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    Fighting! Could be good, could be bad, could in a loss, or a victory! You never know! At the drop of a dime, any fight can come up and it is your responsibility to go with the flow on it! Whether it is verbal or physical, they could happen at any time and then what do you do? Do you be the 'bigger man' and step down and away from the confrontation? Or do you go all 'Eye of the Tiger' on your opponent? Or maybe, even better! Ever wanted to go SuperSaiyan and beat the crap out of your arch rival? Do you like using pretty lights and fantasy type themes or maybe you're more of a mechanized person and gunslinger!

    In an Rp, fight scenes will come up. No one likes a soft, cuddly, lovey-dovey-all-the-time kind of story! We need some hardcore ACTION in that thing! Arguments are way too easy though, don't you all agree? A couple of comebacks here and there and the occasion italicized word or caps lock spree....But what about the real PHYSICAL fighting? The Ass Kickings, to say the least.

    Don't those just put the icing on the cake!? >:D

    Your Job is To: Write a fight scene post using ONLY your body parts!

    You may pick the scenery, location, and add any other people in it as you wish! And remember: Length does not matter! Detail does!

    Lastly, and most importantly, Have fun with this! :D
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    There Matthias walking down the darkened sidewalk, drunk as hell again. He had just been pushed out of the bar, bottle still in hand, by some bouncer who probably watched roadhouse way to much. "What a jerk." Matthias spat at the door. He just passed an unlit alley when a deep voice came from behind. "Hey brother," The guy sounded jovial but in a fake sense, like this was just for shits and giggles, "give me your money. Help a brother out." Matthias could feel the point of a knife at his back. Matthias addressed the guy, "C'mon man," He slurred his word horribly, "you don't wanna do this. you know deep down this is wrong." There the man got angry, "yea well you know whats wrong that I can't do shit to make money but what I do on the streets, so shut the hell up and give me all you got." The mugger began to press the knife into Matthias' back. Matthais sighed "Ok." Matthias leaned forward with speed. He kicked his foot up into the assailant's hand, knocking the knife into the street. The mugger moved to grab Matthias and got his foot, but even with the risk of a broken foot Matthias jumped and spun around smashing the man in the temple with his heal. The mugger went down hard and fast, blood began to trickle from his ears. Matthias looked at the injured man "I told you that you didn't want to do this," he still slurred his words "But you did do it and looked at what happened." Matthias uncorked the bottle and poured a little on the mugger. He turned on his heals taking a big drink form the bottle and proceeded to stagger home.
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    Abovus standing facing the one person in this world that really gives him the creeps and scares the living shit out of him "KITTEN" a long suspenseful pause ensued as they stared into each others eyes. "you know this won't end easily do you you" Kitten replies joyfully "it wouldn't be any fun if it did" they move in quickly towards each other Abovus transforming into a great primal form uratha and kitten drawing her favorite blades from her belt line. Abovus starts with a great heave of his mechanical left arm striking at her as she dodges and comes up with a quick slash to abovus's side turning to see kitten giggles Abovus laughs lifting his hand slowly to reveal her mehket amulet that allows her to notice anything no matter how fast its movement " lets see how well you can keep up without this" as abovus becomes a blur kitten receives several lethal claws to her side with blood pouring out she starts to smile "i was wondering how this was going to get interesting" abovus turns quickly and notices kitten isn't where she once stood as he receives a heavy boot to the head and a few stab wounds from the back as he falls. he quickly gets back to his feet and the real battle began as blurs connected and blood flew the two of them went on for hours dealing lethal attacks to each other as if it where just a game. suddenly a loud roar was released from abovus as he received a bladed gauntlet to the chest blood cascading from his chest he looks up into kittens unassuming face as a shock of pain comes over her face abovus digs his claws deeper into her gut.
    Abovus gloats "i guess its a stale mate again" as they both fall to the ground their dear friend cj looking on in pure astonishment "that was quicker then last time guess its time to get them to the infirmary" the regular weekend events in the SYC ARMADA
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    The silence was deafening.

    Shimmers of light strone across the abandoned construction site from the cars in the distance, giving brief glimmers of light to the otherwise ebony and aphotic scenery. Drops of rain trickled down from the sky, with endeavers to offer sustenance to the seeds that might have grown from the ground, if not for the layer of thick, cracked concrete that was strewn across the city. Metro was a city, a home, a wasteland, and a battlefield to those who fought so riotously over it.

