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  1. Okay so let me run down this. First and foremost I do not have a ‘set plot’ in mind, I am looking for several genre. So bellow are those genre, I don’t expect you to have an idea either! What I expect is for you to be willing to brainstorm with me so we can have some fun!


    1) Superheroes, either DC/Marvel or made up heroes either is fine.

    2) Odd pairings.

    3) Vampires V.S. Werewolves

    4) God(dess) meets Moral

    5) Incest

    These are the things I’m looking for. If you have a suggestion as well feel free to give it! All rp’s may take place in: past, present, future, sci-fi, fantasy, medieval, or any other setting you may have in mind. I’m not picky.
  2. I would possibly interested in either of the yellow ones!
  3. Drop me a Pm then ^.^
  4. Are you still looking for partners? :3
  5. Yes ma'am
  6. God(dess) meets moral? Can I please has more information via pm?
  7. sure dro me a pm telling me what you wanna know. And i'lla nswer it.
  8. I can't really PM anyone as I'm new but please do send me some info about 4 & 5. Also, can I get more info about number 2? I'm not quite sure what that is. :)
  9. I for some reason can't send PM's on the iPhone. But I'd be interested in 5. But I would like more information on 2.
  10. do you have an instant messagner so on so forth anything so that the threat doesn't get floodded.