Broken Abyss

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  1. Jyn Xavi (click name for picture)

    Heat pressed down against her neck, allowing sickly feeling of trickling sweat to drip down her spine, soaking the thin clothing into a darker shade than usual. Perhaps it might have been wise for her to go and find some shade but out here, one would be lucky enough if they managed to get a glimpse of a tree, let alone the dried up twigs that were rumored once upon a time to be such a thing. Something with ripe bark and leafy greens upon its canopies, it was damn near folly.

    Mopping at her brow with the cuffs of her gauntlets; duo toned eyes captured the light of the suns above with vigor almost making them sparkle in a way that was unnatural. Then again, everything she was; was completely unnatural... to put it lightly.

    Perhaps she could chalk up the horrified looks to the dried blood that caked up her gauntlets and her light clothing but that would be rather foolish to assume. Nay she knew why people were promptly ushering children into the mud and sand homes, why the elderly were drawing their gazes down to their laps as their lips began to pray to risen lords that existed beyond the veil of the blue sky; ears fringed with gold and a body forged from parts that should have been only to that of a beast, she was an eye full to feast upon. That is, if most weren't so fearing that she'd somehow suck the very soul from the depths of their skins with a simple cast of eyes. That would be rather convenient though, make less of a mess when she had to choose whether or not someone had the worth to their lives.

    Draping dusty brown hair trailing in rippling air waves behind her, as she was scouring for nothing more than water. She might have been a hellish creation that in all right shouldn't be walking and talking, but she had been given this false hood of life and wasn't about to squander it due to looks and god fearing people running in bouts away from her.

    The long stretch of ears that rose up out of her skull rather than where the once human ears rested listening to the hushed murmurs that were usually meant to be kept from one's hearing, she gritted her teeth. Damn them stupid creatures, when it came to seeing her or another one of her special breeding around they all cowered in their homes and yet... if the chaos that rolled in thick waves came to this wasteland of a village, they'd be begging her for her saving grace.

    After all she was created for that simple reason alone.

    Ripped away from her freshly dug grave, flesh still holding a rosy tan complexion- the men who played god took pieces of jackals, to stretch and mold limbs and bodies into what she was now. Her previous death hadn't been pleasant, having her arms and legs torn away from her torso leaving the remnants of her body as a stump. Though they took glee in mauling that as well leaving her nothing more than a head really. Using alchemy, hellish manna and whatever else torturous fun to twist and create the body unfit for mankind, she was over all grateful for it.

    She had only begun her twenty second year of life to have it ripped away from her - due to an false accusation that she had been a part of the murderous cult that revenged the lands - so being here and now in this strange body was in a way a blessing.

    But still... being a unwanted protector to the beings that once scorned her was a hard pill to swallow. And yet... she still did it.

    A little lost within the depths of her thoughts, she hummed when she heard the wooden bucket tumble across the ground until she lifted a padded foot to stop it from continuing on its sudden adventure. A brow raised as she looked down to it, as the young boy came skittering across the parched soil and gravel to reach out for it. Though his tiny hands stopped just before her foot to hazard a look up to her looming figure.

    No smile touched her face, rather the grim line stressed over her lips before she nudged the bucket back to his hands.
    "You are fetching water, from where?" her voice was gentle- everything that most wouldn't expect from a monster. There was no sense in scaring the boy any more than he already was.

    Fingers shook as he pointed off towards the east of the village square, as she rubbed her index and thumb against one another with a thought. Not offering more than a polite tip of her chin to thank him for his cooperation; she stepped right over top of the lad while trying not to look hurried to get to the well that would house fresh water.

    But that proved far more difficult the moment she turned about one of the buildings of mud, as she damn near squealed out of delight to see the poor looking well.

    Hurried feet rushed to that of the well, only to lean herself half way in - greedily scooping handfuls of water into her leathery palette and she would have been more than happy to drink her weight if she was allowed too. Before someone was poking at her shoulder,
    "What is it? Can't you see that I am attempting to drown myself in sweet bliss!" her voice echoed through the well she remained halfway submerged in.

    "You're an Anubian, are you not?" a man's voice... elderly too.

