Breathing in Snowflakes

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    A Jack Frost x Elsa Roleplay between ~Rebel~Ninja~ x AsarielNight
  2. It's so adorable. *Squeals, and dies from cuteness overload.*
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    "Conceal it. Don't feel it. Conceal it. Don't feel it." The young girl repeated her mantra, her eyes shut tight to block out the sight of ice expanding before her. The thin sheet seemed to only spread more with each word and yet she continued. The day was destined to be a struggle from the moment Elsa woke from nightmares of ice statues resembling her family. It was an old nightmare, but awakening from it never got easier. Elsa exhaled as she peaked open, watching the ice halt in its invasion, though not disappearing. "Don't let it ---"

    Knock. Knock. Knock.

    Elsa cringed at the all too familiar knock against her door. She ignored it, as she always did. Yet, her sister was always persistent and knocked, speaking through the wood. Finally, Elsa sighed, feeling herself growing irritated. "Go away Anna!" Elsa shouted back, hating she had to say it at all. Finally soft footsteps faded from her door, leaving Elsa alone, again. Doing her best to ignore the ice surrounding her, the young girl pulled her previously discarded text book back into her lap, hoping the mathematics inside might calm her mind.
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    It was agony to watch the young girl. Jack remember watching the young girls play, so young and full of life. The poor blonde was always so alone. "I wish I can help," he mumbled to himself from the tree outside," I think I might know how. Quickly, he leaped from the tree branch to the roof, scurrying to the chimney. There he created a snow cloud and start to shake it down the pipe.
    Thinking he got her attention by now, Jack slide back down to the tree and looked out the window. Getting closer than normal, just waiting for the child to noticed the snowing fireplace. With his staff in hand, Jack conjured up a snowman, one that looked like Olaf. Smiling, he waited to see the reaction of the little girl.

  5. Mathematics would only hold a child's interest for so long and eventually Elsa sighed, closing the book and removing it from her lap. Yet the book had it's desired effect and the ice had begun to retreat. Her crystal like gaze swept over her bedroom seeking out any lasting damage. Mid survey she froze, eyes locked on the soft flurries coming from her fireplace.

    Immediately fear swept over her. Had she done that? No. It was it wasn't possible. She hadn't been able to create something so delicate since the night she had hurt her sister.

    Curiously, she moved toward the flakes gingerly sticking her small hand out to catch a few. They were soft, gentle as hey clung to her gloves in a way she had almost forgotten. A smile pulled at her lips as she cupped her hands together to catch more snow.

    Movement from the corner of her eye drew her attention and she turned suddenly to find Olaf, the snowman from her childhood standing in her room. But how? Elsa spun looking for the source of such creation , brows knitted together in confusion.

  6. The girl looked slightly more at ease as smiled at Olaf and held the snow in her hands. Then, Jack couldn't help but noticed the confusion on her face. He longer to reach out to any child and reveal himself, but that's not how it works. It got lonely. Of course he had the other magical beings, but none really associated with him, so he was swore to wander Earth alone, to make other kids happy, but not himself.

    Frost didn't sign up for his job or his powers, nor did the girl. Maybe that is why he feel such a bond, they were both lonely and had powers they didn't want. Jack had one more trick up his sleeve, but it would require him to go inside. With his staff in hand, Jack gracefully slipped down the chimmey and landed on his feet. Not worrying about being seen, since the child probably didn't believe in him, he whirled his staff around until the ground was covered in ice. Then, he blew on the girl and she took off sliding on the ice. "All you need is fun," he sighed.
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    Elsa had stalled, eyes sweeping her room, heart pounding in her chest. She might not be able to control her magic but she could tell this wasn't her. It was far too gentle, for one. So the young child was still, her mind searching for answers. Just as she was about to seek out her father, he always seemed to know what to do, she found herself sliding across the ice covered floor.

    If it had been anyone else, they might have slipped or flailed, but Elsa was all too accustom to the task. So she slide gracefully, before turning in an smooth arch back to the source of the sudden gust. Her eyes widened at the sight of the stranger in her room and she arms flailed, trying to prevent herself from moving any closer to him. Bringing herself to a stop she froze, arms as her side, chin raised as her lessons had taught her, voice firm and demanding despite her young age and small stature. "Who are you?"
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    Jack's eyes widened in shock. She can see me, he thought. He was taken back in shock. "I'm..." Jack was lost for words. "I'm..." His blonde hair was disheveled as the girl watched him. She had shock him with her firm voice. "You can see me?" It was more of a statement than question. He kneeled down on one leg and stared eye-level at her.
    How can I explain this, he thought for a second. Then, an idea came to him. "My name is Jack, and I'm your imaginary friend." It made since no one else could see him and the girl was obviously lonely. He smiled gingerly and hope the child didn't know he was lying.
  9. Elsa couldn't help but wonder just how confused this boy might be. He stood in the middle of her room, questioning if she could see him. Perhaps, he had though he had hidden himself away, and was only now aware that hiding in the open wasn't hiding at all. Her eyes narrowed, confusion in her expression. "Yes? Why wouldn't I? You're not hiding very well." Elsa spoke, a matter of fact as she watched him, curiosity evident in her blue eyes.

    Before the young princess could ask the boy introduced himself, and she nodded softly in acknowledgement. But his next statement caught Elsa off guard. At 8 years old, Elsa may have been a child but the idea of an imaginary friend seemed something Anna might think of, not herself. No, the future queen of Arendelle wasn't privy to such things. Still, she couldn't help but wonder. Quirking an eyebrow she spoke. "If you're my imaginary friend then why don't I remember imagining you?"
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