Broken Glass

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  1. It had taken quite awhile to get to the port town of Cabala. His ship had been destroyed in a freak storm but luckily he had survived. Heh, yeah right, what a load of bullshit!

    The guy had murdered his crew in cold blood, having each fight to the death opposite a worth opponent with the promise that the winner would be allowed to stay on his ship. Heh. Nope. The survivors were shot with their own guns as the captain walked down the line of saluting men. They had tried to back a mutiny against him, every last one, even the cook!
    Well, now they were paying for it at the bottom of the ocean, meetin' Davy Jones himself.
    However, that leaves him rather lacking in terms of a crew.

    Now then, that's why he was at this here town and his 'newly' commandeered ship was waiting just off the harbor. He needed a new crew whether he stole them from another captain or acquired them the old fashioned way, he needed men.

    With a slow and steady gate Glass Brazzen made his way into the Black Cat tavern. He wore a pair of loose fitting black pants tied at the ankles with twine along with a white baggy shirt. A tricorne rested atop his dark red hair and a black patch pressed over his left eye. The abrupt scent of alcohol stung his nose as he stepped inside and made his way to a seat at a table already full of miscreants.

    "Evenin' gents!"

    He wanted to just say 'who wants to join my crew' because he did have a name for himself, Glass Blade, but if this were another pirate's crew he needed to know who the captain was...and kill him. Then he could easily win his crew over.
  2. William Hart had currently been on his ship in the Captain's Quarters, passing time by admiring himself in the mirror whilst Charles sat at a desk going about their money situation.

    "You need to stop buying so many clothes Will." he muttered, dipping the thin tip of a large white feather in a bottle of ink. "The costs are far too much for us to handle these days."

    The blond Captain chuckled, swirling his long blue overcoat around before turning to look at the brunette, "Oh don't be silly, I need these clothes to keep up my image. After all I don't want to be known as a grungy Pirate, now do I?" he laughed, blissfully unaware of their current situation.

    Inside the tavern, a group of his crew sat at a round table drinking away the night as a man approached them, greeting them in a friendly matter. The larger of the men looked up, a dumbfounded look upon his face before he held up his pint and cheered, "G-evenin sir!" he called back, echoed by a few others who were sober enough to recognize they were being spoken to. "What brings you to this 'ere run down pub?" he slurred, taking another large swig of his liquor.

    Charles pushed up his glasses, looking towards the window of the room, "I have a feeling we should check on our crew..." he said, closing the finance book and standing, making his way to the door and trusting Will would follow him.

    "You take the fun out of everything Charles." Will complained, but followed nonetheless.
  3. Kicking his boots up atop a stool nearby he pounded the table for a moment, calling attention to himself for a drink.
    Not a second later there was a large pint in front of him on the table.
    Tossing the wench a bronze coin he took up the drink and tipped his head back, taking a long swig before returning the mug to the table with a slight 'clack' against the worn wood.

    "Evenin'..." Glass nodded to the man who had spoken, then giving a smile to those who had spoken alongside the other.
    "I be lookin' for yer blade wish to ask if I can borrow his crew o' fine gents."
    Yes, it was pretty obvious to any smart man that he was askin' for a duel...but would this crew catch the hint? He didn't know.
    Either way, if the captain was present he'd surely speak up at the hint of his crew being stolen.
    Glass said leaning forward with a spark in his eye.
    "Which o' yee be the captain?" He wasn't one to beat around the speak up quickly!
    He was standing within a moment, eye narrowing on the group in front of him as his left hand pressed against the hilt of his sword.
    Yes, he was a lefty. He used his right hand to drink most of the time but his swordplay was always from his dominant side.
  4. The crew looked at him, their minds blurred with the alcohol they had consumed and only really thinking of how they could take the lovely matron home with them.

    "Aye, well he be on the ship!"
    one of them yelled, pointing in a few directions with his arm outstretched into the air. "No Captains here..." he muttered when the man leaned towards them.

    "I see." Charles sneered, pushing his glasses up onto the bridge of his nose. Having come into the bar and approach the table at the right time, he had overheard the other Pirate's wishes. "You are cowardly enough to address the crew and not the Captain himself, even though it is him you wish to fight?" he asked condescendingly, his dark eyes watching the man.

