with the way things are, being treated like lab rats, and are formulating an escape plan.
  2. Oooh, I love this RP idea! Playing a character with a troubled mind can be a fun challenge... or not so much of a challenge depending on the writer's encounters with mental disabilities, but it certainly makes for interesting characterization. And mixing that with psychic powers sounds awesome. A couple of questions arise: Do you plan on tying the mental issue being suffered to the psychic abilities possessed? Such as, dissociative disorder would allow someone to astrally project, schizophrenia would allow someone to make others experience hallucinations, sociopathy would allow someone to cause harm or create cognitive dissonance in someone, etc. Or are the disabilities entirely unrelated to the abilities?

    And two, you mention holograms and futuristic wrist watches (although admittedly the latter is already starting to appear on the market), so I imagine this is set in the near future? Are we talking like, ten years from now? Just out of curiosity~

    Either way, consider me definitely interested! I hope this catches peoples' eyes. :O
  3. always nice to see some interest ^_^(even if my schedule has left me unable to work on the OOC, as i had hoped to have it up no more than 48 hours after posting the intcheck up).

    to answer your questions:

    1. There is, realistically, a fairly limited amount of mental disorders that could warrant someone being shipped off to a mental correction facility these days (which is why so many of them have been closed down and re-purposed/demolished/abandoned over the last half century, though I'll be very lenient with this in character sheets since this is still fiction after all) so that, combined with the fact that very few people with mental afflictions only suffer from one (usually there will be one major one, but accompanied by several 'secondary' problems often caused by the principal affliction), makes me think a lot of the characters in the rp will be suffering from similar mental afflictions. Because of that, I probably won't be urging people to put too much emphasis on their character's mental disorder when picking out their powers, since that would result in us all having the same/very similar powers. Basically, if you can make your power fit your disability and it enriches your character, great! If you can't/don't feel like it, no biggie.

    Note: personally, i was seeing it more in the light of the powers were the cause of the mental disorders, but the individual's own genes and psychological make-up were what determined how their mental affliction would actually manifest (schizophrenia, D.I.D., sociopathy, etc.).

    2. I don;t honestly see the time-line being very important to the flow of the rp, since our characters won't be having much interaction with the outside world. I was imagining it as the administrators of Brew simply having more cutting edge technology because of the great amount of wealth they had backing them, but if you want to imagine this rp taking place 20 Minutes in the future then feel free to think so.
  4. The OOC is complete ^_^