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  1. He heard a loud window crash and footsteps that marched outside of his room. Charles shot up from out of his bed and covered his mouth. Next was two gunshots from his parents room. As the sound races through the house, he cried under his hand.
    Charles took his blanket and snuck his way under his bed,covering himself.
    The door opened,with a shrill creaking sound overlapped the sound of heavy footsteps. He continued to silence his whimpers and cries as he watched the robbers creep around his room.
    Charles shifted himself under the bed,unfortunately knocking over an action figure.The heavy action figure made a deep thud.He stood still and held his breath,waiting for the burglar to look under the bed.
  2. This was the third house Chris and Blue were hitting up tonight! They were both tired of killing people, and lugging their now stolen crap around. They were searching around this kids room. Though not seeing a child in the bed was od they continued on with the search for valuables. Then they heard a thud, causing them to jump sky high! "Jesus! Chris! What did you do?!" Blue shouted at him. "I-I Didn't do nothing! Something must've fell over!" Chris said back. "Well, go check it out!" Blue demandingly yelled. Chris looked around the room to see what fell. Then he saw half of an action figure sticking out from underneath the bed. He picks the toy up by its feet and looked over to Blue to say "See I told you so! It was just a toy, now can we please get back to work?!"
  3. Charles caught his breath,shutting his eyes tightly.
    His shaken breathing more notcible as he whimpered.
    Charles noticed his breathing and curled up into a ball.

    'They're going to get you.' He thought to himself as his shaky breath became louder. His heart was throbbing and he was getting dizzy. It was a panic attack.
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