    Exhaling heavily, she lifted a foot to wiggle it still not daring to come up fully out of the well,
    "No it's a costume for hallow's eve, I'm just a couple months early!" she laced every word with sarcasm; "Of course I am an anubian! How many others do you see melded with a jackal you old coot! What the hell do you want, I'm busy here."

    Tapping more insistently on her shoulder, she let out an audible growl pushing herself right back up and into the dry heat to look imposingly down to the bald stout elder;
    "I beg your pardon dear, but it could it be possible with you in our town that we might be plagued with demons and spirit raisers?"

    A golden fringed ear faltered to tilt backwards,
    "Spirit raisers, you mean necromancers?" fingers pressed to her forehead; "Your little ass hole of a town is safe, no one in their right mind would willingly seek to demolish it." she was more than temperamental to the moment, the heat, the blood on her and the want to jump head first into the water that was resting so close was enough to drive one mad. "Now does that make you feel better?"

    He frowned at her before he shook his head with a renewed smile on his lips;
    "Not overly but with an Anubian around, I doubt we have much to fear than yourself."

    She frowned now crossing her arms under her breasts,
    "Right, now go on and shoo." she cuffed a hand towards him in a motioning movement, "Unless you are about to offer me a cool bath, shoo shoo."

    He chuckled this time causing her frown to furrow further;
    "Let the sun bless you my dear," putting a hand over his heart in an oath she knew was famous to the believer types, she was weary that he was about to baptize her before he turned about face and walked leisurely away. Rubbing the long hair out of her face, she could only shake her head before turning right around to rub those hands eagerly together.

    "Dear water, you shall me mine!" She cared little if this was the towns drinking water or bathing water, it was going to be that for her. Leaping up to the ledge, she splashed her way into the small opening to soak herself from head to toe with a great relief to rise up out of her bosom. "Sweet bliss."

  2. The road is paved of risk and riches. Tribble had spoken those fateful words. Little did she know, those very words would change the life of a humble warrior in a profound way.

    Coiling, leuceous locks cascaded down Avai's back as her gaze became drawn toward the azure heavens. Champagne tendrils were swept away from her delicate, feminine features by a gentle gust of wind that was very welcome but unusual for the arid climate she had forced herself to become accustomed to. The skies revealed no signs of rain, not even a cloud to give her some mercy from the boiling heat of the sun. Her gaze seemed forever transfixed upon the the massive, firey eye glaring down upon her, her comrades.

    " she stricken with blindness, you think?" The rogue, small in stature, quipped in a voice that was unpleasantly grating to her listeners. She received no answer, slumping back against a fallen bough with a pout clearly displayed upon her face. As the towheaded leader finally tore her attention from the sky, she observed Tribble displeasedly before speaking to the party of ill-equipped adventurers. "It is too hot to traverse this unfamiliar territory now. We will have to wait for nightfall, or surely will will drop like flies." Tribble's dark mane swept across her shoulders as she shook her head. "But we have nothing to eat, nothing to quench our parched throats! And, I don't know how long I can stand the rather...insufficient shelter we have.

    This cave reeks like rotting corpses! She removed herself from the undesireable atmosphere, but her nostrils couldn't seem to escape the scent of decomposition. " hair is plastered to my face and neck!" She tried to wring out her hair, pouting and making sure that her suffering was obvious to everyone. "We're all suffering. I don't see how complaining will solve anything." Revlis shot an angry look at the rogue, baring his teeth. His mousey hewed facial hair glistened with sweat. "We must not turn upon one another, surely we can wait a while longer. I think there's a town up ahead somewhere..." Avai unfolded a crude map for all to see.

    "How are we going to get there?" Tribble spoke, having been riled up by the warrior's harsh tone. "Our horses were those things.." She cocked her head toward the meat pile that laid at the opposite wall of the cave. "I've never seen anything like them!" Revlis nodded in agreement. "Aye, neither have I. I'm almost certain that none of us individually had encountered these creatures in our travels." His hair matched Tribble's in length, blanketing the nape of his neck in sweat and dirt.