    "Those are my crew, good sir, why do you wish to fight?" Will asked, an ever-present smile on his face as he held a hand out for him to shake, "William Hart, a pleasure to meet you." he greeted, obviously in no hurry to fight. The sight of this Captain might have been a shock to most, especially in the bar. Will's flamboyant outfits and bright colors were often the topic of discussion around bars or pubs, some of admiration, some of confusion, and some of disrespect. But none of this mattered to Will, he knew he was still a Pirate.
  5. Glancing up at the man with glasses the captain smirked and rolled his shoulders.
    "I wish t' address the captain, ay, but there didn't seem t' be a capt'n here. So, like a good gent I asked th' crew to point me in right direction."
    When the second person spoke his eyes shifted once more, turning slightly in his chair to see the rather...oddly dressed man besides him.
    Raising a brow Glass couldn't help but chuckle.
    "William, eh? Believe I've heard yer named spewed upon the sea a few times."
    Eying the others hand Glass decided against shaking.
    He was not the 'touching' kind of person and would often kill a crewman for just tapping him on the shoulder.

    Raising his eyes back to the oddly dressed man he gave a slight smile.
    "Nice t' meet ya, name be Glass Brazzen and I be wantin' your crew as my own."

    There was no use in lying since they'd probably already heard anyways.
    Plus the crewmen could simply speak up.
    Shifting slightly Glass found himself on his feet, facing down the other captain.
    Their eyes were nearly the same height, any difference between the two not worth measuring further then such.
  6. William watched him, a certain smile upon his face as the other male, thoroughly glad this man had heard his name before, and not paying much attention to what else he had to say. That was, at least, until the man hadn't returned the handshake and stood instead. Blue eyes met his as his narcissistic smile turned to a cooler, aloof one.

    "A fight, you say?" he asked, placing one hand on a sword hanging on his right hip as he watched Glass, "I would say it was a pleasure to meet you, but with such a rude gent as yourself, not even able to return a friendly handshake before battle? I think this may end quickly..." he replied, taking a step back and looking around, already the pub had noticed the inevitable battle and were watching the two Captains. 'Oh good...' he thought, a sneer curling on his lips.

    "You two should take this quarrel outside. We don't need to be paying back the pub for damages." Charles sighed, walking towards the counter to order a drink for himself, appearing almost uninterested in the fight.

    "Very well, surely Captain Glass can appreciate common courtesy and follow me outside?" he taunted, turning around bravely and led the two to the dirt road, his only thought was that there would be more witnesses to the brawl and hopefully young ladies who loved a fine gentleman such as himself.
  7. The other captain rolled his shoulders, following William to the bar area.
    He wasn't very interested in drinks because his body couldn't process alcohol like humans.
    If he touched a beer he'd be more wasted the the worst drunkard in this pathetic port town.
    That was also a problem when he drank souls from other pirates.
    If the man had drunk recently he'd be out of commission for a good while as his body filtered out the alcohol.

    Walking outside calmly, hands in pockets, Glass eyed his enemy.
    "You going to be drunk fer' our fight? I wouldn't suggest such a thing but to each 'er own."
    Reaching down to his waist the captain removed his curved cutlass, twirling it a few times.
    "I'll award ye' the first move."
  8. "No, I don't drink that much. I wouldn't want to ruin my perfect body with the poison of alcohol now would I?" he asked, flashing a smile to the other man as he took his position.

    One overing Glass as he awarded him with the first move, William raised an eyebrow. He that wouldn't matter. A fight is a fight and he was going to win. Though, to be honest, the two had similar builds and he was certain that if he didn't win, it would end in a tie.

    "Alright...I hope you realize you aren't going to win." he replied with a conceited smile, unsheathing his own sword, a Rapier he had obtained from his adventures in France.

    Swinging it around in the air for a moment, relishing the sound of the steel in the air. A smirk formed as he thrusted the thin blade towards Glass, the metal twirling and reflecting the light from the pub in the dark. If this man thought he was going to win, he was surely mistaken.