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About Us
Brightfield is a semi-canon Pern site, and the home of not one, but two Weyrs. Plots are open and there are plenty of things to do at each location, where dragonriders are our focus rather than just hatchings! We have a friendly staff, are open to plot suggests, and we hope that you'll take a look around if you're shopping for a new Dragonriders of Pern game. Don't know DRoP? Never fear! We have a complex resource guide to help newbs just like you get into the fascinating, fantasy world by Anne McCaffrey. If you're looking for a good time, some great plots, and excellent people, then stop on in to Brightfield today!

The Weyrs
2000 turns have passed since AIVAS was discovered, and Pern's civilization has evolved. When Thread returned, leaving the Northern continent, now budding with technological advancements, thoroughly devastated. Even after two centuries, they have failed to recover from Thread's sudden return. The Southern continent, home to the only two Weyrs that Pern has left to offer, have been forced to unite to try and cater to the needs of the wounded cities of the North. The dragonriders have been returned to their former glory, and yet there are vast cultural differences between the regressive South and the progressive nature of the North.


Palisade Weyr, a sea port and the major center of commerce for the Southern continent, is proud to boast that their dragonriders not only fight Thread, but they help work to keep trade flowing freely between the North and South! Where there are seas and marks to be made, there is always someone trying to steal. Join Palisade and help to fight against the treacherous thieves! Without a host of candidates to worry about, the dragonriders here focus on relations to the North, commerce, trade, and travel.


Welcome to Barrier, located just south of the Eastern Barrier Mountain Range in a convenient bend in a canyon river. While lacking proper sands, they have a place to store the eggs that has been heated since the Weyr's foundation, heated up by the whers! Not only does this weyr hold the answer to dragon-kin's futures, but is also a mine hold as well, servicing the minecraft and earning their keep working in the mountain ranges looking for precious metals, stones, and natural resources that power the Northern inventions that were transplanted South at the return of Thread.

Welcome to Brightfield

With the return of Thread imminent, where will your loyalties lie?

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