    Hellinka sat in silence, brooding. She usually only commented when adrressed, otherwise wasting not a breath to speak to her companions. "Well, our armor is in need of some serious repair, and I doubt it will offer no protection at all until then. " Tribble's laugh was cut short by her own interruption. "You look like a dinged up tin can, Revlis!" Her pointed finger quickly retreated when he looked upon her, as if to size her up for a fight. Avai's eyes rolled, as she was losing patience with the petty squabbling. "Yes, we are all in need of baths, a decent meal in our stomachs, bed rest. Our weapons and armor alike have taken much damage, and we are out of most supplies. "

    Her scalemail seemed held together only by the grace of the deities, Hellinka was clad in tattered pieces of cloth, remnants of a once luxurious garment that docked at her ankles. Tribble was going on about her leather, how it had been split here and there, how it smelled like sweating bovine. She only fell silent when the loud rumblings of someone's stomach had made her lose train of thought, which she spent the next few moments desperately trying to grasp at floating nonsense in her mind, to make an attempt to again become the center of attention. "The sun is setting, and we must be on our way." Avai turned away from the fingers of purple and pinks that now that unfurled across the sky. Arsenic's words carried them into the first signs of nightfall.

    As everyone exited the small hovel of a cave and started their trek toward Hearthforge, a rather icy rain began to fall upon the party, making them endure another they were unexpecting. It did not impede their journey, falling upon them in small droplets, but Tribble and the mage were shivering with every step. They came upon a speck of a village, seeing the burning torches at the entrance of Hearthforge in the distance.

    Hellinka had knowledge of spells that would most likely dissipate th rain, but offered no help for a more desired climate. Her own discomfort would not be in vain if those around her also suffered. She smiled on the inside. They were taken aback by the sound of bellowing laughter, and the mage reeled out of her reverie. "I smell girl..." Spoke an uneducated brute, but it was too dark to distinguish any figures lurking about under the shroud of night. It laughed again, this time Hellinka's silken voice echoed in incantation. Tiny orbs of white light dotted the air around them like stars. "Boo!"

    Avai was greeted with the visage of an Orc, the creature having to stoop down to be at eye level with an average sized human. She stared unblinkingly for a moment, not knowing if she should consider it hostile and act first, or stay reserved and watch it's actions. "Me" It pointed to itself, smiling proudly that it was able to pronounce part of it's monicker. "Hi! I'm Tribble En Lace, sinster to the great Rogue, Arsenic!" The rogue manuveured through the group, pushing Avai out of the way in the process. "I've never seen an Orc before.." Straining against the darkness, she viewed Ara's sillhouette. "I never knew Orcs came in female versions!" She breathed, clearly astonished by this.
  3. She had managed to pull herself up and out of the well before the villagers became enraged to the fact that she was scrubbing herself in the well - though she highly doubted that anyone would approach her... well again. The man was either really brave or half cocked out of his mind.

    Leaving a steady trail of droplets in her wake, she took the opportunity to use the air of running to keep her body temperature down at least until the clouds that had to been seen in a coon's age - came rolling in and let out its ripe bosom of cold wash. At first it felt great, but eventually she was soaked to her bones and furiously cursing the rain with a shaking fist and quick feet running through the mud and grime.
    "I think I would prefer blood than mud!" she beckoned to herself verbally until she dove under a truss that bordered around the closest town, shaking off in a hastily wild manner though it did little to ease the sopping wetness that coated her from head to toe.

    Her finger shot up towards the sky;
    "This is vengeance for bathing in the well, isn't it!" she accused the gods overhead, "I better not get a cold otherwise..." her nose wrinkled as a loud feh came from her mouth, allowing herself to go dashing back out into the rain, trying to dodge the pounding rain with very little grace. She was giving wet dog a whole new meaning!

    Eventually she slowed her running feet to that of a miserable canter, dusty locks slopped into her face sticking everywhere while the large ears were pinned back flat against her skull.
    "Karma has to have a hand in everything..." she muttered to herself.

    Perhaps she would have been content to be in her grumpy state of rain, but a flash of light caused her to start forcing her head to crane up to the rather large grouping of what she could tell humans and something that still stunk in the wet air, orc. Opening a hand in a sort of cuffing motion as if to say now what, lips blew out making droplets spray off of her.

