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  1. “Because you turn away, so did Harmony.” Kunari shrug.
  2. Belle

    Her feet rested on the dashboard "Im hoping he will say yes. Even if he may be delusional with personalities the Hunter would be a great addition."
  3. “Me fall for an angel?” *alex laughed* “you’re just my way of passing time.” *alexander began thrusting harder in response*
  4. "Only him."
  5. "That's sexist. I have plenty of sense."
  6. “Your son sounds like he inherit none of them.” She took Ashley from him and check her temperature again.
  7. "She was captured and I'm glad she's alive. What you said also had me worried."
  8. Astaroth pulled her into a hug. "I know it's hard, but if there is anyone who needs those feelings right now it's Alena. She's still here, and I don't want to see another of our own dragged down and pushed away."
  9. "And we're glad you're home."
  10. “She’s every angels’ idol and I’m the cautionary tale.. now more than ever.”
  11. "Do the other angels have those runes?"
  12. “Don’t... they’ll kill you.”
  13. “Ah..” Kunari tremble slightly.
  14. Astaroth started licking more vigorously.
  15. Astaroth smiled as he entered her.
  16. "So you have an advantage."
  17. "By tbe way: Sophie is pregnant." Astaroth continued smiling, ignoring Kunari.
  18. Belle

    With a small smile she said "You are the Hunter, no?"