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  1. ((RP with Gabriel))

    Even within the large city of New York there are many hidden secrets behind obvious doors. Most Americans know of the popular military divisions such as Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and Air Force. Some people are even very familiar with common police force and on a more extreme circumstance the CIA. Most people though, especially Americans are not familiar with the SSTF, the Supernatural Special Task Force.

    This task force was created once the discrete discovery was made from the CIA that there were other beings out there other than the human race, and that occasionally these beings would find entrances into their world. Most of the time this was easily handled and the public did not need to know about it, in other cases it became harder to hide.

    An early morning meeting was held, on a Monday none the less to discuss a more recent disturbance. The meeting was open for all those who wanted to attend in any of the task forces, but was mandatory for the SSTF members. Once the general walked in, cigarette at hand, obviously stressed out the room side chatter started to die down. "Alright, lets get started." He sounded like he had been up for hours.

    He started with a picture of an obvious inmate, but not of the human realm. She looked harmless, couldn't have been older than 19. She stood at 5'6 with pale skin and a thin frame. In her demon form she had long silky black hair that reached to her mid back with bangs that framed her face. Her eyes were a brilliant mixture of blue and green and she had a pair of black fox ears with white tips as well as a black fox tail with the same white tip.

    "I'm sure you've heard of the recent prison escape of prisoner 111. Her real name is Myuka Hiramatsu." The general began explaining before taking a quick puff of his cigarette. "She was imprisoned for countless thefts, illegal entrance to human world and murder charges. Not to any humans, but to those who tried to obtain her. She was easy to bring in, because we agreed to met with her and hear out her side. She claimed to be innocent and set up, but without any proof we arrested her then and there." He finally put out his cigarette before going to the next slide, an empty and torn up prison cell.

    "She escaped two days ago. We're still not exactly sure how, but she needs to be found and turned back in. We do believe with proper training and, well lets just say, motivation, she could prove to be a very powerful asset to the SSTF. So we want her back alive, do not kill the target unless absolutely necessary!" He explained, seeing a few people write down a few notes.

    "Good luck with that one!" A female voice could be heard through the speaker system of the room, making the room a bit uneasy. Suddenly the PowerPoint screen shown earlier was now a webcam that showed the escaped convict. She stood confident, a smirk on her face. It was hard to tell where she was, the surrounding area behind the webcam was a simple brick wall with no windows or lettering. Even the shadowing was well thought out.

    "You welcome me to a meeting, listen for three minutes and then write me off! You seriously expect me to work with the likes of you?! Don't make me laugh!" Myuka began her speech.

    As she was speaking the general looked at one of the techs in the room. "Trace this call!" He demanded.

    "I... I can't! It's being blocked!" He explained as he tried rapidly to get through codes and try to find the location.

    Myuka laughed at their attempts. "Yeah, have fun with that. You may have a team of hundreds, but I'm building my own team." She explained. "Not only is my team going to be better, faster, and stronger, but they are going to destroy you and your crummy little operation. If this world happens to get hurt along the way, then you only have yourselves to blame for putting them in harms way." She threatened, making some people in the room start worrying for loved ones back home.

    "I'm currently in search of the ultimate team. I've calculated it; it's only going to take five members. I've already got three. You're running out of time." Myuka explained, before putting one hand up and waving at the camera. "I'll be seeing you real soon." And with that the connection was gone, no trace left what so ever.
  2. At the back of the room was a young adult female occasionally yawning while sitting crossing one leg over the other. Her flaming red hair was styled with a bob cut and she wore a pair of dark sunglasses masking her disinterest of the matter. She wasn't suppose to even be here but she had to attend because of regulations and all those nonsense that always keeps people from their jobs. As with regulation she wore a casual business suit sporting a black set and using pants instead of the regular skirts, hating skirts as they impede movement more so than anything else also the fact that she liked her fair skin to not be tanned while working on the field. While waiting for the not so punctual General she held out her smart phone and typed a message to one of her known associates.

    Me: 'Meeting. Boring. Why?'

    It only took a few seconds for her colleague to reply and they began chatting.

    ''Brother: Well you lost the coin toss.
    Me: Regulation says you have to be here to!
    Brother: No
    Me: Yes
    Brother: Anyway I tracked down the target's hideout
    Me: ohhhh goody! :X

    Me: argh the general arrived better try to look interested cyaa"

    Quickly inserting her phone into her pockets she looked to front. The door nonchalantly opens and the General stepped into the room together with a couple of MP's that now guards the entrance. Sill wearing that mask that hid her disinterest she patiently waits for the General to finish his briefing but something unexpected happened that made her take off her sunglasses. Somehow, that escaped convict manages to hack into secured lines that had the best protection that money could buy. Also the fact that she had been the one that set up the protection and encryption. Frustration and annoyance took over her, no longer wearing that uninterested look on her face while biting her lips and crossing her arms. "Impossible! My security programs were top-notched!." she thought as she ran over possible scenarios that could lead to her protection being bypassed.