    It wasn't the time to stop and gawk at the sight or even wonder who was casting that much of a light spell, she needed to get at least out of the rain somewhat while gathering her bearings again. Squaring off her shoulders, she rubbed her nose with the back of her gauntlet as she shoved through the grouping when she came close enough, they were standing int he middle of the road. though she more so shoved the Orc than most,
    "Slaggin hell, if you are all going to talk get off the road way idiots!" she snarked turning the teal eye over her shoulder firstly; "Human's I swear."
  4. Avai's metallic nails drummed against the tabletop, her sad gaze seeking the barmaid. Perhaps she wished to drown her sorrows in a stiff imbibement, for it would be too sad to drudge up fresh memories, and wallow through the bog of despair sober minded. She could still hear the screams which were torn from them as they were ambushed by Darklings, creatures which seemed to manifest of the residues produced by fear, interwoven with the darkness itself.

    As she did dwell upon the subject of the fatality which befell her team, her mind's eye had once again captured the moment in an all too vivid detail. The snarling specters ripping at their bodies, flesh falling everywhere. Tribble's voice would abrade the ears of all as she perished, having been impaled by a shadowy claw. The one known as Avail would stand in the midst of fallen comrades, ready to fend off any opposition which may approach her.

    They all seemed to recede then, what she had assumed to be the lead would paint a message upon the thick atmosphere which seemed to encumber her greatly. "Our Master wishes you to find her, but most likely you will slump like a holey sack of flour upon the cold, unforgiving soil. Carrion and worms shall feed upon your flesh, rendering your lifeless form in tatters!" Their rasping words seemed to infiltrate every crevasse of her mind, unearthing secrets which were hidden even to her knowledge.
  5. Cursing while lips were mumbling against one another, aghast stares and paling faces were present in a smooth line before the tavern as she was less than pleased to have been sent out on such a mission. You would think with her ranking in the system they would have at least told her that what she was going up was a hive rather than thinking it was one crazy power hungry summoner and maybe just maybe ready for the onslaught of curdling creatures.

    Perhaps she was less pleased that her gauntlets had been permanently stained with the black cruor that came streaming fresh out of their bodies, or the idea that she had been sent in alone almost on a death mission! Which was she madder about had yet to be deciphered in her mind, so for now she was fuming about both.

    Slamming open the door allowing the bright light of day to stream in to the putrid foul nest of vomit, sex and liqour- the heterochromia eyes scoured devilishly over the drunken patrons with foul detestation as she flicked with a hard jerk; the head that she had been carrying by the hair into it allowing it roll its way in. lacing the stained boards with its gray matter and rancid blood, her hands curved upwards into claws; "You morons!" she bellowed as she jumped down the short stubby steps that lead in,
    "You could have told me that your 'little' problem" she made sure to quote little as that was what she was told originally; "Was a huge problem! Do you know how many people have been killed while you idiots lied about it." she stabbed a finger at the barkeep - the one who had recruited her in the first place as she stepped right over the severed head, "You are so god damn lucky I am under oath otherwise I'd rip your balls right out of your nose!"

    Huffing heavily she tilted her head back to look at the staring patrons;
    "All of you are morons, all that matters is saving your own skin! You give no care to others who have been slain by those creatures!"

    Her show was put on and all were captive at least it appeared that way. Again was it due to the gruesome sight of the decapitated head on the floor or was the mere fact that an creation of hell and alchemy was standing before them? Either way they were paying attention.
  6. Morbidia was standing in the square which seemed to be an everyday occurrance, trying to unload her Skull flowers upon an unwelcoming public. Most would diverge from the quickest path to their desired destinations, just to save their ears of her gloomy twist of tongue. She was a conspicuous figure painted in black upon those cobbled streets, her clothing a high contrast against skin the color of fine porcelain. Her stygian tendrils fell down her back in subtle wavelets, like the churning of the tides of the River Styx when a newly departed soul is ushered into the afterlife.

