Breaking the Fourth Wall



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Recently, I've noticed a phenomenon that intrigues me. I am starting to see a subjugation of the "original" personality, the "Quinton" side, (Which seems to be a well constructed front). I'm feeling that I am becoming this character I tend to play, Aragon. I actually believe I've always been Aragon, but this personality has been blocked by the necessity to hide myself in a well-constructed front.

This observation leads me to a question: Are you becoming, or have you already become, the character your roleplay as? Are you breaking the fourth wall?
My characters are in a sense, parts of me that I cannot achieve as of yet. Each character I play is some facet of a particular trait I like or want for myself.

In some cases, I do feel like I become the character in a sense. But it's easy for me because Trance Kitsune is almost spot on from who I actually am, just a tad zanier.

I find this to be an interesting topic!
Most characters I create/play I put some element of myself in. Whether it's a personality quirk (or the actual personality as a whole), small mannerisms, or a certain look. However, I can't really say I've 'become' my characters. In all truth online in general I tend to be one way and IRL I tend to be another (though not entirely different just different enough to function in whatever setting I may be in). What you get is what you get with me :p I'm honestly not HALF as interesting a person as I sometimes seem online haha
not really, I knew from the start that I was giving pieces of myself or my friends personas in my characters, but I've used it to more thoroughly explore my mind.

The back bleed is minimal.
When it comes to my characters, I tend to make the character's personality or appearance something I'd like to become. Each character's dominant personality is taken from one of my many, so I may have the carefree, happy swordsman, the apathetic, dark HighMage, or the honorable, trustworthy knight. Most of my characters have a sense of honor of some sort, a code they follow, which I personally do as well. So it's not that I've become my character, but they are, in fact, a representation of an already existing personality, or one I can only dream of achieving.
not a chance. they're alter egos, not the other way around.
The only one that was is a sort of alter ego, based on the to say...inhuman, side of me, but that character was supposed to do that so I guess the 4th wall was never built.

Uh. ...Kind of. The only reason why it blended was because my very very very first character I created back as a kid playing pretends, it was "Diana". Basically the kind of person I wanted to be. So over time (20+ years worth of time. x___x yay for being old.), I would slowly adopt those habits, style, etc deliberately trying to become this super awesome person with a sweetass adventure life.

Eventually I figured out what was realistic and what wasn't. The stuff that I could change and the stuff I just had to accept was a part of the real me. So over time the person I wanted to be and the person I was blended together. :D Now everyone outside of my blood-relatives call me Diana, cause it's hard for me or anyone else to see me as a different name.

It is the only "character" that ever altered real life me. It was kind of it's purpose, anyway. All my other characters are 100% characters, and like everybody else, each of them will have an aspect of myself, but they don't affect real life me. I am who I want to be now, so my pretend peeps don't blend with my life. XD Incidentally, I never use Diana as a character name anymore (and having to use it in Iwaku World has been an awkward issue. e.e;) And I've since given the old character a total redesign and new name. o__o
Ah... no. I keep those things separate. The last thing I need is to turn into a British chick raised in Hong Kong who ran away to learn kung-fu. Just as an example.

I do however like to "method act" my characters and spend some time walking around either home or school and try to get into their head. Pretend I'm that character and I'm walking around. What's going through their/my head, how they're walking. If I'm playing an angry character I might walk with my fists clenched. I wouldn't say they characters are a part of myself(I've played zombie cowboys who wanted to destroy the world, what part of me is that?(I think it's the appendix)) or who I myself want to be(I've played emotionless golems(Who are slowly gaining emotions, of course)) and characters who are utter monsters, but rather who I think it would be interesting or fun to play in the story.

I've got limits, but I'd say that's my approach to characters: What would be fun? What would be interesting?
method acting is fucking wicked. hard to do sometimes, easy at others, but fucking wicked at all times.
I put a little bit of myself into the characters I create. Be it their fears, their behaviour, their clothing style. Even part of their past is likely something that once happened to me, if not closely related. There are a couple of characters I've made who are like my opposite, though. It's a lot of fun to do, because I'm playing the parts of me that just don't exist.

But, really... I'm not becoming any character I've created. "Andi" and "Fluffy" are the same things, no matter what you call me. Only diff is I'm more social and confident on teh intarnetz. (But who isn't?) I someday would like to achieve some of what my characters have achieved, though.