Breaking The Birdcage (Arcadia Lumina & Dragonesper)

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  1. His name was Lord Peregrin Ventus. Once a Warden against the threat of the supernatural such as demons and dragons, his services were no longer needed as the world around him and others entered a permanent stasis. In the years that followed, his life had become more and more politically based, and as a diplomat, he was invited to every gala, masquerade and ball that the "Great Game" could aspire to create.

    That was why he was here, at the Masquerade of the Great Marquis of Savannahstrad, Lord Cullen Morrigan. He was to, by social decree, dance and drink the night away. But that was the fool's job. At these engagements, 'The Game' was in full swing, and to win, you had to both step up on the ladder of power and crush every other opposing skull beneath you on your way.

    He entered on the back of a steed, black as midnight, the beast itself known as Strider for it's speed and agility on the battlefield. Ahead was the portcullis of the castle, and with it, a swarm of servants came to relinquish Strider from Peregrin and have the horse moved to the stables for safekeeping. The servants were quick to take the reins of his horse, and with some reluctance, he gave the equine beast a pat on the side as farewell, before making his way into the grand garden, where nobles from houses ranging from the poorest nobles, such as the Pentaghasts, to the richest, much like the Pavus'. He could see servants milling about, and as one passed, he retrieved a drink from their held silver platter. The ale was spiced and tasted astonishing, a simple of the garish wealth of the house of Morrigan. Gazing up once, into the night sky, he made his way inside the grand castle.

  2. Walking among the higher ranked nobles Léas barely paid them any heed as she served them the fine food on the silver platter. Wearing a simple dress in the colors of the Marquis' house it was clear to see that she served him. What differed her from the other servants was the gathered, light grey wings on her back, her eyes similarly colored and luminescent white hair that lay loosely, framing her pale face and falling down her back. A prideful fae that gained her powers in the night she didn't want to be serving these humans, but the silver choker with the spell runes around her throat prevented her from escaping. Her head would be lost if she got too far from it's companion ring. The Marquis held that ring.

    After some years of this she would've thought that being a curiosity would end, but they never seemed to tire of the proof of the Marquis' apparent power. Of course she wasn't the only creature he held against their will, there were others, but they only saw each other on the banquets. Occasionally one of them had tried a direct retaliation or plotting an escape but somehow the Marquis and his mages grew wind of their plans or slayed them as they lashed out.

    Listening to the news of the outside world it seemed as nothing had changed since the last time she had been forced to serve tidbits of food and drink, just the usual gossip, intrigues and games held between the humans. Keeping up her cool front she wished that a break from the boredom could come soon. Too bad she couldn't just dump the platter and leave.
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    Peregrin smiled with no emotion as he wandered betwixt the nobles, sipping at his ale as if it would be his only company for the evening. The ballroom foyer was decadent, gold and blood-red filigree decorating every inch and corner, the Morrigan house symbol of two snakes intertwined, with a bony hand reaching upward between them. 'Ante mortem autem gloriari,' exclaimed their sigil, meaning Death is the first step to glory. He stopped for a moment, the smile becoming genuinely filled with emotion, as a gaggle of noblewomen passed him, stopping on the first apex of the stairs, where they split into the east wing and west wing of the castle.

    "I heard Lord Morrigan has a creature captured in this household." spoke the nasally voice of one female noble. Another, a man with a deep, baritone rumble, spoke up. "What absolute rubbish. Lord Morrigan would not have anything so reprehensible without a leash in this household." The other noble said, little knowing that Peregrin had stood behind them and played the game like an artist at his canvas. There was something in this household. Something that Lord Morrigan did not want to be seen, or at least publicly and truly visible. He would have to gather more clues to what it was and what it could be doing in such an establishment. Or else, call the guard and become part of an unneeded fiasco.

    Suddenly, to break his concentration, a bell sounded, a deep, resonant tone that indicated to all that the Grand Ballroom required their feet and their attention. Just like that, he and the the other nobles became similar to a polite deluge of body parts, all heading in a mob through the grand, dark oak doors. The game was afoot, and the evening was just getting started. ​
  4. As the bell rang the second spell the runes held activated. The lesser nobles were let in and the great ball would begin with the game being upped as the knowledge among the higher ranked was held from the others. The transformation spell was not kind as her wings retracted into her shoulders and her hair darkened to a pale blond.

    The very first time it had happened she had almost cried out in pain, her pride denying her the show of weakness, though she had dropped the tray she had been holding at that time. This time she gripped firmly on the metal as the transformation went through, not letting out a sound. The pain was nothing. It was only an illusion like the moon reflected in a lake.

    Knowing that the spell kept her true nature hidden Léas only waited for something that could be a plot for freedom. Plotting inside the house had been a failure. The ones that had struck back got killed. Escape was impossible no matter what she had flung against the barriers. Yet she shouldn't give up, no matter how that man would try to disgrace her and break her.
  5. As he stepped into the ballroom, Peregrin could spot a speaker at the far end, on a lowly-elevated balcony, scroll in hand. The nobles were gathered around the edges of the ballroom in chatting gaggles, or else on the ballroom floor, performing in pairs for the others to see. As the great oak doors swung open, the congregation spilled in, either taking to the sides of the great hall, or onto the dance floor a set of stairs below them. His gaze was drawn to the announcer, and the announcer to his, and so began the man's job, declaring Peregrin's full esteemed title.

    "Lord Peregrin Ventus! Hero of Vvarden, Devestator of the Keth'Litar, and High Seeker of the Templar Order." spoke the announcer, as the congregation of nobles turned and gathered toward him, the eyes behind their masquerade masques either filled with glee, or readiness to manipulate the man to their will. However, Peregrin was not easily manipulated. Mulled whispers spread through those who were near him, tales about his fighting, righteous and evil in a balanced scale. He had saved Vvarden from a necromantic horde, whop had threatened to unleash a cloud of darkness and plague across the lands if not stopped. The Keth'Litar was still somewhat a diplomatic issue, as although their survival was dictated by becoming symbiotic to a living host, they enhanced their host's intelligence, and many living diplomats, artists and painters that were famous had fallen to the end of Peregrin's blade.

    He was moving to the ballroom floor when a noblewoman approached him. "I am Emilia Havenspire, m'lord, and I have some information that may...interest you. But first, let us make our way to the ballroom. We will not be heard once in the full throng of the festivities." Emilia exclaimed as she gently clasped his hand in her white, silken gloved hand, and walked with him to the ballroom floor.

    "You see, Lord Peregrin, not all is as it seems... there is something here, cursing this manor. Something of magical sorts." She exclaimed, as Peregrin absorbed the information with keen eyes. "Lord Pavus keeps a keen eye on all of his servants...for many reasons. However, I'm sure you've noticed an overabundance of magical defense runes. This is not to stop danger from getting in." She exclaimed, before letting Peregrin twirl her outward, then inward. "It's to stop magic from leaving the manor."
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