    Sounds of people worrying filled the room unable to sit still from the announcement. As the attendees started to clear out of the room, the General began making his way towards the back to meet with her. " Canan! What is the meaning of that intrusion?" He irritably shouted out.

    Canan stood at attention, almost jumping out of her seat as the General moved towards her. She was a average 5'6 a foot shorter than the General. "She must have recruited someone with intelligence about our encryption programs sir!" She explained as calmly to the General about the situation.

    Extremely irritated the General kicked one of the chairs flying towards the wall, the chair suffice to say did not survive. "Where the hell is your useless brother?" he shouts but less irritated, probably because of the chair.

    "He was tracking Myuka sir and I believe he found her." She began sighing in relief but was still shaken about her encryption program. Being the best in her field, even the CIA couldn't compare to her but somehow who was better than her was unfathomable.

    Staggering towards the windows, the General lighted another cigarette and took a good whiff at it. Finally his nerve was calm "Contact your brother. Get the location. And get that girl." He Ordered Canan before leaving a distraught Canan. Alone and with a predicament, just because she was second in command doesn't make it so that she had to do everything. She began threading out of the room towards the car park but not before taking out her smart phone and began to read a series of messages left by her brother.

    Brother: lol it's just a old abandoned apartment building near the edge of a junk yard.

    don't seem to be anything around here though perfect place to set up a hideout
    imma check around before entering.
    u even reading this?
    well anyways heres the location
    Download Attachment Encrypted.SSTF ?

    Tapping on the phone she began downloading the coordinates. She got in her Hummer and sped towards to location but not before making sure that she followed driver safety. She only recently passed her driving test after several times of failure.

    Several blocks away was Tirion having the same flaming red hair as his sister he styled a Undercut being a foot taller than his sister and also having a more developed muscle he has the ideal body for a soldier. Wearing a black hoody and black combats he made his way through the abandoned part of New York which could conveniently be the hideout of the illustrious Myuka. Armed with a Five-Seven and a secret weapon he began his search.

    Searching since the day she escaped, he found not a single trace of his target even this location was just a hunch of his. His phone vibrated through his pants, picking it up it was his sister. He chatted briefly before searching yet again but this time. Checking his state of the art tracker he checks the area again for anything unusual. He waited a few minutes just as he was about to call it quits the gadget began picking up some sort of signal from the nearby building. "Yes finally a lead!" he thought. He jogged towards the building but not before sending some text messages and coordinates to his sister. He stood outside of the building right outside its door in fact. He readies his five-seven loaded with rubber bullets, it can't kill but it hurts like hell. Taking a deep breath he opens the door and proceeded to carefully thread inside, gun raised and ready for action.
  3. "He took the bait, Myu" Her male accomplice spoke to her as he stared through his pair of thin framed glasses at his laptop screen. The building the three were actually was ironically enough only two building down and across the street from the set up location Myuka was hoping they would track. The building they were in now was one of the many run down multi floored apartment complex apartment complex's. The room they were in wasn't under any name, it was currently under 'renovations' and they were only borrowing it for a day or two. There was no furniture, so it wasn't quite home comfort, but that would come soon enough.

    The male accomplice stood at an even 6 feet, extremely skinny as if there was no muscle on him what so ever. He was also extremely pale, a typical computer nerd stereo type. He had glasses over his brightly colored blue eyes. He also had messy bright blonde spiky hair that if he bothered to use gel could actually look really nice. He wore a pair of faded jeans, brown sandals and a dark blue hoodie. One thing that made him look abnormal were his ears, they were extremely pointed. To a normal person wandering the streets they would have to assume plastic surgery, but since he was only a half demon and wasn't quite skilled in disguises he had to deal with what he was born with.

    "Perfect Rylee. You've really proven yourself useful these last few days." Myuka said as she disconnected the webcam she used only moments ago. Even the brick background that she used in the shot was fake and computer generated, since the wall of the apartment complex was a simple dry wall. "Is he heading inside?" She questioned Rylee.

    "Just took his first step." Rylee responded. Their relationship could easily be misunderstood as brother and sister, especially since he was older than her by two years, making him 21 and he took orders so easily when it came down to business. He would always give her sarcasm when called for, though in reality he had very good reasons for obeying her every word, reasons he wondered sometimes if he would ever live to explain to someone or if she would have him killed before that day.

