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I'm sitting here eating a grilled cheese. It's wheat bread, which is a first time for me. "Not bad", I thought to myself. However, I still like my whole grain white bread best. c__c

This brings me to my question! What kind of breads do y'all like? For anything, really. Some have different preferences when it comes to toast or sandwiches. There's also delicious treats like banana bread and cinnamon bread!

Is there a bread you DON'T like?

Mmm, bread.
Why isn't this thread being offered to the BREAD GOD?
Because we can't go back to 2007?
All I can think of right now is banana bread because of that picture *drool*
Oh, Asmo, your faith is weak.

Great Scott!
They make a white whole wheat(not confused with whitewheat) bread that I prefer over regular white breath. Little more toothsome, goes better with a PB&J.
I love Monkey Bread! It's this cinnamon/pecan soft bread, it's almost like a cake but my grandma makes it for me and it's delicious! For sammiches and the like I prefer plain ol' white bread or whole wheat.
Sour dough!
I adore pumpernickel bread with warm butter. <3
I don't like any kind of breads that call of vinegar in the recipes... D:

Otherwise I just loooove breads! My favorites are sour dough, sweet rolls, honey wheat...
I can't remember the names of any of the german breads I devoured whilest in Deutschland .