Broken Boys Love

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  1. Back after a brief (or was it long ... well time is relative an' all that) break. I'm still studying for my end of year thesis project so please understand that I wont reply 5 times a day!!! Anyway, I'm ontop of things in my studies and work and social life in general so I thought I could try squeeze in an RP again for old times sake. Heres a plot I feel like trying so please message if you are interested!

    MC is an aspiring dancer, fresh-faced, young and carefree, he ends up working for your character to try save up for dance academy. YC hires him since he seems like a hardworker, though it isn't long before a bit of chemistry kicks in despite the significant age difference (maybe YC is already married and closet gay or has kids? the more complicated the better!)
    Anyway, things are crazy with this boss/employee relationship, especially when YC faces the prospect of losing MC after he is awarded a scholarship to a prestigious academy across the country! What will happen?

    THe main part of the plot follows these events actually, this is jsut the build up. Before MC gets to leave or turn down the scholarship (depending on how the plot plays out), hes in a tragic accident and ends up in a wheelchair. YC can decide to help him (or you can create a new character to become a new love interest up to you) or ditch him as he recovers.

    Relationships are hard enough as it is without having to be a partner and a carer. MC will struggle with bouts of PTSD and depression during the darkest days of his recovery, YC will struggle to juggle life and love trying to get his lover back onto his feet.

    MC is disillusioned at the prospect ofnever being able to dance again, he may walk again but doubts he will dance, YC will face plentiful questions. How do I care for him? If I leave my business to care for him, it will fail and we'll both starve, but how can he ensure MC is getting the right care he needs if YC isn't there to care for him himself?

    What I expect from you
    • Patience when I don't post within an hour of your response. I try to respond every day or every other day, I don't do one liners so you can understand that it will take me more than a 2 minutes a day to respond.
    • Interesting characters. Go wild (I do like multiple characters, so feel free to create NPC friends and family members to bomb the rp!) The only prerequisites for this character is that he is a businessman and marginally older than MC (19 y.o). What he looks like, how he behaves, what his family/relationships are like is entirely up to you.
    • Over 18 obviously, I dont think you can view this if you are under 18 anyway. Don't be offended if I ask how old you are, its a force of habit but if I don't ask you before rp-ing, Im assuming you are over 18 if you aren't I am not comfortable RPing this kind of theme with you, Im sorry.
    • No one liners, write a decent, legible paragraph. The more you write, the more I can respond to and vice versa. I don't expect an essay, quality is better than quantity, but if you want some good responses, you need to feed my creativity and I will feed yours and everyone is happy.
    • Willing to twist plots and come up with stuff. I've set the ball in motion with this thread but when we're up to our knees in posts, feel free to twist the story however yo uwould like.
    What you can expect from me
    • pretty much all the points above but ... reversed, Im over 18, patient and wont give you one liners.
    • I will post most days that I can afford the time to write long enough posts, I'll message you if I think I will be occupied for prolonged periods, by in large I think I can manage a post every second day at the very least if not I can try post every single day.

    so comment or message me and we can do char sheets and intro posts (char sheets are optional, if you preferr to rp with one then we'll exchange them, if not we'll go straight to IC)
  2. I might be interested in this... It seems like something very interesting to play along with, so yeah