    "Cadalena." Myuka addressed her third member as she looked to the corner of the room. The youngest of the three current members, looking only 14. Her current disguise was a working progress. Short, slick but choppy black hair that only reached to her neck that really only drowned out her already pale face. Her eyes were glossed, looking as if she was blind, an extremely cloudy gray color. It was an extremely misleading look, she could see perfectly fine. Her face looked as if she hadn't smiled in years. She was also a pretty small and frail looking girl, only standing around 5'2. She wore a pair of white sandals with a white dress, black leggings underneath. She sat in the corner and looked up at Myuka, awaiting directions.

    "I need you to do your best with the distance we have. Only within that room he's entering. If he takes more than five steps... scratch that. If anyone who enters that room takes more than five steps I want them instantly ported to the demon realm. It will take their stupid team quite some time to get their members back and their be temporarily preoccupied while I look for our fourth member." Myuka explained with a devilish smirk. "Can you set that up?" She asked.

    Cadalena simply nodded in response. She walked towards the window, though not in direct view. With complete concentration on the square footage of the apartment where he was currently entering she was setting her trap. If anyone entered that room and took more than five steps they would be instantly ported to the demon realm. Cadalena continued to focus on that aspect to make sure it went smoothly. There was an entire apartment to check, she could only hope he would get curious and want to check more rooms.

    "Any ideas on this fourth member?" Rylee asked as he typed away on his laptop.

    "I need a gunman. I have an idea. Look up University at Buffalo Physics Professor." Myuka explained.

    Rylee did as instructed, extremely confused. "Charu Heights?" He questioned.

    "He's a demon here on visa. No way an expert gunman is here teaching physics for fun." Myuka explained, not seeming stressed by the current situation at all.
  4. Driving towards the location, Canan tried calling Tirion several times but he wouldn't answer. She threw her phone to the backseat in frustration and grunted. At this point she was putting the pedal to the metal even breaking the speed limit which would be detrimental to her newly acquired driving licence. Only she and Tirion were the available members of SSTF as the rest are either incapacitated or M.I.A. Though both of them were the best the human world had to offer in terms of demon knowledge. Finally reaching the area, she left her vehicle a few buildings away from the assumed hideout but before she exits. Canan took out a Five-seven from a compartment under the dashboard. Unlike Tirion, Canan was armed with anti-demon seals and demon protection gear underneath her business casuals. As luck would have it as she exited the vehicle, she saw someone at the windows of a nearby building overlooking the assumed hideout. Knowing immediately that the building Tirion had entered was a trap she headed into the building where she saw the person. Kicking the door down with extreme finesse then rushing towards the unknown person's floor and room. Even though she hadn't been in this building before the plans for it was identical to almost all the other apartments in New York.

    On the other hand, Tirion proceeded into the building. Threading lightly into the room he takes a few steps to realize that the signal was coming from an old busted radio on the floor in the center of an empty room. Taking the radio he walks towards one of the many windows to inspect the radio as the room was barely lighted. "I can't believe this." he cursed under his breath. Being tricked by a simple radio wave, he throws the radio out the window and tries to exit the room.
  5. Myuka's fox ear twitched at the sound of the entrance door to the building being kicked down. She sighed, as if knowing exactly what happened. "Canan." She muttered with a slight smile. "If only she were easy to convince. She would be fun to work with." She continued her self rant before figuring out how to get out of this one. "Well, time to leave." She said as she stretched and changed into her human form. Same overall figure but dirty blonde hair and green eyes, obviously no fox ears or tail. With her words Rylee was already packing up his laptop and putting it in his backpack, standing up and waiting for Myuka.

    Myuka looked over at Cadalena. "Plan worked?" She asked, who looked at a smiling Cadalena. Myuka smiled back. "Can you go distract him for me? Page us if you need anything, okay? You can do this. If things get to rocky, let me know!" She said, with all confidence in her newest member.

    Just as Cadalena had planned, when Tirion took too many steps he was instantly ported out of New York and into one of the more remote and dangerous areas of the Demon World. The surrounding air was thick and there seemed to be little vegetation since there were many molten lava crevices around. Cadalena was the only one of the group that had the ability to open portals whenever she so wanted, and opened one to the same location she just sent Tirion.

    Since Tirion had never seen Cadalena, had never had her on record she could play this however she wanted. She looked young, she could play this off easy! She looked back to her demon form, a set of long thin light brown fox ears and a small light brown fox tail were added to her current ensemble. She took a deep breath and began her acting. She saw Tirion, figuring he must already be confused by his situation and just need to stall him more.

    Acting like she had no idea he was around, she began to slowly walk around, looking at the sky, crying. She looked helpless, lost, and scared. Every time a nearby demon could be heard through howls or growls she would whimper, as if terrified. She was hoping these scared antics would make Tirion want to come to the small demon child's rescue.

