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  1. It all started in WWII. While the Nazis were capturing indecent people, they were taking only 10 million of Jews, Gypsy's, ect to a high secret lab somewhere near Russia's wilderness. They were testing different medians on these people to see what would happen. But they all ended the same, DEAD. A man name Dr. Frauk wasn't stopping this experiment until he had better result in the matter. He thought that there would be something better happening to these bodies then having them end up dead.

    Winter of 1937, Dr. Frauk was sitting in his lab testing "AFECTIONS" that were now living on the dead bodies. He was seeing what would happen if our air touched the blood on these dead bodies. Then something amazing happen. The blood and air both interacted with each other! Dr. Frauk was over joyed until something else was happening. The blood and air was going after each other, the blood was attacking the air like it was some kind of food.

    The sight of it was amazing to Dr. Frauk. Taking a sample of it, he quickly took it to another Dr. who worked with him. Her name was Dr. Dulgi. Once she saw what was happening she was worried what Dr. Frauk was going to use this for.
    Dr. Dulgi: "What are you planning on doing with this?"

    Dr. Frauk: "We might control people with it!! Finely our work will be over!!"

    Dr. Dulgi: "This wasn't my plan!! I was wanting to do this for the love of it!! Not the evil of it!!"

    Dr. Frauk looked at her with shock. He really liked her and some day wanted to marry her with the money that they both would get by this sample that he got. Bu the thought was now burn away. He was mad and furious at her.

    Dr. Dulgi: "I'm going to tell Hitler the truth of what your doing!!"

    Dr. Frauk: "You wouldn't. . . .I thought we were going to be together!!"

    Dr. Dugli: "I would NEVER be with someone like you!!!"

    He was angry at this point, he open the lid to the sample that he was looking at and grabbed the female Dr. and forced the liquid inside her. The female screamed from pain and fear, 10 minutes later, she was dead. Dr. Frauk smiled evilly to himself as he turn to walk away. Without knowing it, Dr. Dugli was coming back to life, but her eyes were almost white, she acted like she didn't know how to control her body, she was moving everywhere as she slowly was getting to Dr. Frauk. Then he turn and saw her, he was freaking out as he was attacked. What Dr. Frauk didn't know that he was making living dead people. Once the American Army found the lab and found dead bodies and even live corps almost to it's death of not eating. They gathered everything that they could to understand what was being made. Once they found out, they locked it up tight so it wouldn't get anywhere around the world.

    Many years past, and the Government almost forgot about the Z-Varies that was found during WWII. One day someone was cleaning the room that full of dangerous samples of the Z-Varies. That no one knows about but the Government themselves. Well while a worker was cleaning the room, he hit one of the shelves as one of the bottles full of Z-Varies. Not knowing about it, the varies was spreading everywhere!! In 10 minutes, everyone in the building was infected.

    6 days after~

    A female walked the streets of New York. She wore black/skin tight one piece suit with black/knee high boots with a black jacket that goes almost to her foot. On her thigh was a hid-away gun as her belt head some more guns even a dagger. Black raven hair that is shoulder length long with BRIGHT blue eyes. When non bit people look at her when they come to pass to get some things to stay alive, they see her as a freak! Not because what she looks like but what she's doing. She wasn't being careful or hiding away from the Zombies. Like she wasn't even scared, and she wasn't. She had walked New York streets for 4 days without any food. She was getting hungry but was too busy looking for Zombies. She held her gun in her right hand tight as she waited for something to pop out.
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