    A clash of thunder erupted from the construction site as a pillar collapsed in on itself from the force of the man being thrown through it. Alexander coughed violently from the dust and debris that filled his mouth as he gagged on his blood that dribbled down his lips and nose. He struggled to get up quickly, pushing aside the heavy piece of wood that pinned him down in an unsavory position. His opponent, however, did not take this oppurtune moment to strike while he was vulnerable. Nicholas, the tall, red haired devil, could only grin as he took a second to look upon his pathetic excuse for a friend. Not a scratch was on the man, save for the slight bruises on his fists from knocking Alexander off of his feet. He cracked his knuckles, and motioned at the blonde haired man to come at him.

    "You were always awful when it came to close combat," Nicholas coffed as Alex pulled himself back up onto his feet. The younger boy grimaced, and kicked back off of the ground with agility that his opponent had not expected so suddenly. Nicholas ducked his head down quickly to dodge out of the way of his uppercut, but his speed was incomparable. The blow to his face caused him to double back a few paces, temporarily discombulated. Alexander saw his oppurtunity. He quickly used his forward momentum to throw forward his leg into a powerful roundhouse kick. Ineffective. Nicholas immediately thrust his body downwards; he felt the wind from his kick graze over the top of his head just as he parried to the side of Alexander and forcifully thrust his elbow into his jaw. Blood and teeth showered the ground, and the blonde haired boy staggered backwards from the disorienting and painful blow. He reached his hands outwards, and barely managed to grab a hold of a pipe protruding from the ground to catch himself.

    "So, this is how you treat your friends? Your family?" Alexander muttered, his voice grouse as he spat up blood. Red ran down his face. Nicholas was silent, but the conceded, iniquitious smirk on his face had vanished into a stern, indifferent stare. There was a moment of pause between the two fighters. The world became hushed around them. The rain had trickled down to a few drops, and the smell of rain was moschate in the air. Alex inhaled, taking in the sensuous odor. It smelled like home, or, at least what home used to be, before his best friend - his brother - had single handedly destroyed everything he had ever cared for.

    But, it was all about to be over. Nicholas had gotten what he wanted. Lonliness. There was nothing left for him in the city, and before he left, he was going to make sure that there was nothing left.

    "You're pathetic."

    The red-haired devil swiftly lunged at the incapacitated victim, swooping down with one final punch to the chest that caused him to double over and fall to the ground. He grimaced as he kicked him mercilessly, flinching ever so slightly at the sound of the painful moans that came from his brother. It would be over soon, he told himself. But, even as the light in the boy's eyes flickered, the only tear that was shed was from the killer. It would never be over. He would never be the same.
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    The orc was sitting in his usual spot in the inn, drinking his sorrow away, as usual. His "friend", the one he calls Elfie, enters, spotting him. "Sitting here today again, are you?" he asked. "Yes, I am. Some of us handle sadness better than others. I haven't given in to him, at least!" The orc replied, getting angry. Elfie took the orc's bottle and threw it across the room. They just stared at each other for a moment, before the orc grabs the edge of the table and flips it after the elf, though he jumps to the side, dodging it. The orc then leaps up from his seat and charges at the little pointy eared bugger. Before the elf can recover from dodging the table, the orc grabs him by the throat, lifts him up and glares at him. "This was not a good day to do this, Elfie!" he shouts before he smacks the little pale face with his forehead. Before the elf can react, he gets another serving of skull from the orc, breaking his nose. He then gives the orc a swift kick in the gut, making the orc let go of him. He lands on the floor, kneeling for a moment, his mind spinning. Just in time, he looks up, seeing a rather large fist, heading for his head. He rolls backwards, just in time, making the orc punch a hole in the floor, getting his hand stuck for a moment. Elfie uses the opportunity to kick him in the jaw. The greenskin staggers back, spitting out some teeth, before seeing the elf running out the door.
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    I staggered back, vaguely aware of the shrill piercing whine in my ears. The pain served to dull my senses down to the slightest of stirrings, as if my mind was trapped, screaming in a blanket of darkness. I blinked; the first movement I was aware of, and I could feel the lid as it scraped across the surface of my eye. Everything was so... slow. I opened my eyes and sluggishly looked at the world around me. Nothing had changed: I was still standing before the altar and the blinding light from its surface was no longer present, a smooth marble presenting my own shocked and dishevelled reflection. I stood at the centre of a ring of pillars, at the far end of a temple hall, the door to which was slightly ajar.