    Back in New York, Rylee was already down the four floors when he went through the window. He waited for Myuka to jump and do the same. She looked around to see how visible her jump would be to the city people and figured she might grab some attention, but she was also in a pretty shady part of town, no one would think twice of her antics. She jumped out the same window to avoid Canan when she finally did bust through the door and Rylee caught her before she landed. Putting her back on two feet, the two calmly walked down the street and blended in with the crowd.

    "So, off to college?" Rylee asked.

    "You have the backpack, we are the right age. It wouldn't look suspicious at all." Myuka explained, Rylee shrugging in agreement. As they walked Myuka calmly took Rylee's hand, instantly throwing him off guard.

    "Whoa whoa what the hell?!" Rylee asked as he pulled away.

    "Would you quit it?! We're exactly 22% less likely to be suspected if we look like a couple! Now hold my god damn hand!" Myuka demanded, getting a sigh from Rylee as they began calmly walking the busy streets of New York holding hands and heading towards the University of Buffalo to catch a lecture in physics.
  6. Canan zoomed over the poor concrete floors causing burn marks and made her way up to where Myuka was in only a few seconds. Using her skills as an Adept she focused her Chi energy towards her legs increasing in speed and also radiating in a purple glow. Ignoring everything else she raised her knee and foot then extended it towards the door, busting it down with very little effort. After that she quickly resume firing position. To her frustration however Myuka leapt out the window just as she gotten back into position. Canan springs towards the window, poking her head out to catch a glimpse of Myuka and saw that she was with another person presumably her new teammate but more importantly he must be the person who humiliated her by breaking into the protection programs she had set up. Nothing was going to stop Canan. She leaped out the window as well, falling gracefully on her feet thanks to her powers. Canan clicks her tongue as Myuka and her partner had merge with the afternoon crowd. Scratching her head in failure as it would be impossible to find them in such a crowd, she casual jogged back to her hummer and sighed. "So close." she muttered. Taking a bag of chips stashed away under the dashboard's compartment she furiously devours the contents. "I wonder what he is up to." Canan wondered.

    Feeling disorientated Tirion closed his eyes for a moment, just a moment. Opening his eyes he found himself in an unfamiliar land filled with hot molten rocks and lava. The air was thick as well but it was nothing his training did not prepare him for. He then inserted his pistol to his holster hidden underneath his hoody. Scratching his head in disbelief "Am I in hell?" he wonders to himself. Though it seems he would not have to wonder long as he hears the howls of demons. One thing he had learned in the task force is that demons are more likely to help you if you force them into submission. Looking around he sees a innocent looking demon kid as harmless as she looked, Canan would have his buttocks on a stick if he didn't handle this cautiously. He was only a few feet away from her, so he threaded towards the demon. Soon as he was close enough, his right arm was quickly enveloped with a thick purple aura. As soon as the aura has fully enveloped his arm, he thrust forward trying to grab the neck of the demon. "Gotcha!" Tirion shouts.
  7. After a good twenty minutes of walking Myuka finally felt at ease that Canan was no longer following her or Rylee. She signed in relief as and looked at the ground, making Rylee look at her. "Finally home free?" He asked her.

    "I think so." Myuka answered back, looking back up to see their destination. "University of Buffalo." Myuka muttered as she saw college students walking from one building to another. Some students laying around the grass talking to others, studying, throwing a Frisbee, playing guitar and doing all other sorts of things. "You know Rylee you could have easily been a college student and excelled." Myuka explained as they began reading building names.

    "Never interested me." Rylee blankly explained. "Plus I'm all my mother had. I wanted to spend as much time with her as possible. Time at college would have been time away from her." He clarified before standing in front of the building they were looking for. "He must be in here."

    "Lets to get our physics on!" Myuka said in an excited tone as she finally let go of Rylee's hand and entered the building, finding the classroom to listen to Professor Height's lecture on Physics 304 class from 12:20-2:00. This was going to be one long and confusing college lecture for Myuka.

    In the Demon World where she sent Tirion who looked extremely confused Cadalena was doing her best to distract him for as long as possible. So far she figured she was off to a good start, she already caught his attention. She was surprised how rough he started out, she looked so nonthreatening and fragile but his first move was so aggressive. She allowed it however, being forcefully grabbed by the neck, causing the ruby red pendant around her neck to float for just a moment to show the brute force he truly used on the small girl. She gave out a small and innocent scream out of fear of Tirion, confused by his actions. Her small hands wrapped around his one arm, as if weakly trying to remove his arm from around her neck. "P-please don't hurt me!" She sounded so threatened. "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to step into your area!" Myuka taught her to add a little backstory to confusion, don't just leave it open ended. In this case, Cadalena figured she could play the lost little girl. "I'll leave! I just got lost! I'm so sorry!" She sounded like she would soon start crying, now if only she could think of sad enough things to produce fake tears.
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