Break the Cutie :D

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  1. There is a very sweet, innocent, naive, passionate girl. And I want to see her put through nine circles of hell until there is nothing but a hollow shell left of her. >:3

    I'll be playing the girl, since I've already got her well-developed and want to see what happens when she shatters. I don't have a specific plot in mind yet, although I was thinking something more gradual, that starts out like everything is alright and normal and it slowly becomes apparent that something is wrong, horribly wrong. Something involving psychological torture, y'know? I'm pretty open when it comes to the setting, and while I'd prefer magic being involved, I can work without it if you're happier with something more realistic. If you're interested and/or have an idea, post here and we can brainstorm.

    (Reasonably long posts, like a paragraph or two minimum, are greatly appreciated.)
  2. I'm a sucker for character development. Count me in 8D
  3. Excellent! X3 I was thinking about plot ideas the other night, and I thought, maybe some kind of modern kidnapping scenario? I dunno lol.
  4. Hmm. I'm thinking of a few things. Like reasons why she would be kidnapped.

    Since she's a very sheltered girl, I assume she's a rich girl who lives in a gated community of some sort and rarely ever steps outside of it unless she's being driven in a limo to go somewhere.

    It's not even so much rich= ransom, but I also think the kidnapping should have some tie-ins with her friends and family. For example: the kidnapper is actually the brother of someone who had an affair with her father and kidnapped her so that the person can find it easier to be with the father.
  5. Well, actually, she's not particularly rich, but the problem is that she can't quite grasp the concept of crossing the moral event horizon. She tries to see the good in everyone, and thinks she knows for a fact that everyone has some redeeming trait that makes them an interesting person. She goes all over the place and loves meeting new people. We could actually use that as a way for her to be kidnapped in the first place: she gets called to meet up with someone out in the city and heads over there without questioning it.

  7. Don't make me cry with laughter ;w;

    Anyways, @Moogle, what is the relationship the person has with the girl? Did they meet up online or something? And why is the person interested in kidnapping her? And what makes this person different from the rest that she's met up with other than being a psycho?
  8. @Phlo: Cry, Biatchkachou. >:D

    @Moogle: I haz draft. I will tell you after a couple hours, because I have to go in a couple minutes.
  9. Online friends sounds like a good plan, she'd be even more likely to trust them since it's easier to fake being nice over the internet. What if she has some uber untapped magical power, and the kidnapper wants to take that from her somehow, but they need to keep her around in order something? XD I dunno, I like magic, and that would be close to how her role is within the stories I write myself. (I often adapt characters' backgrounds and such for the RP. :P)
  10. Can you tell me specifically what her abilities are?

    'Cause like, if she gets kidnapped and she's tied up in a basement by Mr. Human Average Joe and she has the ability to like, break free and stuff, and/or has telekinesis (just something that allows her to escape) there would be barely any impact other "Oh shit, I gotta be careful now".
  11. Ah, good point. At full strength, she's an elemental powerhouse, with power over fire, electricity, ice, and wind, as well as light and dark energy. But that's the untapped part, and she'll probably only reach that point when put under extreme stress and/or anger, which isn't easy to do to her. That or someone could teach her to unlock that power. (Think the Avatar State if you watch The Last Airbender, except with magic instead of bending. XP) On a day-to-day basis, she can just wield fire, though she focuses on the life-giving part rather than the damaging side of it. She's no weakling with it, though, so tying her up with standard rope wouldn't be the best idea.
  12. Ah! now that I'm back…*Ahem*

    My version is that the cutie runs into an injured fellow who's really sort of a cosmic demigod. She foolishly befriends him, not realizing how dangerous their friendship will be (even though he offers to train her himself) and from there, he, AND his enemies (other cosmic beings) together engage in their own conflicts, either directly or indirectly harming people close to the cutie, destroying her home town at some point, attacking her violently, and just about taking out all hope in her heart.

    still working on it...
  13. Then I'll be honest; I think you need to put some limits on her other than extreme stress. I mean, if this is a girl who's never dealt with this before, I think she'd totally panic upon realizing that some guy meant to kidnap her and everything. She's naive, yes, but it still wouldn't be long until she would figure it out and she would, well, not break, but panic. If that panic doesn't indicate extreme stress, I don't know what does. And it sounds like this girl is gonna do a lot of panicking. Because then she's gonna not only have the ability to set everything on fire willingly, but more.

    With that, not only would she realize she has to be more careful, but she'll realize she has her powers to fall back on if anything. It'll make it 10xs harder to break the cutie
  14. ^Bluh, that's true...

    Now this! This I like. It sounds more like something that would affect her more deeply, and her power wouldn't hurt the psychological effects since she's dealing with stronger beings.
  15. Yeah, beings on the same page as Galactus. :3

    But, I think It could (and personally should) have a happy ending. I mean, like I said. She BEFRIENDS one of these demigod beings. And coincidentally, its just a human that gains great cosmic radiation that starts as a power-hungry, yet calm psycho who calms down into a kinder fellow who understands life and living it. Plus, he could be a kind of father figure. (Considering her parents will be caught in a giant explosion of energy- *shot*)

    Heck, I'm eager to start it whenever you're ready.
  16. Eh, we'll see about the ending, I don't like to plan that far ahead because the whole thing starts to feel like I'm just working to reach the end and it gets boring. :U But anyway, go ahead and start if you want to, I'll probably get to it tomorrow since I gotta get some sleep soon. ^_^;