    "You bastard." I turned, confused, surprised and full of understanding all at once. Dmitrii stood at the entrance to the temple, about twenty feet away, the anger broiling up and overcoming his normally neutral visage to give his face the appearance of seething rage. "You utter bastard."

    "I had to," I defended myself, Dmitrii's presence seeming to have righted time's flow. "We can't win without this. Our foe is too great, too powerful for us to face without some form of assistance. This will save us all."

    "I know it will," Dmitrii snapped back at me, snarling as he did so. He began to walk towards me, striding as he had done so often with an air of cocky arrogance about him despite his turn of anger. "That's not the point. You scheme, you cannive, you tear down your allies to make good your own future and your own fortune! Where am I in this, Alexander? Where am I?!" I opened my mouth, but words did not come out. My entire being still felt incredibly strange, numb even to the vibrations that were sent throughout my body as I slowly descended the few pearly steps to the main floor of the temple... yet at the same time, alive beyond anything I had ever felt or could have ever imagined feeling. The farthest storms and the faintest of whispers all rolled in my breast as I overflowed with the power of a star. "We were as brothers, you selfish cur!"

    "We are still, Dmitrii!" I pleaded, although I know full well he would not listen.

    "No, we are not. Why is it that you're better than me?! What is it that makes you greater?!" Dmitrii's pace hastened as we drew near to each other. "What gives you the right to have all that power, and I left at the roadside like some worthless mongrel? You should be below me, not above me. My friend died and in his place stands a newborn god, atop his throne as a self-appointed lord of all. I'll show you just how low you really are!"

    Dmitrii lunged, and a pang shot through my heart as I understood exactly how this would end. As a still-motion he moved, his fist travelling so slowly I was sure I could count beyond even the infinite before he reached me. My time was different from his; my mind was somehow eternal, ageless, and beyond anything he could comprehend. I moved; his attack met air and he came at me again, dancing on his feet like he did so often at sparring when we were children. This time, however, there was no competitiveness, no sharp spark in his eyes as he threw blow after blow at me -- only desperation, anger, and bitterness towards the one man who had stolen his dreams from him, and the one man who he had been so sure was so far beneath him.


    An elbow aimed at my jaw; instinctively I raised my arm to block it, and I felt his bones pulverise under the force of my retaliation. He didn't cry out, only stepping back and staring fixatedly at me, his left arm hanging lifelessly by his side as his bones poked out from underneath the skin and clothing. Again Dmitrii advanced and again I moved in time with him, not wanting to hit him yet unable to stop him for fear of harming him.

    I felt the wall behind me, and realised he had backed me into a corner. I let the blow land and again I felt his arm break against me. This time he did cry. A short intake of breath and the smallest of whimpers as he crouched before me, pain and hatred burning ever fiercer in his eyes. I hated this; I wanted to stop him, wanted to make him see that I hadn't stolen this power out of spite for him, only because I knew that he would not be able to deal with the responsibility: But I knew that he would neither see reason nor stop his assault. I'd have to stop him myself. He knew he couldn't win; he knew that I knew, and that was the worst thing about his eyes as he stood before me, my brother-in-arms turned aggressor.

    As he threw himself at me one last time I bit back tears, flinging an arm up in an arc -- not even an aimed blow, and yet the deafening boom and then silence as his body flew like a ragdoll through the air was the most real thing I had ever felt in my life.

    He hit the ground with a horrible crunch. I felt sick to my stomach, unable to take my eyes off his unmoving body at the other end of the hall. Slowly, and unwillingly, my legs began to carry me towards him. Soon enough I was standing at his corpse: I couldn't quite remember the journey between the wall and his body. My mind was a blur, seeing still images of his body and the motion of his body flying through the air replaying over and over again in my head. I raised my hand; blood. Dmitrii's blood.

    I turned away, towards the door, and began to walk. His body lay behind me, broken and small and bleeding out on the smooth dark stone. I had received this power, but an at unimaginable cost. One that, even if I were to save every single person and stop all the evils of the world, would never truly be worth it.
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    Raiye slide back into a wall and covered his face as best as he could. He was attacked from behind by someone who obviously was out for his head. Blow after blow hit him. He felt fist to his ribs, the sides of his face, his stomach and his chest. This was bad, really bad. If he didn't retaliate now, he would be a cream puff on the wall an hard pavement. This guy obviously didn't like him, but he didn't know why. Each blow felt like a flame was being shot into every part of him that was hit. That's how hard this guy was punching him. He had to do something and fast. He couldn't just stand by and take a beating.

