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  1. "I just go along." Harmony chuckle, "I seem to recall you telling me that you'll show me new things."
  2. If games never ending is the issue, people need to be more succinct with their games, lol. To be honest, I've been writing up a GMing guideline for the future, and I do think tying up ten to fifteen people in a campaign that goes on for half a year to be unfair to them and anyone running future events. Even if those end up dead by then, the question becomes, why are they a zombie and why were they open to so many in the first place? I mean this specifically for MG stuff, run your non-MG RPs for seven years for all I care, lol.

    Anyway, Josh should have said this a few days ago, if at all, lol. You need to calm down, buddy. A little late to talk about it when we already opened up guest slots. It's true that if we knew months ago that we'd lose maybe 25% to 50% based off the theme, we wouldn't have gone ahead with it, but everyone seemed pretty on board, so it's like... I don't know. It is truly unfortunate to me that if so many have lost their passion, it's too bad to see it at a time that's usually our most active and for a GM that didn't get much hype the last time around either.

    We'll see how it goes, in any case. Godspeed.
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  4. "Probably started wandering off towards paschears."
  5. I did an edit that includes your last suggestion. All of that sounds like it'd open the way for your post if I add it in, right?
  6. "Nothing. I don't want anything."
  7. "Aw, but it's so much fun for you to find out yourself."