Bro Headbutt!

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  1. Hey there, Dame Ram speaking!

    I'm female, in my twenties and I love both historical stuff and futuristic settings, along with mixing the two in the alternate history and punk genre. I live in the land of maple syrup and poutine and am not so into sports :/. That said, my love for documentaries is well known in my immediate family and I love historical tales and history as a whole, though my knowledge of it will forever be lacking due to laziness and procrastination. I was born in the year of the Ram in spring, and have a slight fascination with fantasy knights, hence the username!

    That's all, I think, sorry for the headache, I thought a headbutt would put me in spirited character!
    See ya!
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  2. Yay for genre blending!

    Welcome to the site, Rammy Dame!
  3. Thank you, Diana! I love your avatar, by the way :)!
  4. Whoa...Awesome name! Any how I am Domeki and I welcome you *Waves*
  5. Thank you, Domeki :)!
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