    The guy grabbed ray by the shoulders, and then kneed him hard in the stomach with his right. Raiye doubled over in unrelenting pain. He coughed, as a trail of blood trickled down the left side of his mouth in a line that disappeared just beneath his chin. Spit lined along the blood, but dropped to the ground. The sound of others behind the man could be heard. Some shouted kill the bastard, while others shouted make him suffer more. Why was this guy assaulting him? What the hell did he do to deserve this? This wasn't right. He was getting unknowingly beaten up and he was getting angry.

    Raiye's left eye was swollen shut and he only had the use of his right eyes The guy laughed. "What a little punk! He can't even last ten - "The guy stopped in mid sentence, when Raiyne hit him with a hard right in his stomach. He had managed to maneuver his arm enough to put power behind it. The guy stumbled backwards in shock and Raiyne stood slouched over, looking up at his opponent. His left arm hung loosely, while his right was at his waist, balled up in a 45-degree angle. He tried to catch his breath, though it felt like each breath was a fight itself, within his body.

    The beating he took had drained his energy. Trying to defend off a guy was tiresome. Even more tiresome, when he he put as much power as he could into that punch of his. It wasn't much, but it was enough to buy him some time. he could feel himself recovering slowly, but gradually. Though, his opponent was doing the same. His right eye may have not been damaged, but it was slightly blurry. His vision was start to straighten out, except it wasn't fast enough. Raiye could see the guy charging again, right arm trailing behind him in the air, with a balled fist. " You sneaky little punk! Now you're dead!" The guy swung a fast right, but Raiye was on his guard this time.

    He tooke a slight step back, it wasn't far, but it was enough for the guy to miss, touching the edge of his nose a bit. A gust of wind followed behind it and swayed his hair to the left along with the guys fist. That punch would have mostly likely knocked him out, if it would have hit that is. Raiye took the extra time to recover some more, while the guy was stumbling like a buffoon to catch his footing. He put so much force behind his punch, in an attempt to knock Raiye out, that he was tipped over by his own power.

    Raiye sighed in relief and his heartbeat picked up. That was way too close for comfort. If he had took that hit, he wouldn't have gotten back up again. Worst of all he was pushed into an alley way by a group of thugs, who most likely wanted to rob him. It was even surprising that the leader of the gang took him on instead of sending his groupies. The guy stood up again and he looked even more pissed off. "So, you think your funny, huh? Alright then, I'm through playing around. I'll kick your ass and put you in a hospital. Just like I did you little cousin. He was so weak and stupid. Why would he even try to fight back? He should have just given up and and handed over the stupid watch. It was so pointless, that I decided to let him keep it. Instead, I let my boys here have a little fun with him. Heh."

    Raiye's right eye shot open as he had flashbacks about his cousin and the watch that he had given him, the day he visited him. "So, that is what happened to Floy. You beat him up, over something that wasn't for you." Raiye had fully recovered his breathing now. Although, the pain still remained. At any rate, those thugs had beat up his family member and he was not going to let them go. Raiyne knew karate and the reason he didn't fight, was because karate was not use as a weapon, but a form of defense. "Yeah, that's right! I wanted it and I was going to take it. It was funny watching him beg like a dog, while my boys here beat the living crap out of him." Raiye gritted his teeth and glared at him. "You will pay for this!" He yelled out, getting into stance.

    He extended his left arm in the air and folded his thumb inward, holding up four fingers. His right remained at his side as it was and he maintained his glare. The guy who laughed, now had a serious expression. "Well, it seems you have a death wish, kid. Allow me to grant that wish for you!" The guy said, as he charged again, swinging another hard right. Raiye moved his left foot and slide to the side. He grabbed his arm with both hands and then pulls it back hard. The sound of bones snapping and a loud scream rang out from the guy's voice. He was in extreme pain now.

    It didn't seem so funny to him anymore. Raiye wasn't finished however. When the guy dropped to his left knee, he stood over him and glared down. Afterwards, he sent a knee to the guys nose, it wasn't hard enough to break it, but his nose bled. He then sent a barrage of chops to his upper body and knocked him out with a hard left to his face. Raiye glared at the group with an even more pissed expression. It was true that once the leader fell, the others would cower in fear. He took a step forward and they ran in either directions.

    That was the end of that. Raiye relaxed and looked down at the attacker. He walked away and left him there. He was more than sure that they wouldn't be attacking anymore.