    "Skullflower?" She would extend the ghastly headed floret toward a woman whose status as stranger seemed blatantly stamped across her face as she greeted this peculiar female with not revulsion, but a smile. "I apologize, but I've not a coin to my name." The abomination of a bouquet seemed not to be contain the delightful scents of flowers which grew upon the glen, but instead they reeked of a mingling of skunk and entrails which baked in a midday sun.

    "Pluck a flower from my grasp, the skies shall darken, the wind will rasp. Prick your flesh of the thorn, not a blessing but a curse to those lovelorn. Murdering passions, hopes shall die..." The visitor to Hearthforge was forcibly removed from the spot she stood by one of the natives to the city, breaking the thrall Morbidia's poem would induce upon her. Kaboodle/Morbidia.jpg
  7. Roman Dorus (click for picture)

    Chewing upon the wooden stick for a while now, he didn't seem willing to relent it quite yet. Biting it hard between his teeth, the sun was raised high above the town basking the golden rays down with a warming embrace as he swatted away a pesky bugger of a horse fly. Them bastards should have a better name, as he didn't think he was a horse!

    People were growing anxious with this woman's presence constantly babbling in a twisted way and attempting to sell the rather disgusting flowers. He was by no means a man who thought flowers were beautiful in general, but this... this was beyond something else.

    Flicking the long ear again to attempt to shoo away the persistent fly; he narrowed the dark orb within his gaze as a woman seemed to come to the dark woman's call. It wasn't his job to step in the way but that didn't mean he wasn't tempted too.

    Fingers tucked against the hem of his pants;
    "Ought to move along;" he murmured beneath a soft breath rolling the toothpick across his lips. It seemed that judgement had pass over the woman when someone else pulled her away from the flower seller creating a small quirk of a smile to press on his lips.

    Idle hands lifted to scuff up his auburn hair;
    "Oy this lass is making herself a real pain here. Won't be long before the council starts issuing orders out for her head." he spoke to himself beneath a subtle breath.
  8. Avai shot a look to the woman who barged into the tavern, commanding the audience of all which occupied it. What was she going on about? Didn't she realize that this establishment was one in which most came to brood upon their troubles, and numb their pain away with a series of drink? The head which intruded upon her quiet time had left a trail of blood upon the dusty floorboards, gathering the momentum needed of an unlevel foundation as to carry it toward the bar.

    "I feel sorry for the barmaid." She would mumble under her breath, searching for the face usually brightened by a smile as to reflect a look of pity to her. "Perhaps I shall ask her if she wishes me to mop away the scum. I am more accustomed to blood than she, and it would probably unsettle her stomach if she tried. " The steel clawed woman rose from the booth, the spurs of her boots making a clang with each step as she encroached upon the space of Jyn.

    "Is there a problem here?" Her pale blue gaze traveled downward from the woman's face. "Why do you question the integrity of these people? Why do you sully their reputations? She caught a stray glance of Morbidia out the window, the fiendish flora resembling the bony structures of which an infant's face would sit upon.
  9. Oh she could have cared less about this establishment or any other building that was conversed in the fine arts of drowning oneself in ale mead or anything else that was a sure fire way to kill yourself slowly. The long ears that crested on her crown flicked to the mumbling though she didn't accurately hear it, she knew someone was murmuring.

    Listening to the sound of someone getting up, her gaze narrowed drastically to the woman that came up to her, only receiving a stern look down and the canine ears to fold back. Giving her a bit of a look over, she slide a foot back to allow herself a full turn around to stand toe to toe with this human.
    "Unless you know the whole story of the situation lady, best be sticking your nose elsewhere." she kept her tone even this time, "And they sully their own reputations, obviously your new around here. You don't hire out an Anubian unless you want to sully your reputation."

    Her brow lifted as she turned to face the barkeep planting a firm hand down to the countertop;
    "The council will be by shortly to take payment for my services, you know the drill, just have it ready."

    Placing her back to face the woman in metal that stood up to face her, she wrinkled her nose;
    "That lazy mongrel, he better not be outside flirting." she spoke to herself thinking of the fellow Anubian who had joined her not more than a day and a half ago.

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