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  1. What is the bravest or most adventurous thing that you've ever done?
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  2. Eating my mother's cooking.
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  3. Parkour, fighting vastly superior martial artists on a regular basis, traveling around the world on a regular basis, taking on high-level administrative/leadership positions in my choice of career at an early age, achieving all my goals and dreams before I was 30 years old and thus having to wrack my brain for new ones....

    ...the list can keep going, if you like
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  4. Did one of my kids get on your account?

    Driving from Florida to Maryland with just myself and my kids. Definitely the bravest thing I've ever done. =/
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  5. Psh. My mother just has infamously bad cooking.

    Like one time, she tried to bake a cake. Neat. So she proceeded to throw in ingredients, I wasn't paying attention (I was a kid at the time I didn't give a shit), but the results I gave a shit about. It was some sort of... It existed. It had some sort of jello-type texture. My dad tried to cut into it and broke the knife off the handle instead of penetrating the outer surface of the object-which-may-have-once-been-food. We're fairly sure it's still sitting somewhere in a garbage dump to this day, rendered impenetrable by whatever my mother did to it.
  6. Every time I pick up the phone and call anyone, I feel like I've achieved a great feat of bravery.

    I'm not even joking. >_< It's kind of depressing, now that I think about it.
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  7. I met strangers from the internet in real life. O_O Including bussing/flying across the country to do it. That was a big deal for little hidden me.

    Leaving Georgia with Gibs was a scary risk and that payed off. 8D
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  8. For me, I think the bravest thing I've ever done is give a class presentation all by myself. It was also the most terrifying experience of my entire life so far. Social anxiety bloody sucks, yo.

    As for the most adventurous thing I've ever done, that would have to go to when I visited Yosemite National Park a few weeks ago. It was exhausting, but totally worth it.
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  9. Dumbest brave thing: Going 40 miles per hour down a freeway on a bike that has no breaks
    Bravest thing I've ever done: Hm, not sure.
  10. Bravest: Got on an Iraqi Navy boat and rode with the Iraqi sailors from Umm Qast to the edge of the Persian gulf, and back, without incident

    Adventurous: went on a blind date with someone I'd been chatting with intensely on the web. At the time we didn't know what the other looked like. Lucky me, she was just as magnetic in person and a hottie, we dated in real life for a couple of months.
  11. To be fair, at this point not having breaks might have been a good thing. First rule of downhill: resist the instinct to break unless you wanna fly.

    As for brave as in doing something in spite of fear, that's hardly adventurous. Most adventurou;, backpacking. Go where you want when you want until the money is gone. Find work. Rinse and repeat.

  12. until you moved on to the next hottie, you cad!
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  13. Maybe Poe is the utmost gentleman and the ladies are but vixen? Have at thee, Raz.
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  14. I say thee nay! he's is but a rapscallion, stealing the hearts of ladies fair and besmirching their honor!

    he's a besmircher!


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  15. I once crossed the street against the light at 1 AM when there were no cars coming.

    I'm a rebel.
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