Bread Kills!!!

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  1. "Niece?" Lyra walk up to him curiously.

    Ashley stare at Lyra and smile.
  2. "Just curious. More importantly, what have you been up to?"
  3. [​IMG]

    Why nuzzle a move
  4. "So more of the usual."
  5. John laughed softly , nodding his head listening to her
  6. Sorry dude, I'm playing this very straight.
  7. No more humor than regular...Im really trying to play this rather straight, the idea wasn't really meant to be funny.
  8. Buddy....go to Google plus and look up death echo and Holley Yarton. It will show all of my rps. I'm pretty experienced in many types. *sits back and relaxes*
  9. @Ghoul the skeleton

    Uh huh..... well when my CO-GM here says you need to develop it, he means it. Just adding that he will only do it in life or death situations and it'll suck up his energy doesn't really tell me as a GM anything, and as much as I love new people, Google plus is renowned across many RP sites as a site where one liner posters go to collaborate, and is thus not a great place to cite as a place of great experience. There is a certain piece of information you did not add to your character sheet from the rules section, which tells me you did not read them fully. Please do so. We are more then willing to work with you, but you should also note that the minimum post requirements are at least one full paragraph.


    I mean his fighter stats.
  10. Sweetness. About to start working on the IC, though it may not go up until tomorrow. Also, just updated the cast list! I'd start working on teams, but seeing as I haven't gotten all the signups just yet, going to hold off on that.

  11. So with the songs I posted for my characters in the Theme Song thread... I purposely chose those songs because they hint at some stuff I haven't bothered to show firsthand with Soneri and Liliya. ^^
  12. "I've seen it."
  13. I see Emilia as a bit of a loner, so she wouldn't actually join the family, but she'd definitely hang out with them.